SonicSpy Spyware

SonicSpy On Android: This is a Consumer Alert

The past week was very busy for America, from worries about North Korea to riots in Charlottesville, Virginia. But hackers were busy too. I say this because they infected the Android/Google store with SonicSpy. SonicSpy on Android: This is a consumer alert. So why is SonicSpy so dangerous? Because it records your calls and text messages. It can also send calls, send messages, and monitor records at the hackers' request. In fact, it can perform 73 different tasks; all these [...]

Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crimes Are A Major Fear

So I read this interesting chart. What are your greatest fears? ISIS and other terrorist groups came in at number one. Then came climate change. But the third has to do with a huge tech threat: cyberattacks. Cyber crimes are a major fear. And this is a global fear, not just a US one. In fact, 51% of people surveyed said cyber crimes are a major threat to humanity. In some countries, it's higher. For example, in Japan, it's the [...]

Trump and Putin vs Cyber Hacking

Trump and Putin vs Cyber Hacking: Can It Happen?

American President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met this past weekend. Yes, they did discuss cyber security, although they mostly talked about election fraud. But don't expect some cyber security alliance anytime soon. Trump and Putin vs Cyber Hacking: can it happen? I guess not. Because hours after this meeting, Trump backfired. He tweeted this cyber security unit can't happen. However, Trump does want to continue working with Putin. But I doubt cyber security is going to be [...]

Most Secure Nations

Most Secure Nations: Who Wins Cyber Security War?

Cyber security is a major issue for nations around the world. But if it's not, it should be. However, some nations are doing better than others. Most secure nations: Who wins cyber security war? So apparently, Singapore is winning. According to the UN and their ITU (International Telecommunications Union), Singapore has the best way to beat cyber crooks. My fellow Americans, don't feel bad. The USA ranks second in fighting cyber crime. But others in the top 10 might surprise [...]

The Patya Ransomware Attack

The Patya Ransomware Attack: What We Know

Yesterday, I talked about a dangerous ransomware. The attack hit around the world, but hit Russia and Ukraine really hard. However, don't think it's over. I don't believe it is. The Patya ransomware attack: What we know. So first of all, we know the name of the attack. They call it Patya. There was some confusion about that when I reported it 24 hours ago. There are similarities to the WannaCry of May 2017 attack. But here is what makes [...]

Worse Than Wannacry

Worse Than Wannacry: Super Cyber Attack Hits Globe

Remember the Wannacry virus last month? You should because it almost crippled Great Britain's medical industry. It got IT services, too.  But yesterday, something worse hit Europe. Worse than Wannacry: Super cyber attack hits globe. Ukraine got the worst of it. The virus hit over countless computers. Banks failed. The ATM's stopped working. Also, Ukraine government systems took a blow. So did Ukaraine's major media stations, like  Channel 24. In fact, cyber attackers broadcast messages like, "Nobody can recover your [...]

Did North Korea Start Wannacry?

Did North Korea Start Wannacry?

Remember the Wannacry malware virus last month? If you don't, then let me refresh you. It caused the health industry in Great Britain mass chaos. In fact, it hit dozens of other nations. Did North Korea start Wannacry? Britian's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) says yes. They say North Korean group Lazarus was behind the hold thing. But does this hacking group sound familiar? It should. Because this group hacked Sony back in late 2014. This was their was of [...]

Can Your Mouse Cause Malware?

Can Your Mouse Cause Malware? Maybe

For years, we learned that clicking on certain links can cause malware. But yet, the hackers often seem to one up the good guys. Because it looks like they did it again. Can your mouse cause malware? Maybe. So according to some cyber security leaders, cyber crooks discovered something evil. That evil is a Trojan malware that they can put on your computer. Furthermore, you don't have to click a thing. All you do is point your arrow at at [...]

Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving: Can Your iPhone Stop It?

Let's talk about texting while driving. It is almost as destructive as drinking and driving. I say this because the statistics are alarming. Apple might have a solution. Texting and driving: Can your iPhone stop it? So they call it 'Do Not Disturb While Driving'. Let's say before you start driving, your iPhone connects to your car through cable or Bluetooth. Now you're on the road. This 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' setting puts the breaks on texts, emails, and [...]

Global Cyber Attack

Global Cyber Attack: United Kingdom Hit Hardest

This is breaking news. Over the last 24 hours or so, a massive ransomware attack hit 99 countries. Many believe the hackers used NSA (National Security Agency) technology tools to pull this off. It's the global cyber attack: United Kingdom hit hardest. So how hard did the United Kingdom get it? Just ask the National Health Service (NHS) in England and Scotland. Because over 40 of their hospitals fell to this attack. One man couldn't even have his critical heart [...]

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