Bring Amazon to Massachusetts

Bring Amazon to Massachusetts (Some Say)

A conversation comes up in our Boston computer service shop. In fact, it comes up everywhere I go. "Where is the next Amazon headquarters going to be?", they ask. But some say, "Bring Amazon to Massachusetts!", big emphasis on some. However, mayors all over the Bay State bend over backwards to bring Amazon to Massachusetts. That is to say, bring Amazon's second headquarters to their city. For example, Worcester, MA Mayor Joseph Petty was one of the first to file [...]

Have we Sold our Soul to Silicon Valley

Have We Sold Our Soul to Silicon Valley?

So author Noam Cohen is coming out with a book. He calls the book "The Know-It-Alls: The Rise of Silicon Valley as a Political Powerhouse and Social Wrecking Ball". It is a scathing book about IT support culture in Silicon Valley. Have we sold our soul to Silicon Valley? So the first problem Cohen has is with the tech monopolies. But I like to call them the Big 5. They are Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. However, at first, [...]

Twitter Can't Win

Twitter Can’t Win…But Promises Even More Rules

Twitter can't win. It's been like this for at least a year. Because now, they face a boycott from women's groups like #WomenBoycottTwitter. This started when they suspended actor Rose McGowan's twitter account, as she addressed the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal. But Twitter promises even more rules. Twitter says they suspended McGowan's account because the Scream and Charmed actress tweeted a phone number, which is a privacy violation. But many aren't buying it. Some even call it a double standard. [...]

How to Protect Yourself from Data Breach

How To Protect Yourself From Data Breach

So we're just coming off the worst data breach in US history, the Equifax data breach. In computer servicing, we see this all too often. This is how to protect yourself from data breach. So this is the first thing we tell clients in our Boston computer service shop: get a strong password! Because 81% of hacking breaches start with weak passwords [like 1234567, password, baseball]. That's up from 50% just two years ago. Hackers love to take advantage of [...]

Nest Security System

Introducing Nest Security System and Accessories

One aspect of computer technology today is the security system. All the major tech companies compete in this race. But Google/Alphabet's Nest might get the edge. This is introducing nest security system. So actually, it's three systems in one. They are the Nest Secure alarm system, video doorbell, and outdoor security cameras. It also includes, through the security base, an alarm, keypad, motion sensor, and voice. They say the voice is friendly. But the voice won' t be so friendly [...]

Introducing Vocalytics

Introducing Vocalytics: Speech Improvement

Can computer technology help you with body language and public speaking? Two men think so. Because at a Disrupt SF hackathon event, these men took part by introducing Vocalytics. Vocalytics critiques your body language while studying videos of your performance. This system also looks at hands, eyes, facial movements, and posture. It even studies movements you're not even aware of. The two men to thank for introducing Vocalytics are Danish Dhamani and Paritosh Gupta. They used AI to build it. Also, [...]

Does Facebook Enable Hate?

Does Facebook Enable Hate? How Do They Fight It?

Do you know people are recruiting for hate groups, street gangs, even terrorist organizations through Facebook? People are also selling Nazi stuff through Facebook. So this begs two questions. Does Facebook enable hate? How do they fight it? Then I read an article that leads me to believe they are fighting it. Because Facebook shuts down 'self-targeting fields'. These self-targeting fields will shut down indefinitely. We can thank Pro Publica for their exposure of this flaw. They also exposed categories [...]

Technology Verses Hurricane Irma

Technology Verses Hurricane Irma

Two weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas, and cost 70 lives. But now, Florida and Georgia are in the grips of Hurricane Irma. Let's see how technology verses Hurricane Irma, and computer technology is winning. So first, I give props to Airbnb. Between Sept. 6-28, scores of Airbnb hosts offer free housing to those in Irma's path. Many booked, so that shows you how big Irma is. But other websites are helping out. For example, there is Zello Walkie [...]

Sacrificing Freedom to Appease China

Sacrificing Freedom to Appease China

It seems Silicon Valley is in another moral crisis. Yes, there are the outrageous expenses. There is also the intense social/political divide they take part in. Furthermore, there's the insane wealth gap. For instance, 8 men have more wealth than the bottom 50% of the world. Most of those 8 men are in technology. But there's another. Why is Silicon Valley sacrificing freedom to appease China? So here are some examples. Apple got rid of VPN (virtual private network) from [...]

Year of the Wireless Headphone

2017: Year of the Wireless Headphone

They can say 2017 is the year of the wireless headphone. So far in 2017, over 900,000 wireless headsets were sold. And that's in the USA alone. Also, there are still four more months to go. But one company and one product tops them all. I'm talking about Apple and their Air Pods. They came out around a year ago. However, they account for 85% of the sales of all wireless headphones. When Apple says their Air Pods are wireless, [...]

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