Are Medtronic Defibrillators Dangerous?

So let me start off explaining what a defibrillator is. It's a device that sends electric shocks to the heart. It's an IT service that can literally mean life or death. They put it in the patient's chest, and use it to correct things like irregular heartbeats. This sounds great, but Homeland Security issues a warning. Are Medtronic defibrillators dangerous? So Medtronic is a company that manufacturers health devices.  In fact, Medtronic is the world's most popular health device maker. [...]

Now, Facebook Cares About Your Privacy

Now, Facebook Cares About Your Privacy

So, a miracle is taking place in the IT support world. After years of scandal and scrutiny, from Russia hacking allegations to Cambridge Analytica, Facebook vows to do something about it. Now, Facebook cares about your privacy. So on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his plan to make Facebook more secure for all. This includes encrypting messages. This also could include combining Facebook services. I'm talking about things like WhatsApp and Instagram. Also, soon you can send messages using [...]

Consumer Alert: The Momo Suicide Challenge

Consumer Alert: The Momo Suicide Challenge

So I guess most of you know about the Momo challenge. A strange creepy like figure comes on your child's social media, without warning. Then that figure challenges them to either harm or kill themselves. Consumer alert: The Momo suicide challenge. So Momo targets children. Then, if that isn't sick enough, Momo interrupts the most innocent of You Tube Kids shows. I'm talking about kids shows like Peppa Pig  and Doc McStuffins. The sociopaths behind Momo do this on purpose [...]

Should the USA Prepare For A Cyberattack?

Should The USA Prepare For A Cyberattack?

So let me give this disclaimer now. This article is not to scare anyone. But in these global volatile times, we, even us in the IT support and computer repair world should prepare for anything. I heard Putin's address to Russia, and it was terrifying. Then I ask myself: Should the USA prepare for a cyberattack? So many tech and intelligent experts say Russia and China can now launch huge cyberattacks. They can attack our electric grid and oil pipelines, [...]

Is 5G Technology Dangerous, or Even Deadly?

Is 5G Technology Dangerous, or Even Deadly?

So what is 5G technology? It's hard for even IT service and IT support experts to explain. But they expect 5G technology to move so fast that even machines will connect with other machines, with no effort. We're talking speeds of 20 G/bps. However, these guys can explain it better than me.  That sounds great, right? But some say not really. Because they worry about the physical and medical consequence this may have. Is 5G technology dangerous, or even [...]

Teenager Finds Apple Bug

Teenager Finds Apple Bug: Will Apple Treat Him Right?

So someone found a privacy flaw in Apple's system. Because on Apple's Face Time app, this flaw lets others here other people's iPhone. Furthermore, these 'others' could be people who never called you, total strangers. But the young man who found the flaw isn't an Apple executive, or employee. It's a 14-year-old boy. Teenager finds Apple bug: Will Apple treat him right? The teenager's name is Grant Thompson. Not only did he find the privacy flaw, but he found it [...]

Is Windows 10 Sending and Keeping Our Data?

Is Windows 10 Sending and Keeping Our Data?

So in the computer repair industry, many of our customers don't really want Windows 10. They give several reasons for this. But could they be onto something? Is Windows 10 sending and keeping our data? So according to a new report from a Reddit user, Windows 10 could be collecting and sending and keeping our data. This is really concerning because Microsoft gave Windows 10 a Privacy Dashboard. This includes secure data security and privacy settings. The Reddit user himself [...]

Microsoft and Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft and Facial Recognition: What Does This Mean?

So let's face it. Facial recognition is a controversial subject in the IT service  and IT support community. Some say it helps keep us safe and protects us from terrorists and hackers. But others say it's another step towards privacy invasion. Microsoft addresses it all. Microsoft and facial recognition: What does it mean? So in July 2018, Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote a blog. This blog talked about all things facial recognition, the good and the bad. He also said [...]

They can spy on the President.

They Can Spy On The President. Do We Have Any Hope?

So two major concerns are security and online privacy. This is true in the computer repair industry. Furthermore, you know this is true in the government. But yet, they can spy on the President. Do we have any hope? So according to some tech insiders, President Trump has 3 iPhones. Well, let's give him credit for even doing that. Because before 2016, he had a Samsung, which had Android IT support service. Over the years, we all know Android is [...]

Facebook's Massive Security Breach

Facebook’s Massive Security Breach

So a few days ago, Facebook faced yet another crisis. In fact, this is even bigger than the Cambridge Analytica scandal they dealt with for months. Let's talk about Facebook's massive security breach. So late last week, Facebook's massive security breach happened. This breach impacted over 50 million Facebook users. That has to be a record. But wait...there's more. This attack lets hackers take any piece of information they wanted. This means everything you posted. This also means your profile. [...]

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