You Tube Steps Up It's Game

You Tube Steps Up It’s Game, Adds Programs

So You Tube is trying to step out of it's traditional You Tube offerings. In many ways, they're already doing that. But You Tube steps up it's game, adds program. So as far as memberships, they already have You Tube Gaming. For around $5 a month, you get your own channel and choice of games. But now, these new Channel memberships will have stricter rules. Channel creators will need to be 18+ and have at least 100,000 churches. This includes [...]

Is Netflix In Debt?

Is Netflix In Debt? This Is Hard To Believe.

So in the early 2000s, hardly anybody heard of Netflix. They were some mail-in company you got videos from when you were too lazy to go to the video store. But now, it's an IT service entertainment monster, worth around $100 billion. However, there still seems to be financial issues. Is Netflix in debt? This is hard to believe. So according to their own statement, Netflix will raise $1.5 billion in 'offering senior notes'. The statement is in such legalese [...]

The United State of China

Will IT Service Turn Into The United State of China?

So in the 1990s and much of the 2000s, us Americans thought we were IT support and technology. Many of us also thought nobody could touch us. Then China's tech boom came along. Now I ask, "Will IT service turn into the united state of China?". So I read an interesting article. In the tech world, they're demanding not American tech services, but China's. One reason is due because of change in consumer habits and culture. Furthermore, people and companies [...]

Happiest Baby

Happiest Baby’s Baby Crib and Swaddler

Ever hear of the company Happiest Baby? So two years ago, they gave us the Snoo. Snoo is the electric crib that uses robotics to put babies to sleep. It also costs $1,200. But now, Happiest Baby is at it again. Let's talk about Snoo baby crib and swaddler. So apparently, Snoo's baby crib is a hot seller. This is despite the $1,160 cost. It's because it does what it says it's going to do: put babies to sleep. Now [...]

Alexa's Super Bowl Commercial

Alexa’s Super Bowl Commercial

So it's almost Super Bowl time. And you know people here in Boston, yes even in our computer service shop, are ready. That also mean it's time for some memorable commercials, including in the IT service Let's look at Alexa's Super Bowl commercial. So one commercial people anticipate is  'Alexa Loses Her Voice'. It lasts 90 seconds. Furthermore, it includes an all-star casts. It includes Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins, singer/actress Rebel Wilson,  rap star Cardi B and celebrity chef Gordon [...]

Google Maps Helps Commuters

Google Maps Helps Commuters

Are you a commuter? Okay, in one way or another, I guess we all are. But what I mean is, do you use a public transit system to get around? If so, then Google Maps wants to help. Google Maps helps commuters. So this new feature gives you live guidance and times of your trip. They also give you updates while you're on your journey. For those of you with Androids, like me, this feature can appear on your lock [...]

Google vs Lock Screen Ads

Google vs Lock Screen Ads

Google is cracking down on certain ads because they may put you at risk. This also follows years of complaints, especially by Android owners. It's Google vs Lock Screen ads. They're going after shady ads that appear on your lock screen. This is according to Android Police's new policy. Not only does this imply to fly by night suspicious apps, but popular, established ones as well. Perhaps the most popular app under the gun is ES File Explorer. It already [...]

Giving Tuesday

IT Service Leaders Celebrate Giving Tuesday

We had Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday, then Cyber Monday. But today it probably the most important of them all: Giving Tuesday. It's an online movement urging people to give to their favorite charities/non-profits. And tech leaders play a part. Let's see how IT service leaders celebrate Giving Tuesday. So let's start with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Then add Facebook. Together, they will match $2 million in funds raised today on Facebook [...]

Can Tech Monopolies

Can Tech Monopolies End Tech Start-Ups?

My title is not sensational. I consider Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, and Microsoft IT support's 'monopoly five'. Because they're so big nobody can compete against them. So this is a huge problem for tech start-ups...or is it? Can tech monopolies end tech start-ups? So I read this interesting article on Tech Crunch. The writer suggests this 'five power new tech order' can be good for start ups. In fact, it suggests they may force young techies to get creative, even [...]

Bring Amazon to Massachusetts

Bring Amazon to Massachusetts (Some Say)

A conversation comes up in our Boston computer service shop. In fact, it comes up everywhere I go. "Where is the next Amazon headquarters going to be?", they ask. But some say, "Bring Amazon to Massachusetts!", big emphasis on some. However, mayors all over the Bay State bend over backwards to bring Amazon to Massachusetts. That is to say, bring Amazon's second headquarters to their city. For example, Worcester, MA Mayor Joseph Petty was one of the first to file [...]

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