Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving: Can Your iPhone Stop It?

Let's talk about texting while driving. It is almost as destructive as drinking and driving. I say this because the statistics are alarming. Apple might have a solution. Texting and driving: Can your iPhone stop it? So they call it 'Do Not Disturb While Driving'. Let's say before you start driving, your iPhone connects to your car through cable or Bluetooth. Now you're on the road. This 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' setting puts the breaks on texts, emails, and [...]

Uber Cleans House

Uber Cleans House: Starts With Twenty Firings

This decade, Uber causes a revolution in ride share and the way people go to and from. But there are setbacks. There are complaints of discrimination, harassment, even crime. Therefore, Uber cleans house: starts with twenty firings. All 20 lost their jobs because of harassment complaints. Also, they hired two executives to redo strategies. But it's not just angry customers writing letters. It's much bigger. Even former Attorney General Eric Holder is helping out. This started with former employee Susan [...]

Refugee Aid App

Introducing The Refugee Aid App And Services

Years 2014, 2015 and 2016 saw more refugees and displaced people than any year since World War Two. Some lost everything due to war and conflict, like the war in Syria. But others lost everything to natural disasters. One Silicon Valley leader vows to help. Introducing the Refugee Aid App, and services. Her name is Shelly Taylor. She's been working in Silicon Valley since 1995. She advised companies like Yahoo and America Online during the dawn of the Internet. Yahoo [...]

Samsung Has It...Apple Doesn't

Samsung Has It…Apple Doesn’t. Does It Matter?

Another round of Sumsung vs Apple is coming up. So we all know who won the last round. But what is different this time? One article I read displays many things the new Apple iPhone 7 and 7Plus don't have. Samsung has it...Apple doesn't. Does it matter? So the first two things that come to mind are the wraparound screen and video enhancer. This screen takes up so much space it literally wraps around the edges. Now, that could be [...]

Pinetrest and AI

Pinetrest and AI: They’re What’s For Dinner

Today, we use AI (artificial intelligence) for many things. We use them for video games. Also, we use them to build robots. But do you use AI for food? Pinetrest and AI: They're what's for dinner. So let me explain. Social media site Pinetrest are using pictures of your food to suggest other dishes  and recipes. The AI feature Pinetrest Lens allows this to happen. Here's how it works. You take a picture of a soul food dinner: fried chicken, [...]

Google Lens Changes Photo

Google Lens Changes Photo Culture…Again

In the late 2000s, the smartphone and social media changed picture taking. Before, people used a physical camera. Then, they went to develop the film. But now, they just click with the smartphone. Then, they post it up on social media sites. But now, Google Lens changes photo culture...again. So they introduced Google Lens last weekend at the Google Developer Conference. Just take a photo. Then, Google will figure out details for you. For example, take a picture of a [...]

Visa Kids Debit Card

Visa Kids Debit Card: Good Idea or Big Brother?

Parents today have all kinds of app to monitor their kids. There's a driving app to monitor teen drivers. Then there's the app to make sure they're in school. But now, there is a Visa kids debit card: Good idea or big brother? We can thank rising tech company Current. This card lets teenagers shop from their bank account and allowance. Also, this allows parents to fund their bank account through allowance. For instance, instead of giving the kid cash, [...]

American iPhone Jobs

American iPhone Jobs: Americans Won’t See Them

Why did many working class Americans elect Donald Trump in November 2016? Because he promised factory jobs would come back to the USA. But one NYU grad student says not so. He addressed American iPhone jobs and why Americans won't see them. So NYU student Dejian Zeng spent last summer working at an iPhone center at the Pentragon. That's one of Apple's biggest iPhone building places in China. Also, China's Labor Watch Party helped organize this trip. Zeng worked 12 [...]

Samsung Flaws

Samsung Flaws: Hey, They’re Fixing It

The Samsung Galaxy 8 is coming out soon. This can be their redemption moment. But already, some complain about their flaws. However, at least they're addressing it. Samsung flaws: Hey, they're fixing it. Let me make one thing clear. This is NOT a battery issue or a burning/fire issue. So don't worry about these Samsung flaws burning you, not literally. In fact, the flaw here has to do with a screen color. There are complaints of a red hue. Hue [...]

The Three iPhones

The Three iPhones: Celebrating 10 Years

Around 10 years ago, the tech world changed forever. That's because in 2007, then Apple CEO Steve Jobs debuted the iPhone. Hence, since the iPhone and smartphone, our lives were never the same. But come fall 2017, Apple could give us the three iPhones to mark the anniversary. That's right. Usually, Apple gives us one new iPhone version every fall. But this year, they could give us three. That's according to tech journalists and insiders. So two will be upgraded [...]

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