2018's Highest Paid You Tube Stars

2018’s Highest Paid You Tube Stars

So Forbes Magazine came out with 2018's highest paid You Tube stars. It is an interesting list. Some of these guys cause controversy, some launched music careers. But one is only seven years old! So let's start with the more controversial ones. For example, there's Logan Paul. His video features pranks and dare-devil like stunts. But back in January, he filmed a video, with a man hanging from a tree in the background as a result from a suicide. You [...]

You Tube Age Restriction

You Tube Age Restriction: Do They Work?

So a few days ago, me and a tech talked about You Tube in our Boston computer service shop. A father of two elementary school aged children, he got You Tube Kids. But soon, he found stuff on You Tube Kids so disturbing that he cancelled the app altogether. Then I read an article that backs up this father's concern. You Tube age restriction: Do they work? So according to one article, even the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is taking [...]

You Tube Shooting

You Tube Shooting: About The Suspect

So yesterday, tragedy struck the You Tube headquarters in San Bruno, CA. A woman opened fire on You Tube's main work campus. This forced hundreds of employees and managers to either flee the building or take cover under their desks. But who would do this? You Tube shooting: About the suspect. So the suspect's name was Nasim Aghdam. She was 39 years old and from San Diego, CA. I say 'was' because at the end of her shooting spree, she [...]

Florida Shooter

Social Media Reveals Florida Shooter’s Mind

So yesterday, this country endured another mass shooting. This one took place at a high school in Parkland, Florida, a suburban town just west of Fort Lauderdale. So now, 17 are dead and 15 are still fighting for their lives. Social media reveals Florida shooter's mind. On Instagram, there are photos of the Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz, posing with guns and knives. Between 2015 and 2016, he also posted pictures and ads of weapons he wanted to buy. One such [...]

You Tube's New Policy

You Tube’s New Policy: Good Rules or Censorship?

So yesterday, we talked about Logan Paul's ad suspension over bad You Tube/Twitter behavior. But it seems like You Tube isn't stopping there. Because they now have new policy about what is good and what isn't. You Tube's new policy: Good rules or censorship? So now, You Tube is ready to put suspensions and sanctions on any You Tuber. That is, any You Tuber that post videos they call harmful to the You Tube community, whether that be viewers, vloggers, [...]

Logan Paul

You Tube Suspends Logan Paul…Again

So last month, popular You Tube star Logan Paul found himself in trouble. Because in a January 2018 video, he posted a real dead body. He apologized and removed the video, but apparently,  he didn't learn much of a lesson. You Tube suspends Logan Paul...again. So since that incident a month ago, Logan Paul's antics are just as inappropriate. Paul's worst hits include rat tasering, encouraging eating Tide pods, and other violations. You Tube puts it's foot down. Because today, [...]

You Tube's First Scandal of 2018

You Tube’s First 2018 Scandal: More Moderation, Please!

So IT support can be a peculiar thing. Just three days into the new year and You Tube is already in hot water. This is because of Logan Paul, a You Tube star with over 15 million subscribers. He also is part of Red subscription. Will he survive You Tube's first 2018 scandal. Paul put up a video of Japan's 'suicide forest'. However, this video included a suicide victim. I like to think this was just a lapse a judgement [...]

You Tube Increases Moderation

You Tube Increases Moderation

I love You Tube. In our computer service shop, sometimes that's all I watch. But lately, many complain of inappropriate videos they put up at You Tube, especially when it comes to children. So You Tube is doing something about it. You Tube increases moderation. So according to You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki, they're hiring over 10,000 moderators in the near future. This is after a series of complaints that are now turning into outright scandals. This also includes content aimed [...]

Goodbye to You Tube Video Editor

Goodbye to You Tube Video Editor, and Photo Slideshow

You Tube is a social media and video sharing powerhouse. We all know that. In fact, much of my entertainment comes from You Tube. But it's not a perfect system. It's clean up time. So Goodbye to You Tube Video Editor, and Photo Slideshow. Because hardly anybody uses them, You Tube will shut down their Video Editor and photo slideshows. The shut down will begin September 20, 2017. But you don't have to take my word for it. Just go [...]

Hacking Group Anonymous

Hacking Group Anonymous Warns of World War Three

Most of us know the headlines by now. So most know the tensions between the US and North Korea, as well as with other nations. Consequently, many ask, "What will become of this?" One hacktivist group says these tensions could have catastrophic results. Hacking group Anonymous warns of World War Three. Anonymous put out a video telling people to prepare for WW3. They also say signs of war on the Korean peninsula are looming. The video is on You Tube. [...]

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