Samsung...Best of Times...Worst of Times

Samsung…Best of Times…Worst of Times

There's good news and bad news about Samsung. So first, the good news: Samsung is having a Q3 2017 of the ages! Then the bad news: Oh-Hyun Kwon, the CEO and Vice-Chairman, resigned. It's of times...worst of times. Furthermore, as Kwon exited, he said his soon to be former company was in a huge crisis on all sides. He also called for new leadership. I find this funny because 2017 is a fairly good year for Samsung, at lest [...]


Kudos: Teaching Kids to Respect Smartphones

How many parents worry about their kids being on smartphones too much? I'm sure there are many, but one app is doing something about it. Here is to Kudos: Teaching kids to respect smartphones. They made this app for children ages 8-13. So this app teaches kids of this age group to be responsible social media citizens. It also has around the clock moderation.  And they seem to be on their way. They moved to Silicon Valley, at a time [...]

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy 8: Which Is Better

It's an argument many in computer repair have. We even have it in our Boston computer service shop. So do you prefer Apple or Samsung? Furthermore yet, iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy 8: Which is better? I ask this because they did a test between Apple's iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy 8. They wanted to see who has the best smartphone camera. They used DxO Mark for the tests. That's a non-bias source for testing cameras and phones from all [...]

Apple's Curveballs

Apple’s Curveballs and Upcoming Products

Yesterday was Apple's big conference. They did talk about things as planned. But some things threw me in a loop. So let's look at Apple's curveballs and upcoming products. Obviously, we expected a new iPhone to come out. But few expected the iPhone X, (just call it iPhone 10). We expected the screen would take up most of the front, leaving little room for anything else. Many iPhone owners like it that way. However, I wonder how many expected a [...]

iPhone 8 Secrets

iPhone 8 Secrets

So Apple maniacs, it's about that time again. On September 12, they will celebrate and unveil iPhone 8 and other Apple products. But you many not have to wait that long. It seems we have iPhone 8 secrets. Let's talk about Face ID. Apparently, somebody leaked the cartoon of how this will work. Also, it looks like you will need several angles of Face ID to unlock your phone. For instance, you will probably need a whole facial shot, then [...]

The Artificial Intelligence Smartphone

The Artificial Intelligence Smartphone

In China, they have networking company Huawei. So that's kind of like the AT&T or Verizon of China. So why am I talking about a Chinese networking company and I'm in a Boston computer service shop? Because Huawei has the artificial intelligence smartphone. They call it the Kirin 970. Let's start with the chip set. It has 5.5 million transitors in one centimeter. They say it's 8-core CPU and a 12-core GPU is 50x more efficient than the average smartphone. It [...]

T-Mobile Cheap Phone

T-Mobile Cheap Phone and On Demand Program

It is amazing how accessible the smartphone is now. Because just five years ago, or over, the smartphone was only for the rich or middle class. But now, you can get a smartphone for as little as $20. T-Mobile knows this. It's the T-Mobile cheap phone and on demand program. Today, T-Mobile releases the T-Mobile Android Revvy. So you have a choice. You could buy it up front for $125. Or you could lease it for as little as $5 [...]

Social Media Population

Social Media Population Reaches Three Million

They social media population reaches three million people. So you may ask, "What's the big deal"? Well, the global population stands at 7.52 billion. So when you break it down, around 40% of the world's population regularly connects to social media. But that's not all. Over half the world's population use the Internet daily. Then, take into account over 2/3 of the global population has smartphones. However, if you take the US alone, 83% of us has smartphones. In fact, [...]

Can AI Predict Crimes?

Can AI Predict Crimes? China Thinks So

Do you remember the 2002 movie Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise? If you don't, then here it is. Taking place in the 2050s, they arrested you before you even did anything. Because artificial intelligence predicted their crimes. But can this happen in real life? Can AI predict crimes? China thinks so. So China wants to use artificial intelligence to help them solve crimes. That sounds good, right? But China wants to help the police solve crimes before they happen. They [...]

Samsung's Comeback

Samsung’s Comeback In Full Swing

The year 2016 was probably the worst in Samsung's history. Because their new smartphones burned up, their washing machines exploded, and they lost billions in dollars and respect. They even arrested one Samsung leader. But their 2017 looks very bright. Samsung's comeback is in full swing. So Samsung just came out of the best quarter ever. For example, their net profits were almost ten billion dollars in Q2 2017 alone. That's almost double from Q2 2016. That is also a [...]

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