The New Blackberry Keyboard

The New Blackberry Keyboard: Genius or Failure?

In the mid-2000s, the Blackberry was the premier cellphone. Then, in 2007, the smartphone came along. So this was the beginning of the end of the Blackberry era. Now, it is making a comeback. But let's talk about the keyboard. The new Blackberry keyboard: genius or failure? They call the new Blackberry the KeyOne. The debate is the keyboard. The new Blackberry keyboard looks just like it did 10 years ago. But I must admit. the new phone looks very [...]

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310: Good Idea or Just Nostalgia?

Next week, the Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. So what does this have to do with US, or Boston computer repair? Rumors have it HMD Global, Nokia's parent company, plans to release the Nokia 3310. But should they? The Nokia 3310: Good idea or just nostalgia? Hence, for those too young to remember, let me explain this phone. Nokia released it in fall 2000, before the smartphone era. They shaped it like a candy bar. [...]

The Smart Headphone

The Smart Headphone: The Earphone Comeback

Back in September 2016, Apple's iPhone 7 made history. Consequently, that was the first smartphone not to have a headphone jack. Some paid little attention. But for others, this was a huge annoyance. So Pioneer is doing something about it. Let me introduce you to the smart headphone: the earphone comeback. Hence, Pioneer comes up with Rayz Plus earphone. The smart headphone comes with it's own jack. First, they connect through a Lightning connector. Then, there is a small adapter [...]

phish scammer

Alert: Phish Scammers Target Cell Phones

About a month ago, I talked about phish scammers targeting Google emails. But recently, police officers across the country warn us of another scheme. They give us this alert: Phish scammers target cell phones. So this is how they do it. The phish scammers call cell phones. Then, they ask the person, "Can you hear me?" The person says 'yes'. Then the scammers record the 'yes'. Furthermore, they use that unintentional 'yes' to authorize charges you really didn't agree to. [...]

Smartphone Freezing Emoji

Smartphone Freezing Emoji: Consumer Alert!

Technology can be efficient and life saving. It can also be scary.  Ever get a message and your phone just freezes? So there's a message that's doing just that. It contains a combination of three emojis. It's the smartphone freezing emoji: consumer alert! Consequently, this bug is especially bad for Apple phones. I'm talking about those with iOS 10 systems or higher. In fact, there are no cases of this thing hitting iOS systems lower than 10.  One needs a [...]

AI Smartphone

AI Smartphone: Andy Rubin’s Hail Mary

Android founder Andy Rubin left Google two years ago. But that doesn't mean he is totally out of the smartphone business. In fact, he put together a team to create what could be the next big tech thing: The AI Smartphone. Yes the AI smartphone: Andy Rubin's hail mary. Over the months, Rubin assembled a team of 40 people. Some come from Android/Google, but others come from Apple. He named the new company Essential and serves as the CEO. Their [...]

When Hackers Get Hacked

When Hackers Get Hacked: Doesn’t Feel Good?

One of the most pressing issues facing the IT service and computer repair industries is hacking. It can happen to anybody, and I mean anybody. But what about when hackers get hacked? Yes, that can happen also. When hackers get hacked: Doesn't feel so good? Here's the story. So there is this tech media group they call Motherboard. They got nearly 1TB worth of data from Cellebrite. But who is Cellebrite? They're an Israeli tech company. Furthermore, here's the irony. [...]

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Cater to Advertisers

Instagram Stories let users share their day. They can do so multiple times without too much posting. Also, these 'stories' last 24 hours, and won't clutter your profile. But something will clutter stories: advertising. Let's see how Instagram Stories cater to advertisers. Today, Instagram announces full video ads. They will come to stories sometime this week. How will they do it? First, they will start with a trail run. Then, they'll invite 30 companies to take part. These companies include [...]

Apple's Battery

Apple’s Battery: Folks Are Mad Now

I think we can all agree 2016 was a year Samsung wants to forget. But 2016 wasn't a joyous year for Apple, either. Many customers don't like their new iPhone 6s, thanks to poor batteries. Apple's battery: Folks are mad now! So right away, customers' phones shut down. Furthermore, the batteries weren't even dead, or dying. Then, after numerous complaints, Apple finally addressed the issue. They assured people the problem wasn't a big one. Then they showed customers to check [...]

smartphone tracking

Smartphone Tracking…What Worries Workers?

Remember the good 'ol days? It's when your work time was your work time. Consequently, your time was your time. But since the GPS and smartphone boom, employers can watch their employees literally 24/7. However, this may not be workers' biggest worry. Smartphone tracking...what worries workers? It seems like less employees worry about privacy invasion when it comes to smartphone tracking. In fact, they worry more about smartphone impacts. Software tracking firm TSheets polled over 1,000 employees from all walks [...]

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