Tracking Method vs. Privacy: Which One Will You Choose

Last night, I saw a rather disturbing technology based ad. Not only does it promote a tracking device, it describes how scary this device is.  It tracking method vs. privacy. Which one will you choose? The device being promoted was the TrackR. It's a GPS system the size of a quarter. You install the TrackR app on your smartphone. Connect the app to your device. Attach the quarter like system to your keys, wallet, phone, tablet, spouse, significant other, child, [...]


McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Alert

This is a McDonald's happy meal toy alert. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 29 million McDonald's fitness tracker toys are up for recall. This comes after 70 complaints of child skin irritation, from rashes to blisters. The CPSC recommends parents return this toy to McDonald's and ask for a replacement toy and a desert, such as apple slices or yogurt tube. The toy was an attempt to teach kids about physical fitness. It was supposed to get [...]


Leslie Jones Is Cyber Trolled Again

Last month, I reported on the cyber trolling woes of Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. Now, those woes worsen. Leslie Jones is cyber trolled again. This time it's far more serious. Hackers broke into her website and leaked nude photos of her. They hacked into her Tumblr account and took the photos from her iCloud. It didn't stop there. They posted her drivers license, passport, phone number, and other personal information of Jones'. They put images of [...]


Twitter Continues War On Terrorism

Over the months, I've written several blogs about the tech industry's war against terrorism and extremism. Many social media corporations are in this fight. Few fight harder than Twitter. Twitter continues war on terrorism. Twitter suspended 235,000 accounts believed to promote terrorism and/or extremist causes. This accounts were suspended over a six month period. Twitter began their anti-terrorism campaign in summer 2015. Since then, over 360,000 Twitter accounts were suspended. A Twitter spokesperson issued this statement: "We...remain committed to eliminating [...]


New York Bans Pokemon From Registered Sex Offenders

Pokemon Go can be a fun game for adults and kids alike. It can also be a tool for criminals and predators. The State of New York doesn't want that tool to happen. New York bans Pokemon from registered sex offenders. This is under the jurisdiction of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. This new law forbids registered sex offenders on parole from playing any online game, especially Pokemon Go. Governor Cuomo wrote Niantic, Pokemon Go's developers. He called on Niantic [...]


Does Political Hacking Equal End of Democracy?

We all know about the hack attacks on the Democratic National Convention and their committees. This includes Hilary Clinton's computer campaign and the Democrat fundraising committee. The hackers weren't after funds. They were after private information. This makes the hacking even scarier. Does political hacking equal end of democracy? Vladimir Putin and the Russian government are the main suspects.  Then you have WikiLeaks hacking and releasing information. And they promise to do more of it. More states use electronic voting. [...]


FBI Investigates Democrat Party Being Hacked

The Democrat National Convention is over now. But the fallout continues. The FBI investigates a Democrat Party committee being hacked. The alleged victim was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DNCC. The Russian government is the top suspect. Rumors have it Russia is hacking Democrat organizations. Rumors say they're doing so to help Republican nominee Donald Trump get elected this November. The Kremlin vehemently denies this, claiming they had nothing to do with any cyber attack. Russian hackers are already [...]


DARPA verses Computer Viruses

There's no doubt about it. One of the biggest threats to computer technology is the computer virus. It can lead to ID theft, malware, even crimes like sextortion. There seems to be no end in sight. But one government agency vows to fight this epidemic. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) brings top tech security experts to fight viruses. The event is called Cyber Grand Challenges (CGC). This event will test auto programs that look for computer vulnerabilities. Then, can [...]


Will Hackers Target The Republican Convention?

Next week, the National Republican Convention will take place in Cleveland, OH. Already, there's talk of hackers targeting this election process. Will hackers target the Republican Convention? Cyber security is a top concern. According to CIO (chief information officer) Max Everett, they're already a number of 'phishing' incidents and hackers looking for weak spots. Everett assures there hasn't been many specific threats, yet. It's not just opposing threats that worry Everett. Hackers associated with the Russian government attacked the Democratic [...]


Alert: Acer Customer Database Hacked

Computer and smartphone maker Acer's database was severely compromised early this week. The database leaked massive amounts of information, including credit card numbers. That info is in the hands of hackers and cyber criminals. The breaches lasted for almost a year: between May 2015 and April 2016. Acer is notifying customers about this breach. Acer doesn't say how many customers were compromised. It could be in the millions. Data lost include credit card numbers, names, and addresses. Acer VP Mark Groveunder [...]

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