Android Malware in a Code App

Android Malware In A Code App: What to do?

So when it comes to Android fighting the constant battle against malware, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that they're doing a better job keeping malware out of the Google store. But the bad news is hackers are finding new and creative ways to invade your Droid. There is Android malware in a code app. This new malware strain is Andr/HiddnAd-AJ. Yes, that's the name of it. However, what is scary is how subtle and innocent [...]

Is Movie Pass Playing Big Brother?

Is Movie Pass Playing Big Brother?

So yesterday, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe found himself in trouble. Because during a presentation, Lowe let slip his company can watch his consumers drive home from a movie. This also includes any and all five million of them. Is Movie Pass playing big brother? So you can bet Lowe was quick to explain what he really meant. First of all, they mail you the card for MoviePass membership. That means they already have your address as well as some other [...]

New and Next Fitbit

New and Next Fitbit: What’s Their Plan

So James Park founded Fitbit in 2007. At first, it sold IT support fitness trackers. Then, it eventually evolved to smartphones. But wait.... Here is the new and next Fitbit. They did it before. They tried to sale smartwatches before. However, it didn't go so well. The hardware and software was mediocre. Sales were laughable. If you think their past failures deterred Fitbit, then you got another thing coming.  Because Fitbit promises not only a second smartwatch, but one with [...]

Android Pay Turns Into Google Pay

Android Pay Turns Into Google Pay

So starting in January 2018, Google brought together all of it's pay brands into one umbrella. That umbrella is Google Pay. But Android Pay took it's time getting that memo...until now. Android Pay turns into Google Pay. With these updates, Google hopes to create a more dominant presence in stores, online and retail, around the world. Then add new designs to Google Wallet. They now call it Google Pay Send. Soon, they will be able to use the app for [...]

Smartphone Apps and New Years Resolutions

Smartphone Apps and New Years Resolutions

So, another year is ending and a new one is about to begin. You know what that means. I'm not talking about the parties, but the resolutions that come after. And IT support wants to help. Here are smartphone apps and New Years resolutions. Well then, what are the three biggest New Years resolutions? They are: lose weight, quit smoking, and be a better person. There are apps for that. So let's look at the 8 Fit app. Yes, it's [...]

Apple's Battery Controversy

Apple’s Battery Controversy: What Will Change?

So Apple finds itself in hot water. Because they have to apologize, in letter, for their battery issues. Apparently, they were not truthful enough about poor performance with older iPhones. Apple's battery controversy: What will change? So here's one change. They admitted changes with old batteries slowed down iPhone speed. Then, they're offering new batteries. If you have an older iPhone hit with a bad older battery, then Apple will replace it for $29. Though they did apologize for being [...]

Mobile Black Friday

Mobile Black Friday: Could 2017 Set Records?

About a week from now, Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the American year, will take place. But people may not be running to the stores this year. In fact, they may be running to their smartphones. Mobile Black Friday: Could 2017 set records? I ask that because studies show mobile shopping will increase 45% from just 2015. They also expect mobile Black Friday sales to break records. Furthermore, they believe mobile sales will even beat desktop sales, for [...]

ESPN and Snapchat

ESPN and Snapchat Combine Media Skills

Everybody knows what ESPN is. Almost everybody knows what Shapchat is. But both try to expand their audience. So that's why ESPN and Snapchat combine media skills. ESPN will premiere a mini Sports Center. The premiere should happen at 5pm Eastern time today. Then they will have the show twice a day, 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening. This ESPN and Snapchat version will only last around five minutes. It will have sports news, game highlights (and [...]

Samsung mocks Apple

Samsung Mocks Apple: Tenth Anniversary Joke

They say politics is a contact sport. Apparently, so is computer repair and smartphone service. Because I saw a scathing ad by Samsung, attacking Apple's 10 year iPhone reign. Samsung mocks Apple: Tenth anniversary joke. If you ask many anti-Apple folks, they'll tell you the joke. Many say Apple gets the innovation credit for all things smartphone. But they'll point out it was Android or other companies that came up with most of the new features. Over the years, these [...]

India Second

India Second In Smartphone Sales…Beats USA

Some probably think the USA sales and consumes more smartphones than any nation in the world. But they are wrong. In fact, we're not even second...anymore. Because recent numbers put India second in smartphone sales...beating the USA. In Q3 2017, India sold over 40 million smartphones. Furthermore, in that quarter alone, smartphone sales went up 23%. This is enough to surpass the USA as second in the world in smartphone sales. But it's still not enough to be China, which [...]

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