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Amazon vs. Publishers

Year after year, Amazon has been chosen as one of the most reliable companies today. Just don't tell some publishers that.   That's right it's Amazon vs. Publishers! The main publisher Amazon is beefing with is Hachette Book Group. It's one of the top five biggest book publishers in the world today. Amazon discourages readers from buying books from Hachette. But now it's escalating. It will be very difficult to buy Hachette books for the next several months. Even the promotion [...]

Always receive free shipping with Amazon

If you’re a frequent patron of Amazon’s awesome online market, you’re probably aware that free basic shipping is available after spending $25 or more.  With the plentiful bounty to be gained from using Amazon, it’s likely that you’re someone who frequently makes small purchases that see your total just missing that $25 threshold, resulting in you incurring an additional $5 to $10 for shipping (depending on size and weight of what you’ve purchased). FillerItemFinder is helpful tool that takes the [...]

Kindle for PC let’s you take Amazon’s Kindle for a free test drive

E-readers are fast becoming as ubiquitous as smart phones, giving us gem of a solution that offers a veritable library of books in a handheld device. Amazon’s Kindle is one of the more popular e-readers, but you might want to try out its functionality before deciding to move forward with a purchase. Amazon has released a free E-reader application that essentially emulates the functionality of the Kindle, giving you a chance to see if this is something you’d like to [...]

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