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PC v.s. Mac: Who Will Win the War?

It is all over television and magazine ads, and you might have run into those people who have different opinions than yours, about which computer is better: The PC or the Mac? Yes, there are two types of people in the world today that differ in their preference for a computer system, and they turn that preference into a side which they stand on thinking their choice is better. In one commercial there is a hip guy who has been [...]

This is for the writers amongst you..

Being a writer, distractions have always been problematic, their intrusion on the process of writing an annoyance that can often render a presumably easy writing task into one that occupies more time than you'd like. CreaWriter is a very helpful tool that frees you of the many distractions that exist when using a word processor. Whether it’s that flashing icon in your task bar or the minimized Firefox tab that’s calling your attention, the modern experience of writing has become [...]

Another cool tool for your Windows right-click menu

Last week, I told you about a neat tool that adds certain features to your right-click Windows context menu. Well, here’s another helper of sorts, with an even more impressive array of features that render the right-click context menu an immediately available – and quite powerful – tool you can use to manage files and folders on your computer. Lammer Context Menu updates your right-click context menu with several useful additions that many of you might find handy. With this tool, [...]

Twitter alerts its users to Phishing scam

If you’re a user of Twitter, that social networking phenomenon that depends upon succinct bursts of information from its community of members, you might be at risk of having your password compromised. Twitter has begun issuing alerts to certain users, notifying them of the need to change their password. It reads as follows: "Due to concern that your account may have been compromised in a phishing attack that took place off-Twitter, your password was reset." This is in response to phishing attempts [...]

Special ONE DAY ONLY sale of WinPatrol Plus for 99 Cents!

Want to maintain strict control over what’s running on your computer, keeping an eye on the use of your resources and restricting the operations of any process all the way to the farthest depths of your system? WinPatrol Plus is a popular and extremely powerful tool that allows Windows users to monitor every aspect of their system, taking the core features of your Task Manager and amplifying them considerably. From controlling what launches at your startup to alerting you of [...]

JDContextMenu is a cool utility (P.S. this is my 100th blog)

When navigating through your Windows file menus, you often find yourself performing a number of tasks, from altering the timestamp to creating new folders. In the Geek Choice office, one of my jobs entails the management of certain directories, which means the creation of multiple folders and management of the files contained therein are routine tasks. Aiding in this process is an extremely helpful utility called JDContextMenu, a utility that updates your right-click Windows context menu with a number of [...]

Firefox 3.6 has been released!! Grab it now!

The much delayed but greatly anticipated Firefox 3.6 is finally here, introducing significant improvements in this popular browser’s performance and functionality.  From increased speed to stronger security, improved font management to one click themes, this is a considerable step up from its predecessor. Over here at the Geek Choice office, we’ve been using the various iterations of the Firefox 3.6 beta, keeping you apprised of their release. Almost immediately, we were impressed by an observable uptick in its performance, with [...]

ZScreen captures images and uploads them for you

In this era of social networking, where the internet has become our main channel of communication, sharing pictures has become a routine activity. Finding hosts for those pictures is as easy as surfing to any number of free sites that offer storage and linking of as many pictures as you would like, where the simple generation of a fresh url allows you to link your image on whichever forum you’d like to broadcast the latest exploits you’ve captured. Zscreen is an [...]

A new way to launch applications from your desktop

Some of us are particular about the appearance of our desktop, annoyed by the clutter that can result from having too many icons scattered about. If you're someone who likes to keep their desktop free of icons, while still retaining the ability to launch those apps which would otherwise be available, FLS Launcher is a free tool that affords you that luxury. Once installed, this application can be launched from either the system tray -- where you'd simply click on [...]

Microsoft Security Essentials is the #1 Free anti-malware tool

A few blog posts ago, I touched upon Microsoft Security Essentials' recent accolades from AV-Comparatives, an anti-malware testing group that compares various anti-malware solutions and ranks them accordingly. As reported, Microsoft Security Essentials is one of just two anti-malware packages -- the other being F-Secure Anti-Virus 2010 -- that were rated "very fast" in every test category included in the company's comparisons. Adding to that initial honor, AV-Comparatives has also given Microsoft Security Essentials the award for the best performance [...]

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