Is Windows 10 Sending and Keeping Our Data?

Is Windows 10 Sending and Keeping Our Data?

So in the computer repair industry, many of our customers don't really want Windows 10. They give several reasons for this. But could they be onto something? Is Windows 10 sending and keeping our data? So according to a new report from a Reddit user, Windows 10 could be collecting and sending and keeping our data. This is really concerning because Microsoft gave Windows 10 a Privacy Dashboard. This includes secure data security and privacy settings. The Reddit user himself [...]

Microsoft and Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft and Facial Recognition: What Does This Mean?

So let's face it. Facial recognition is a controversial subject in the IT service  and IT support community. Some say it helps keep us safe and protects us from terrorists and hackers. But others say it's another step towards privacy invasion. Microsoft addresses it all. Microsoft and facial recognition: What does it mean? So in July 2018, Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote a blog. This blog talked about all things facial recognition, the good and the bad. He also said [...]

They can spy on the President.

They Can Spy On The President. Do We Have Any Hope?

So two major concerns are security and online privacy. This is true in the computer repair industry. Furthermore, you know this is true in the government. But yet, they can spy on the President. Do we have any hope? So according to some tech insiders, President Trump has 3 iPhones. Well, let's give him credit for even doing that. Because before 2016, he had a Samsung, which had Android IT support service. Over the years, we all know Android is [...]

Facebook's Massive Security Breach

Facebook’s Massive Security Breach

So a few days ago, Facebook faced yet another crisis. In fact, this is even bigger than the Cambridge Analytica scandal they dealt with for months. Let's talk about Facebook's massive security breach. So late last week, Facebook's massive security breach happened. This breach impacted over 50 million Facebook users. That has to be a record. But wait...there's more. This attack lets hackers take any piece of information they wanted. This means everything you posted. This also means your profile. [...]

Smart Home Abuse

Smart Home Abuse: The Latest Technology Threat

So let's say someone is in an abusive relationship. Let's also say the abused person wants out and gets out. Then the abuser can use the latest IT service technology to create havoc on his/her ex. This is smart home abuse: The latest technology threat. But this is just one example. Abusers can use smart home technology to change locks and lock the victim out of their own home. They can also, behind their smartphone, plunge the thermostat to either [...]

FBI Urges People to Restart Routers

FBI Urges People To Restart Routers To Fight Malware

So for almost a month, cyber security company Cisco warned about the VPNFilter malware. If it gets on your router, then it can stop it from working, maybe even permanently. The IT service term is 'bricking'. The FBI urges people to restart routers to fight malware. So here is what we know. The VPNFilter came from Russia. The original target was Ukraine, in response to the conflict between those two nations. But Ukraine isn't the only victim. In fact, over [...]


Ticketfly Hacker Steals Information: Lots Of It

So do you use ticket broker Ticketfly often? I ask because you better check your information to see if it's safe. Ticketfly hacker steals information, and lots of it. So a few days ago, a hacker compromised Ticketfly. He/she caused a data breached that leaked out over 26 million customers' info. This information includes emails and peoples' addresses. Let me be clear. The hacker did not leak credit/debit cards, social security numbers, passwords, or anything of that nature. We can [...]

Android Bug Can Reveal Text Messages

Android Bug Can Reveal Text Messages

So who remembers the Apple iPhone January 1 1970 bug? How bizarre. But now, I read about a bug hitting up Android/Google smartphones. Furthermore, this Android bug can reveal text messages. They name this bug ''. Yes, you have to spell it with two periods between the year and com for it to work. But why would you want it to? Anyway, when you type '' in the Google app, then it will pull up your private text messages. But [...]

New North Korean Malware

New North Korean Malware: Consumer Alert

So do you remember the 2014 movie The Interview? It caused so much controversy they had to take it off many theaters. In fact, NK dictator Kim Jung Un threaten havoc. But four years later, they're still retaking havoc. This is the new North Korean malware: consumer alert. According to the FBI and Homeland Security, North Korean hackers are using remote access tools to steal passwords and other important data. Furthermore, North Korea did this since 2009 and continue to [...]

The 2018 Email Virus

The 2018 Email Virus: This Is A Security Alert

So any good IT service person should warn you if something harmful is coming. Just like any travel guide should warn you of bad neighborhoods and places. So something harmful is coming. In fact, it's already here. The 2018 email virus: this is a security alert. In the past month, we saw 38 email virus threats. I won't name them all because many of their names are too hard to pronounce. They all fall under the virus, worm, and/or Trojan [...]

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