Tell All Book About Silicon Valley: Is This Progress?

Tell All Book About Silicon Valley: Is This Progress?

So recently, Silicon Valley resident Anand Giridharadas wrote a book. It's about the IT service in Silicon Valley. However, it's hardly flattering. Let's look at this tell all book about Silicon Valley. So he titles the book Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World. The title alone sounds honest, but harsh. However, he's just warming up. His biggest beef with Silicon is the inequality. He praises the innovation that comes out of this area. He argues that [...]

Is Pong Making A Comeback?

Is Pong Making A Comeback? A CES Update.

So classic arcade games are making a comeback. These games range from Pac-Man to Mike Tyson's Punch Out. But what about the original video game, Pong? Is Pong making a comeback? This is a CES update. So Universal Space showed off their modern day Pong ant the CES tech conference. Maybe I shouldn't call it modern day. Because from what I'm seeing, it's still more 1975 than 2019. I say this because this Pong is a heavy, bulky table-style machine, [...]

Google Assistant and Christmas Movie Classic

Google Assistant and Christmas Movie Classic

So it's six weeks before Christmas. And after the news like the stock market downturn and potential government shutdown, you could use some happy. So here is some IT support and computer servicing happy: Google Assistant and Christmas movie classic combines 2018 tech and holiday nostalgia. So we all either remember or saw Home Alone, right? Well, it's back. But only this time, Kevin McCalister aka Macauley Culkin, is a grown man. And once again, he's home alone. However this [...]

Is The Ride Sharing Era Over?

Is The Ride Sharing Era Over? Uber CEO Says Yes.

So yesterday, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi had quite an interview. He talked about many things, such as overcoming recent scandals that plagued his predecessor. But one topic has the IT service world world talking. Is the ride sharing era over? Uber CEO says yes. Also, Khosrowshahi's latest purchases are backing his words. First, they got Jump Bikes, an electric bike sharing app and firm. Then they have Uber Rent. And now, they're launching an electric scooter service. So why is Uber [...]

Americans and IT Service Jobs

Americans and IT Service Jobs: Are We Ready?

So, how many remember the good ol' days? A college degree got you a job, and you stayed on the same job, often times with the same company, for your entire career? Those days are so over now. Americans and IT service jobs: Are we ready? Studies show today's 22-year-olds could work as many as 30 different jobs and 3 careers over their lives. Also, thanks to technology, more people will work at home or freelance then ever before. But [...]

Amazon and Walmart

Amazon and Walmart Could Be Watching You

So do you work for Amazon and Walmart? If yes, then you better read up. Because Amazon and Walmart could have plans to watch you. The two biggest retail giants in America plan to use IT support and computer technology to keep their people in line. In early 2018, Amazon started making smart wristbands. So at a warehouse, they can make sure there are no idol hands. It has ultrasound devices and enough room to hold the data they collect [...]

Smoke Loader Steals Passwords

Smoke Loader Steals Passwords and Messes Up Security

So recently, cyber criminals found a new way to threaten your computer system. It starts off as spam. But it turns into something far worse. Let's see how the Smoke loader steals passwords and messes up security. This malware issues Trojan, ransomware, and other viruses quickly. Smoke loader started it's computer reign of terror back in 2011. However, in 2018, this threat got worse. It can also start as a bad Microsoft Word attachment. It tricks users into enabling Smoke [...]

Orlando Airport Facial Recognition

Orlando Airport Facial Recognition Is Here

So one of the biggest travel times is coming up: the 4th of July holiday. However, if you're flying to Orlando, you could be in for a security shock. Orlando Airport facial recognition is here. Because this airport offers facial recognition to all international travelers. Right now, this is for passers coming from London's airports. But by the end of 2018, this airport's system will be fully open for business. They're not the only ones. Because airports in New York [...]

You Tube Steps Up It's Game

You Tube Steps Up It’s Game, Adds Programs

So You Tube is trying to step out of it's traditional You Tube offerings. In many ways, they're already doing that. But You Tube steps up it's game, adds program. So as far as memberships, they already have You Tube Gaming. For around $5 a month, you get your own channel and choice of games. But now, these new Channel memberships will have stricter rules. Channel creators will need to be 18+ and have at least 100,000 churches. This includes [...]

Is Netflix In Debt?

Is Netflix In Debt? This Is Hard To Believe.

So in the early 2000s, hardly anybody heard of Netflix. They were some mail-in company you got videos from when you were too lazy to go to the video store. But now, it's an IT service entertainment monster, worth around $100 billion. However, there still seems to be financial issues. Is Netflix in debt? This is hard to believe. So according to their own statement, Netflix will raise $1.5 billion in 'offering senior notes'. The statement is in such legalese [...]

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