Did Samsung Ruin Apple's Big Day?

Did Samsung Ruin Apple’s Big Day?

So today, Apple releases it's new iPhone XR to Apple stores and retailers around the world. It's on the low end of Apple's new phones coming out this year. In fact, you can get one for under $800. But Bloomberg Magazine just released a bombshell by rival Samsung, on this very day. Did Samsung ruin Apple's big day? First of all, Samsung, through Bloomberg Magazine, gave many a detail about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. But that's just the beginning. [...]

Ebay's Instant Selling

Ebay’s Instant Selling: Sell Your Old Smartphone

So are you tired of your old smartphone? Do you have a new one and don't have any need for the old one? Then Maybe Ebay can help. Ebay's instant selling: Sell your old smartphone. So this is a new system Ebay created. They call it Instant Selling. However, there is good news and bad news in this. The good news is this will only take a few minutes, and Ebay does most of the work for you. However, the [...]

Apple Cracks Down on iPhone Scammers

Apple Cracks Down on iPhone Scammers

So do you own an iPhone? Did you ever pay hundred of dollars for an app? Also, here's another question: Do you have to pay $5 a week for an app? It may not seem like much, but it adds up. That's why Apple cracks down on iPhone scammers. But paying for Apps, especially that much, seem to be going out of style. However, there are still complaints from customers and computer repair experts. They talk about 'dark patterns'. That [...]

Pocket's App Reads For You

Pocket’s App Reads For You And Then Some

So many of us know Pocket as the 'article app. In fact, some of us in computer repair call it 'the media app'. That's because it gives and manages your Internet news articles. It's now growing up because Pocket's app reads for you. So you find an article. But you don't have time to read it right now and save it in Pocket to read later. But now, Pocket's app reads for you. However, you have to get Pocket's latest [...]

You Tube Channel

You Tube Channel Exploits Smartphone Rivalry

So the Apple vs Android/Google rivalry is probably the most famous business rivalry since Pepsi vs Coke. However, from our computer repair experience, some people take that a little too seriously. But one You Tube channel shows that. In fact, this You Tube channel exploits smartphone rivalry. The You Tuber's name is Jonathan Morrison. First, he took selfies with what he said was a Google Pixel 2. Then, he revealed the lie. He really took the pictures with an Apple [...]

Apple's Screen Control System

Kids Infiltrate Apple’s Screen Control System

So it goes without saying. Kids today are a lot smarter than we were some 30 years ago. We can thank computer repair and technology for that. But sometimes it feels like they're too smart for their own good. Kids infiltrate Apple's screen control system. Apple's screen control system's goal is to limit how much time kids and teens have on Apple devices. But kids are finding new ways to get around that, and/or hack the system all together. The [...]

iPhone XS Max Wins Sell Race

iPhone XS Max Wins Sell Race. But Why?

So a couple of weeks ago, Apple introduced a new group of iPhones. The two biggest ones was the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS. Though it's more expensive, iPhone XS Max wins sell race. But why? So in polls and pre-sales, the iPhone XS Max seems to be somewhat more popular than the iPhone XS. In fact, it seems to be way more popular. One MacRumors blogger says The Max phones are selling 3 to 1, maybe even [...]

Apple Announces New iPhones

Apple Announces New iPhones: Class of 2018

So guess what? It's Apple's favorite time a year, and once again, it sounds like they delivered. Apple announces new iPhones: Class of 2018. So the three iPhones they announced are the XS, XR, and XS Max. We'll startp with the XS, what they call the normal one. This normal one will cost you at least $999. Your storage options are 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. In fact, all three of those models come with these three storage options. Obviously, only [...]

Smart Speakers Are On The Rise

Smart Speakers Are On The Rise

So recently, you probably told a speaker to do something or look up something for you. If this is you, then you're not alone. Smart speakers are on the rise. So this is according to Adobe Analytics' stats. They say that nearly a third of all consumers own smart speakers. Keep in mind that number was just 28% from January 2018 (it's 32% now). Furthermore, they expect the smart speaker to be one of the hottest selling item of the [...]

The Samsung Folding Smartphone

The Samsung Folding Smartphone: Is It A Likelihood?

So, do you know about the folding smartphone? Well, here is a small example. But now, Samsung, who talked a good game for years about this, might be showing up. The Samsung folding smartphone: Is it a likelihood? So keep in mind much of this is 'he said, she said' speculation. I don't particularly like doing articles like this, but it's a slow tech news day around here. However, Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh says it's time to deliver. He [...]

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