Deep Web

Deep Web Kidnapping Case

I talk about cyber crimes a lot. That's because they go on a lot. There's hacking, ID theft, stealing, sextortion. But what about kidnapping. That also goes on, as it did in this deep web kidnapping case. But first, let's talk about what deep web is. It's a website network search engines can't find. They use encryption to hide their true nature. Most of their true nature isn't good: drugs, human trafficking, selling IDs, trading weapons, even terrorism. So let's [...]

iWatch Breakthrough

iWatch Breakthrough and iPhone

Apple plans to release their next batch of smartwatches. So what? This may be different because this smartphone could depend less on the iPhone. This could very well be the iWatch breakthrough. That's because this upcoming brand of Apple watches will connect straight to cellular networks. Or so they say. Now, the iWatch needs an iPhone to do just about anything except tell time. But this new batch has LTE chips. The chips will let you do things like play [...]

China Launches Hack-Free Internet Service

China Launches Hack-Free Internet Service

Did you know that cyber crimes are the fastest growing crimes in the world today? Also, the criminals are getting better and smarter. But apparently, so is Chinese technology. China launches hack-free Internet service. So China comes up with an 'unhackable' network. They're doing this by moving from encryption to quantum cryptography. They came up with this in Jinan, a hotbed city for Chinese tech. But this network won't be for everyone, not yet. They're gearing it toward their government, military [...]

Is the Smartphone Era Dying?

Is The Smartphone Era Dying? Is Other Tech Taking Over?

We're heading towards the busy smartphone season. Because this September, Apple, Google/Android, and Samsung expect to release new this fall. However, a Yahoo article caught me attention. Is the smartphone era dying? So before you throw eggs and tomatoes at me, just hear me out. This article suggests companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook plot to end the smartphone era. I can see why. They didn't do well in the smartphone area. Also, look at computer tech and repair history. [...]

Who Wants to Marry an Anime Character?

Who Wants To Marry an Anime Character?

What does marriage have to do with computer technology? Quite a lot, but not all of it its good. Because in Japan, not only are they marrying robots, but cartoon characters as well. Who wants to marry an anime character? So let me explain. Japanese men can marry their favorite anime characters. But how can they do it? They can do it through virtual reality. There is a VR game they call,  'Niizuma Lovely X Cation'. However, this isn't your [...]

Microsoft Lays Off Thousands

Microsoft Lays Off Thousands: Thanks, Technology Shift!

Microsoft is one of the most powerful, dominant corporations in the world. But not even they are immune from layoffs. Microsoft lays off thousands: Thanks, technology shift! Microsoft plans to lay off thousands of people all over the world. They have over 121,000 employees globally, but that number will decrease. So why are they doing this? Because they want to improve their cloud service. You see, they want their sales teams to promote and sale Azure, their cloud service. They [...]

Amazon Acquires Whole Foods

Amazon Acquires Whole Foods: Is This Too Much?

Amazon already dominates much of the IT service and support field. They got the Internet retail on lock. They also got delivery services. But now, Jeff Bezos wants the food/grocery industry, too. And he'll probably get it. Because Amazon acquires Whole Foods: Is this too much? That's right. Amazon buys Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. That's about $42 a share. Also, they expect to finish the deal by the end of 2017. Whole Foods is a nationwide grocery chain, specializing [...]

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Three

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Three

It's 2007. I hardly played a video game in 10 years by this point. But this group introduces me to Halo. Hence, my love for gaming comes back. I wish it didn't leave in the first place. Here's how video games provide benefits, part three. In today's fast pace world, it's important to think on your feet and think fast. Gaming helps you do that. For instance, you play Halo. You have to think fast! Furthermore, this will improve memory [...]

SoftBank and Saudi Arabia

SoftBank and Saudi Arabia Create Tech Monster

SoftBank is an IT support and telecommunications powerhouse. Their headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. But they made history again. Because they teamed up with an unlikely ally to create a mega fund. SoftBank and Saudi Arabia Create a tech monster. Hence, this monster is the world's biggest technology fund. They call it Vision Fund.  The fund will start with $93 billion. Also, Japan and Saudi Arabia hope this fund challenges Silicon Valley investors. We will see. How is Saudia Arabia [...]

Twitter Updates Privacy Policy

Twitter Updates Privacy Policy: What This Means

Are you visiting a site that has a Twitter button or logo? Be careful. Because Twitter knows you're on that site, whether you push the button or not. Also, they will be sudden targets for advertisers. So Twitter updates privacy policy: What this means. Yesterday, Twitter updated their privacy policy. So now, they collect and hold your web habits for 30 days. Before this, it was only 10 days. They do this because they want to sharpen their ad targets. [...]

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