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The Chelsea Manning Drama Continues.

The Chelsea Manning Drama Continues.

So the WikiLeaks drama is a gift that never stops giving. If you want a refresher course, then here it is. One of the main players of this is Chelsea Manning; the Chelsea Manning drama continues. So Manning is back in jail . Let me explain. Back in March, they locked her up because she didn't cooperate with a grand jury subpoena. But last week, it expired and they had to let her go. But yesterday, they sent her [...]

The Exposing of Intel Chips.

The Exposing of Intel Chips. Could Massive Hack Follow?

So I just read an interesting report about a potential security threat. It certainly has IT support security leaders' attention. It's the exposing of Intel chips. Could this lead to a massive hack? So researchers found flaws in these Intel chips. They fear if these flaws get in the wrong hands, then they can steal info from these chips. I mean the kind of leaked info, like passwords, private photos and messages that can mess somebody up. They compare [...]

Apple Stocks Sink

Apple Stocks Sink. The Reason May Surprise You.

So as many of you know, the stock market is not good right now. In fact, yesterday, it dropped over 600 points. One of the biggest victims of this slide is Apple. But it's not because of this US vs. China trade war. Apple stocks sink. The reason may surprise you. The reason Apple stocks sink is because of a US Supreme Court ruling. That ruling said that you the Apple customer and app developers can sue the IT [...]

Apple and Google CEO's Lose Favor

Google CEO Sounds Off on Apple.

So Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote quite an article for the New York Times. It criticized Apple for using something we all crave and need...privacy. This Google CEO sounds off on Apple. So let me explain. Pichai criticized Apple for selling privacy protection as a luxury item. This stems from new...ahem...budget smartphones from Apple and Google/Android. Because both offer privacy features. However, the Google smartphone starts at $399. But the new Apple one cost $749, almost twice as much. [...]

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie: Pre-Movie Controversies

So okay, I know the talk of social media is that BS stunt Facebook did. They banned Alex Jones and other "controversial" celebrities from their social media site. Like most in computer repair, and most in general, I'm also upset at this injustice. But I want to talk about something lighter, well, a little lighter. It's the Sonic the Hedgehog movie: and the pre-movie controversies. So those of you in my generation remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog on your Sega [...]

The Global Tech Wars

The Global Tech Wars. Don’t Count Out India.

So I'm telling you something you already know. The global IT service competition is fierce. Look at Amazon vs. Alibaba. Then look at Uber vs. Ola. Yes, the global tech wars are real. This is especially true when it comes to the US vs. China. But don't count out India. So I'm especially talking about Times Internet. Their headquarters aren't in Silicon Valley or Beijing, China, but in Gurugram, India. Gurugram is a suburb of New Delhi. It's one [...]

Elon Musk vs. Asteroid

Elon Musk vs. Asteroid

So, many of us in IT service know about Elon Musk's dreams. They include sending people on the moon to live. They also include fighting one of humanity's greatest threats. It's Elon Musk vs. asteroid. But Musk isn't the only one. Because this week, some of the most brilliant minds in the world will come to Washington, DC. But they're not coming to see the cherry blossoms. Instead, they're fighting an fictional asteroid that's slamming into earth at [...]

The Ten Year Old Coder

The Ten Year Old Coder: She’s Starting A Tech Revolution

So lately, there is a lot a talk about the lack of women in the IT service and computer tech industries. But one girl is changing that...and I mean that literally. Meet the ten year old coder: She's starting a tech revolution. So the ten year old coder is Samaria Metha. At 10, she is the inventor and CEO of CoderBunnyz. This is a game that teaches kids how to code. You draw and move bunnies from one place [...]

Tesla Starts 2019 In Red.

Tesla Starts 2019 In Red. Deep In The Red.

So Elon Musk predicted this would happen. But for Tesla employees and shareholders, it doesn't make it any easier. Tesla starts 2019 in red. Deep in the red. So to be frank, Tesla lost $702 million in Q1 2019. That breaks down to $4.10 a share. Yes, Musk and other Tesla leaders braced for a loss this quarter. However, nobody saw this big of a profit loss coming. They blame poor sales and deliveries of their latest tech-friendly cars. [...]

AI Conducts Job Interviews

AI Conducts Job Interviews: This Includes Reading Faces

So more people are working remotely and/or at home than ever before. We can thank IT support for that. But this means many companies change the way they conduct jobs interviews. Then, in some cases, they let artificial intelligence do the job for them. AI conducts job interviews: This includes reading faces. So there are startup IT service companies like HireVue and AllyO and VCV.AI. are changing that. If you ask these companies, they say the more traditional ways [...]

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