Samsung TV Owners

Samsung TV Owners: Don’t Talk Too Loud!

So do you remember that one movie? The one where your TV spied on you and shared your conversations with the government and others? But wait: This is really happening to Samsung TV owners! So here's a warning to Samsung TV owners: don't talk too loud! In fact, Samsung itself confirms it and issues the warning. They actually told customers their smart TV can pick up on every word they say. Therefore, they warn Samsung TV owners not to talk [...]

African Online Censorship

African Online Censorship: It’s Widespread and Common

You think it's tense here in the USA? But try living in some African nations. The mass protests and turmoil are so big government leaders are shutting down the Internet. African online censorship: It's widespread and common. So in Cameroon, leaders turned off the Internet lights. They say it's because of security measures. But this African online censorship has deeper meaning. Businesses can't function without online service. International money can't come in. In fact, it's difficult for Cameroon people to [...]

phish scammer

Alert: Phish Scammers Target Cell Phones

About a month ago, I talked about phish scammers targeting Google emails. But recently, police officers across the country warn us of another scheme. They give us this alert: Phish scammers target cell phones. So this is how they do it. The phish scammers call cell phones. Then, they ask the person, "Can you hear me?" The person says 'yes'. Then the scammers record the 'yes'. Furthermore, they use that unintentional 'yes' to authorize charges you really didn't agree to. [...]

Smartphone Freezing Emoji

Smartphone Freezing Emoji: Consumer Alert!

Technology can be efficient and life saving. It can also be scary.  Ever get a message and your phone just freezes? So there's a message that's doing just that. It contains a combination of three emojis. It's the smartphone freezing emoji: consumer alert! Consequently, this bug is especially bad for Apple phones. I'm talking about those with iOS 10 systems or higher. In fact, there are no cases of this thing hitting iOS systems lower than 10.  One needs a [...]

GMail Phishing Scheme

GMail Phishing Scheme: Consumer Beware!

These phishers and hackers are getting smarter and smarter. But this one takes the cake. There is a phishing scheme that even tech-savvy email users are falling for. It's the GMail Phishing Scheme: consumer beware! So this is how it works. The phisher sends an email to your account. Also, the email could come from a previous victim. Furthermore, you probably know the previous victim. Then, you get an image to click on. If you click on, they'll have you [...]

Tech Crime

Tech Crime: Customer Destroys Store

We in IT support, or computer repair, or those who get laptops fixed, or anyone else in the tech industry, has this nightmare. It's the nightmare in which an angry customer comes back and wrecks stuff up. So for one Florida smartphone store, this is reality. Tech crime: customer destroys store. So here is how it happens. In Palm Springs, Florida,we have 26-year-old Shinobia Montoria Wright. Witnesses say she drove on the strip mall's sidewalk. Then, she drove through the T-Moble [...]

Cloudfare and CREDO

Cloudfare and CREDO Are and Still Gagged

Cloudfare is a content delivery network. CREDO is a cellphone company. But what do these two have in common, other then 21st century technology? They also quite a relationship with the FBI. In fact, Cloudfare and CREDO are still gagged by the FBI. Well, the gag is partial. Last week, Cloudfare admitted the FBI demanded customer data from them. Why do we know this? Because the FBI lifted a gag order...somewhat. You see, there are some things Cloudfare can't talk [...]

When Hackers Get Hacked

When Hackers Get Hacked: Doesn’t Feel Good?

One of the most pressing issues facing the IT service and computer repair industries is hacking. It can happen to anybody, and I mean anybody. But what about when hackers get hacked? Yes, that can happen also. When hackers get hacked: Doesn't feel so good? Here's the story. So there is this tech media group they call Motherboard. They got nearly 1TB worth of data from Cellebrite. But who is Cellebrite? They're an Israeli tech company. Furthermore, here's the irony. [...]

Geek Squad

Geek Squad: Are You Spying On Us?

How many remember the TV show Chuck from the late 2000s and early 2010s? It was about a consumer servicing man who was an undercover agent. But computer repair company Geek Squad allegedly has undercover agents, too. Geek Squad: Are you spying on us? So here is the story. Tech news website Techdirt tweeted on this subject. Consequently, they say the FBI paid Geek Squad technicians. Their mission: to investigate crime on their customers. Techdirt isn't the only one talking about [...]

Phishing Schemes

How To Avoid Those Phishing Schemes

It's just a few shopping days until Christmas. And we in computer repair and IT service are just as excited as you are. But so are hackers and online scam artist. So don't make their Christmas a merry one. Here's how to avoid those phishing schemes. First of all, let's go over what to look out for, such as shipping labels. Because of online shopping, they will deliver lots of gifts. I know it's tempting to open up that email [...]

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