Consumer Alert: Introducing The Malware Diet

Summer is literally just a few weeks away. Many of us are toiling, sweating and sacrificing to get that beach body or get into that dream swimsuit. Your fellow beach companions aren't the only ones watching. Hackers and cyber criminals are, too. According to Intel security, 88% of people have clicked on pro-diet or pro-weight loss diet pop-up ads, even though many know what pop-up ads can lead to.  Of the 15,000 people, nearly a third have purchased a diet [...]


Privacy and Security Concerns Deter Online Users

Over the last several years, there has been a lot of concerns online: hacking, ID theft, sextortion, government surveillance. These privacy and security issues deter online users, and it affects consumers and businesses alike. Almost half of online consumers have been deterred from the Internet in some way, according to a study by the Department of Commerce. In fact, 30% of the 41,000 household studied say such concerns deter them from at least two Internet activities. These activities are: Banking/financial [...]

sextortion epedemic

The Sextortion Epidemic

Quite some time ago, I wrote a story of a predator who manipulated hundreds of underage girls to take inappropriate photos of themselves. He threatened to blast the photos online to the world if they didn't send him more inappropriate photos. I wish I could tell you this was an isolated incident. But I can't. According to the Justice Department, sextortion is the biggest growing threat to children and underage teens today. Sextortion is enticing someone to commit inappropriate sexual [...]


Security Alert! Millions of Emails Hacked!

In today's tech world, hacking and ID theft are on the increase. Not only that, they're getting bolder and bolder. Some even brag about what they're doing. A young Russian hacker stole over 232 million email accounts and passwords. The emails come from various places. Over 57 million of them come from accounts. is a major Russian email service. Around 40 million came from Yahoo, 33 million came from Microsoft Hotmail, 24 million came from Gmail. According to [...]


Are You Ready For EMP?

You go to sleep. You wake up only to find your computer or smartphone doesn't work. Neither does anyone else's. You can't even use your credit/debit cards because that system is kaput. You can't fill up on gasoline because the electronic pumps aren't working. Welcome to the world of an EMP. This isn't a sci-fi movie plot. Political leaders like Defense Department analyst Michael Maloof are extremely concerned of what an EMP could do to our computers, communications, banks, cars, [...]


A Safe Way to Text And Drive

Texting and/or using a smartphone while driving has become one of the biggest road hazards today. It's the drunk driving of the 2010s. Did you know that nearly 40% of highway accidents in the US are caused by drivers with a phone in their hand? That number is even higher than those who drink and drive. Thankfully, 2010s technology can prevent such calamities. If you have an Apple or Android based mobile phone, in which the vast majority of Americans [...]

Can A Cashless Society Lead to Big Brother

Can A Cashless Society Lead to Big Brother?

Yesterday, I talked about Japan's plan to keep tourist 'safe' at the 2020 Olympics. They plan to implement a system in which no tourist can buy or sell unless they are fingerprinted. That means, no tourist will be able to use Japanese cash, just your fingerprint. I read an interesting article in The Atlantic. Ever hear of Operation Choke Point? We were told it would fight predatory lending, the kind of lending that helped cause the Great Recession of the [...]

Japan Wants Fingerprint Security

Japan Wants Fingerprint Security

These are crazy time we're living in. I read an article of how the EU wants visa requirements for Americans and Canadians just to visit Europe, even it's just for a weekend. Japan wants to go even further, using today's technology for identification purposes. This year, Japan, the nation that gave us the robot greeter,  will test fingerprint systems for identification and security purposes. If this is successfully, the only way tourists will be able to buy or sell is [...]

North Korea Is At It Again

North Korea Is At It Again

North Korea is at it again. Dictator Kim Jong Un is using technology to further isolate and oppress his own people. He's using it to threaten and intimidate the rest of the world. First off, North Korea's capital, Pyongyang, announced it's total blockage of Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and all South Korean websites. They're also banning gambling and hard core pornography sites. For most North Koreans, they already have little or no online access. But visitors enjoyed basic, but heavily [...]

FBI Spills the Secrets

FBI Spills the Secrets

Not so long ago, the FBI got a huge one-up on Apple over the iPhone unlocking case. It was revealed they no longer need Apple's backing, permission, knowledge, or approval to crack codes: they can do so on their own. The FBI says they will teach local law enforcement agencies all over the country this mysterious trick of unlocking phones. The fact that local police are asking how the Feds did it is should say enough. In a statement, the [...]

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