Alert: Internet Sites Went Down By Hackers

This is an alert: Internet sites went down by hackers. That's because early this morning, hackers used distributed denial of service (DDoS). They attacked Dyn Inc. services. But as of 1:20 pm UTC time, 9:20 am Eastern Time, Dyn states their services are normal again. Dyn is a major domain name system (DNS) hosts. Hence, the attack caused a Level 3 outage. According to outage maps, attack hit the Northeast US hard. Also, the outage hit some of the US Southwest [...]


Government Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 From Airplanes

The borderline defunct Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gets one more blow. The Federal government bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from airplanes. Consequently, this comes after a Galaxy Note 7 exploded during a Southwest Airlines airlines flight. Therefore, US government agencies banned the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone from all aircraft. Agencies include DOT (Department of Transportation) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). So this includes all individuals, passengers as well as flight crew. Furthermore, the Feds ban such smartphones for carry-on and [...]


US Blames Russia For Hacking

Remember a few months ago, when the Democrat National Committee reported their services hacked? We might have a prime suspect. The potential suspect isn't a genius hacker in a basement. The suspect is a powerful nation. The US blames Russia for hacking. The Obama administration accused the Russian government of stealing emails. These hack attacks could influence the presidential election next month. Some speculate whether or not Obama will impose sanctions on Russia. The compromised emails went on WikiLeaks. They [...]


Yahoo Mass Data Breach Hits Millions

A Yahoo mass data breach hits millions of Yahoo accounts. This happened in August, about a month ago. So why am I talking about it now? Because they're just getting around to confirming the breach. This is according to a article. Various sources said the breach hit over 200 million accounts. Last month Yahoo claimed to be investigating the matter. The hackers themselves claimed to be infecting and selling the accounts online. Here's more irony. A well known cyber [...]


Can Someone Take Down Our Internet?

Can someone take down our Internet? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It wouldn't be that hard to do either. I just read an article that gave me chills. Some people, or some organizations, have been probing Internet security and defense companies. They're learning how these companies defend themselves and their clients. Not because they want to imitate their strategies. They're learning defense tactics because they want to take the Internet down. Ever hear of DDoS (distributed denial of service)? This [...]


Should Online Voting Happen?

We're less than two months away from the most contentious election in my lifetime. It's probably the most contentious in American history. That's why all Americans eligible need to to vote this year. Some embrace a new technical phenomenon called online voting. But should online voting happen? This concept is getting so popular it's being offered in thirty states this year. Online voting is aimed primarily at absentee voters. Such voters usually live overseas or in a state different from [...]


Samsung Galaxy Woes

This is the time of year phone companies promote new smartphones. Apple is releasing their new device soon. Then there are Samsung Galaxy woes. The Samsung Galaxy woes couldn't have come at a worse time. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 developers discovered a battery problem. They're melting the phones like ice cream on a summer day. According to one South Korean Note 7 customer, he awoke to a burning smell. That smell was his burning Galaxy Note 7. He used [...]


Consumer Alert: The USB Killer

I've reported on some disturbing consumer trends, from sextortion to government hacking. Well, the disturbance keeps on coming. This is a consumer alert: the USB Killer is coming to a computer near you. This isn't a movie plot or a sci-fi novel. There really is a device called the USB Killer. It made news last year. Now, there's an even stronger version floating out there. It sends 220 volts through a computer, whether it be a desktop, laptop or tablet. [...]


Tracking Method vs. Privacy: Which One Will You Choose

Last night, I saw a rather disturbing technology based ad. Not only does it promote a tracking device, it describes how scary this device is.  It tracking method vs. privacy. Which one will you choose? The device being promoted was the TrackR. It's a GPS system the size of a quarter. You install the TrackR app on your smartphone. Connect the app to your device. Attach the quarter like system to your keys, wallet, phone, tablet, spouse, significant other, child, [...]


McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Alert

This is a McDonald's happy meal toy alert. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 29 million McDonald's fitness tracker toys are up for recall. This comes after 70 complaints of child skin irritation, from rashes to blisters. The CPSC recommends parents return this toy to McDonald's and ask for a replacement toy and a desert, such as apple slices or yogurt tube. The toy was an attempt to teach kids about physical fitness. It was supposed to get [...]

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