Amazon Acquires Whole Foods

Amazon Acquires Whole Foods: Is This Too Much?

Amazon already dominates much of the IT service and support field. They got the Internet retail on lock. They also got delivery services. But now, Jeff Bezos wants the food/grocery industry, too. And he'll probably get it. Because Amazon acquires Whole Foods: Is this too much? That's right. Amazon buys Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. That's about $42 a share. Also, they expect to finish the deal by the end of 2017. Whole Foods is a nationwide grocery chain, specializing [...]

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Three

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Three

It's 2007. I hardly played a video game in 10 years by this point. But this group introduces me to Halo. Hence, my love for gaming comes back. I wish it didn't leave in the first place. Here's how video games provide benefits, part three. In today's fast pace world, it's important to think on your feet and think fast. Gaming helps you do that. For instance, you play Halo. You have to think fast! Furthermore, this will improve memory [...]

SoftBank and Saudi Arabia

SoftBank and Saudi Arabia Create Tech Monster

SoftBank is an IT support and telecommunications powerhouse. Their headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. But they made history again. Because they teamed up with an unlikely ally to create a mega fund. SoftBank and Saudi Arabia Create a tech monster. Hence, this monster is the world's biggest technology fund. They call it Vision Fund.  The fund will start with $93 billion. Also, Japan and Saudi Arabia hope this fund challenges Silicon Valley investors. We will see. How is Saudia Arabia [...]

Twitter Updates Privacy Policy

Twitter Updates Privacy Policy: What This Means

Are you visiting a site that has a Twitter button or logo? Be careful. Because Twitter knows you're on that site, whether you push the button or not. Also, they will be sudden targets for advertisers. So Twitter updates privacy policy: What this means. Yesterday, Twitter updated their privacy policy. So now, they collect and hold your web habits for 30 days. Before this, it was only 10 days. They do this because they want to sharpen their ad targets. [...]


WannaCry: Could This Be The Worst Ransomware?

Last weekend, I reported the WannaCry virus attacking 99 countries. But in the last two days, it got worse. It's now in 153 countries. Asia is hit really hard. WannaCry: Could this be the worst ransomware? So thy hackers demand $300. In six days, they'll double it. Then, they threaten to delete the files. So far, over 38,000 businesses and individuals paid this ransom. So do the math. The cyber thugs made over $1.4 million in just a few days. [...]

New Windows Features

New Windows Features,Especially For GMail Users

Last week, in our Boston computer service shop, we had a debate. It was about how good, or not so good, Windows 10 is. So my argument was, "They're doing better than other Windows services did". Hence, it looks like they're trying to do even better. Here are new Windows features, especially for GMail users. But don't expect this to happen overnight. The new Windows features will happen first to insiders, then to the general public. Furthermore, you'll see them [...]

The Guardian

The Guardian Cuts Ties With Facebook and Apple News

Since election night, there's been a lot of infighting between news organizations. And breaking up isn't so hard to do. But there is another breakup to report. The Guardian cuts ties with Facebook and Apple news apps. However, this one cuts deeper. That's because The Guardian was the first UK medium to embrace Facebook. They were also the first British medium to join the Apple News App. But two years later, all of that is over. A Guardian representative talked [...]

Facebook Passwords

Facebook Passwords: Facebook Helps Recover Password

You have password issues, don't you? Most of us do. In fact, if you're in computer repair, they're almost a guarantee. Facebook wants to change that. Facebook passwords: Facebook helps recover passwords. So yes, Facebook wants to help you recover passwords. But not just for your site. They also want to help you recover passwords for every site you need them. And in this day and age,  you need passwords for many, many websites. This came up at the F8 [...]

Nokia's Dream

Nokia’s Dream May Come True

Do you remember Nokia's heyday of the late 1990s and early 2000s? I say this because Nokia's dream might come back. Hence, meet the company HMD Global. They want to sell Nokia smartphones in the next decade. And lots of them. So Nokia's dream may come true. However, don't expect the phones of yesteryear. At a press conference, Nokia leaders talked about a different kind of phone. This new phone will run clean and popular versions of Android technology. This [...]

Imagination Tech Downfall

Apple Stock Causes Imagination Tech Downfall

Imagination Tech deals in semiconductors, chips, cloud, and other computer software and hardware. But they're dealing with an Apple bombshell. Apple is their biggest customer. However, Apple announced they are going to stop using Imagination Tech. Apple stock causes Imagination Tech downfall. So, how low are their stocks? As of today, their stock points are down around 70%. But why are they this low? Because Apple brings in over half Imagination Tech's business. That is what is causing the Imagination [...]

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