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Recover From a Hang

This scenario is played out everyday across the world: you're working, surfing the internet or writing an email and your computer locks up, frozen. This happens when the computer does not respond to the inputs, for instance when you are trying to move the mouse around to restart the system and nothing happens when you click on it. It is different from a crash, when the whole system shuts down. With hangs you have the ability to recover the by ending [...]

Computer Slowing Down? Defrag to the Rescue!

Over time, the fixed disk on a computer becomes fragmented. Fragmentation is where related information is scatter over the disk, requiring numerous head movements and causing the computer to slow down. It can also cause the computer not to shut down properly, or to hang when you try to shut down. When it gets to that point, it's time to format the drive and reinstall the operating system. All data will be lost! But have no fear my dear, there [...]

Weak Passwords

What is your password? Just kidding, don't tell me, I will just guess and maybe get it right. Or I will easily hack into it with any number of programs available on the internet. We live in an age where one can search for anything on the web and receive information like how to build a bomb.  Breaking passwords is easier, so be prepared. Here at Geek Choice we see it happen all the time. People call in asking for [...]

Common PC Problems

Problems are attached to your PC from the day you buy one, it is as natural as nature, but what can you do about them to minimize  the problem and make it does not turn into one you cannot solve? There are a couple actions you can take to ensure peace of mind and comfort of use knowing that the machine you paid $2,ooo dollars will not be breaking down anytime soon. Most of the time, it is not being skilled enough or able to [...]

Tips to Keep Your Computer Happy

Having a computer means you have everything, the ultimate tool to connect to the places you want to go while sitting at home or at the office, so here are some tips to help ensure that the tool does not break. Rule number one: keep your stinky finger away from the power button, do not switch it off until Windows has shut down. The only exception is when your computer freezes and there is not alternative but to hit the [...]

Storage Footprints in the Sand

Instead of one or two sets of storage footprints in the sand, there could be hundreds as you operate your business or personal activities on the computer. It is a nuisance to you and to everyone who wants a fast working computer because data storage stores hundreds of ONE file. Who knew? Not a lot of people, that's who, because all this happens behind the LCD scene. There are all these processes that go on that we do not see, [...]

Staying Safe This Holiday Season

Yes, you have started to hear no doubt about the holidays and all it's wonderful magic. No doubt you have also heard about being safe, usually in reference to too much drinking at those awkwardly awful family parties and the weather. But at Geek Choice we want to key you in on more important matters: your computer safety. How safe is your computer? If you use the internet you take the risk of catching a virus, like the cold it [...]

How to Thoroughly Clean-Up Your PC

It is amazing how many files are being saved on the computer right now as this blog is being created. Hundreds of cookies, caches, and temporary internet files are stored in folders across the hard drive, taking up valuable space you need for important files. A perfect tool that is free to download is called CCleaner 3.0 and it works like a miracle. I just downloaded it to test it out, it takes about two minutes total to get it [...]

Advanced Tools for the Average User

With the release of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, many of the performance issues present in past installments of this PC mainstay have been addressed, showing a measurable improvement in areas that were once headaches for even the most capable machines. Still, despite what would appear to be Microsoft’s welcome response to the chorus of complaints about XP and Vista, the onset of problems is to be expected for even the latest release. No operating system is immune from [...]

Microsoft makes Updating Windows easier

For those of you familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Operating System, you’re well aware of how critical it is to keep your system updated with the latest patches released by Microsoft. In addition to steeling you against any security breaches, these updates have been shown to significantly improve the performance of the operating system. Once a feature that many either ignored or reluctantly used, Windows Update has seen significant gains in its design since the transition to Windows Vista and the [...]

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