Is The Smartphone Dying

Is The Smartphone Dying? Some Experts Think So

I read an interesting statistic. Around 77% of Americans now own a smartphone in 2017. In 2011, just 35% of Americans of Americans had smartphones. But some say this isn't good. Furthermore, others say the smartphone will be dead in five years. Is the smartphone dying? Some experts think so. So, some argue smartphone makers are running out of new ideas. Hence, in five years, there will be no more innovation. Think about it. Smartphones can do almost everything today. [...]

PayPal Phishing Scheme: BEWARE!

Last month we wrote about the Gmail phishing scheme, and it looks like that's not the only one to watch out for! News has been popping up all over the internet to watch out for the newest PayPal phishing scheme. Most phishing scams simply want to steal your login information to make changes to your account or steal your payment information but this one is proving more sinister. It seems the scammers behind the current PayPal phishing scheme are [...]

microsoft surface hub

Microsoft Surface Hub Is Very Popular

The Microsoft Surface Hub is Microsoft is an interactive technology whiteboard. It comes in 55 and 84 inch sizes. The Surface Hub features a 1080p touchscreen. It also has multi-touch capabilities. Furthermore, it runs on Windows 10. Finally, Microsoft Surface Hub is very popular. Microsoft sells their Surface Hub mostly to businesses. I can see Microsoft Surface Hub being very popular with IT support, and in computer service shops. It's popular in general. They launched Microsoft Surface Hub in March [...]


Cyber Monday Breaks All Online Records

Some people heeded my call to avoid the Black Friday madness. In fact, a lot of people did. Cyber Monday breaks all online records. So, according to many retail store numbers, Cyber Monday 2016 is the biggest day in online shopping history! They estimate consumers spent $3.39 billion yesterday. That's $50 million more than they spent on Black Friday. Also, classic toy brands dominated sales. Lego, Nerf and Barbie all made a killing. While top selling electronics include Xbox, Playstation [...]


Consumer Alert: Hackers Attack Adult Website

This is a consumer alert: Hackers attack adult website! In fact, hackers targeted several adult websites. In addition to that, they exposed many emails. Also, this could lead to lots of embarrassment, even scandal. The biggest attack hit adult website Adult Friend Finder. It brags of being the world's largest swinger sex online community. There's probably truth to that. Because hackers exposed 339 million accounts. Also, hackers exposed 15 million 'deleted' accounts. Former members thought they closed these accounts. Not [...]


Google Home: Should You Buy?

Google is so much a part of our lives we take it for granted. They have control of the search engines and maps. Also, if you have a Droid, thank Google. If you watch You Tube, thank Google for that. Now there's Google Home: Should you buy? So Google Home is a voice speaker system. You use it to control appliances, help you with chores and it will answer small questions. Does this sound familiar? It should. That's because Amazon [...]


Justice Comes to Celebgate Hacker

Learn a lesson, kids. You don't invade other people's privacy. This is especially true for social media. Justice comes to celebgate hacker Ryan Collins. And it comes swift and hard. Ryan Collins, a 36-year-old from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to federal hacking charges. Furthermore, he admitted two a two year online scam. Also, he explained the scam in detail. He gained 100 passwords through phishing. These passwords included the celebritity passwords of people like Jennifer Lawerence and Rhianna. Another thing [...]


Airbnb Verses New York and San Francisco

Social media home stay network Airbnb is in trouble. There are allegations of racial discrimination and racist abuse among Airbnb hosts. But wait...there's more. Two of the biggest markets in America want to severely limit Airbnb. Airbnb verses New York and San Francisco is real. But Airbnb probably won't win this one. Today, Airbnb announced it will only allow limited listings in New York and San Francisco. Especially relevant is Airbnb's headquarters are in San Francisco. Hence, this means as [...]


Google Wants You To Vote

We've heard it before. "You have a civic duty to vote." "Do you know how many people fought and died for your right to vote?" "Get to polls this November." Google does it's part. Google wants you to vote. They will help you. Due to Google's great wealth of knowledge, they will launch tools to give you more information. This information will equip you for Election Day. Because Google wants you to have no excuses. First of all, you ask [...]


Meet Google News’ Fact Check Feature

Yesterday, I addressed the issue of fake news. Facebook faces scrutiny. That's because six weeks after firing editors, fake news stories still make trending pages. Now, meet Google News' fact check feature. Effective today, fact checks will appear on news stories. As a result, fact check labels will include 'opinion', 'local source' and 'highly cited'. Hence, Google leaders look forward to fact check. Due to this, Google hopes to separate fact, from opinion, from spin, from outright tabloids and lies. [...]

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