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Free your PDF files with FreeMyPDF

Nowadays, PDF files are as ubiquitous as Word documents, oftentimes being the preferred format for documentation in the workforce. They’re easily accessible with Adobe Acrobat Reader and conveniently easy to exchange amongst recipients. They’re also secure – almost to a fault. As I’m sure you’ve experienced, PDFs are usually locked, preventing you from editing or copying the contents. It’s been reported that some people are unable to even print them, unless privileged to do so. While these measures are advisable in some [...]

adobe shockwave

If you are using Adobe Shockwave, your computer may be vulnerable!

Installed on more than 450 million computers, Adobe Shockwave is a multimedia player that allows users to view animations and play games on any computer that has the Adobe Shockwave plug-in installed. Whether you're watching a recently released cartoon or playing the latest online game,  Shockwave cultivates the kind of creative energy that can only be realized with software of its kind, making your internet experience all the more lively and interactive. Used primarily to enable users to participate in [...]

Acrobat Reader could stand to shed a few pounds

When you’re the standard, it’s normal to become comfortable, the popularity of your product trumping the need to introduce changes that are more than just cosmetic. However, popularity is often the result of the familiarity of your product taking precedence over its reliability. In every market, consumers exhibit a tendency to stay with the standard out of habit, excusing glaring flaws that become acceptable in the face of the unknown. One such example is Acrobat Reader, an application commonly used [...]

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