Fake Ad Blocker

Fake Ad Blocker: Check Your Google Account Now!

So you put an ad blocker in your Google account. But now you can't find it. There is probably a good reason for that. It could be because of a fake ad blocker. Check your Google account now! So this warning started with a story AdGuard's blog released. In it, they exposed fake extensions that used extra code. They feed on the info of websites you visit, almost like some monster out of a swamp that yearns to get bigger. [...]

Cisco Global Cyberattack

Cisco Global Cyberattack: What You Need To Know

So unfortunately, there is another cyber attack to tell you about. Someone compromised over 200,000 Cisco switches. But gets better. Because Iran was the one that found the attack and alerted the world. Cisco global cyberattack:  What you need to know. So according to Iran's tech leaders, hackers hit around 3,500 systems. But guess which nation got the worst of it? You guessed it. Because here in the USA, this Cisco global cyberattack affected over 55,000 systems. Also, over [...]

Android Malware in a Code App

Android Malware In A Code App: What to do?

So when it comes to Android fighting the constant battle against malware, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that they're doing a better job keeping malware out of the Google store. But the bad news is hackers are finding new and creative ways to invade your Droid. There is Android malware in a code app. This new malware strain is Andr/HiddnAd-AJ. Yes, that's the name of it. However, what is scary is how subtle and innocent [...]

Ransomware Hacks Atlanta

Ransomware Hacks Atlanta: Is It SamSam?

So many of us still have nightmares of WannaCry and NotPetya. Those are the malware viruses that nearly crippled British computer systems back in May 2017. But now Atlanta is under the gun. Ransomware hacks Atlanta: Is it SamSam? Over the past 24 hours, malware crept into Atlanta's IT service systems. Because of this, the city government can't even do simple things. This includes processing payments and getting court case information. Then, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms addressed the attacks. She [...]

Is Movie Pass Playing Big Brother?

Is Movie Pass Playing Big Brother?

So yesterday, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe found himself in trouble. Because during a presentation, Lowe let slip his company can watch his consumers drive home from a movie. This also includes any and all five million of them. Is Movie Pass playing big brother? So you can bet Lowe was quick to explain what he really meant. First of all, they mail you the card for MoviePass membership. That means they already have your address as well as some other [...]

2018: The Year of More Ransomware

2018: The Year of More Ransomware?

So the 2017 was a brutal year for ransomware and cyber attacks. I say that because we had WannaCry, Petra and Bad Rabbit. Furthermore, according to experts, 2018 will be just as bad, if not worse. 2018: The Year of More Ransomware? More cyber attacks? So most experts don't believe ransomware will in stop, or even decrease in 2018. In fact, they believe ransomware will be used more so as a cyber warfare tool. Take the security company CrowdStrike. In [...]


SafeToNet: This New Tool Fights Online Child Abuse

So we hear a lot of talk about the dangers of online fake news in IT service. But there is an online danger that is far worse and damaging than any fake news article. That danger is child abuse. One start-up is doing something. SafeToNet: This new tool fights online child abuse. So SafeToNet is a new online AI system. It fights sexting, bullying and other online predatory behavior. Their goal is to protect six million children by the end [...]

Think Fast

Think Fast: Trying To Outsmart Robots

So I take it this happens to you. You go on a website, especially to buy or sell something. But they give you a math problem or question to answer. It's because they want to prove you're human. They call the program Think fast: Trying to outsmart robots. As you know, many are people are turning to facial recognition for security. They're using it everywhere, from airports to new smartphones. In fact, facial recognition is the only way to unlock [...]

Olympic Cyber Attack

Olympic Cyber Attack: Who Did it and Why?

So the 2018 Winter Olympic games are underway. But it's not the athletics that are making news. It's the hacking. One cyber attack was so bad they had to shut the Winter Olympic website down. However, it's back up now. Olympic cyber attack: Who did it and why? The hackers attacked just before the opening ceremony. They also messed up TV and Internet coverage. It took 12 hours for networks to restore coverage and order. An Olympic spokesperson talked about [...]

Don't SWAT!

Don’t SWAT! They Will Find and Arrest You!

So we all know people use IT support and Internet services for good. But we also know people use if for bad, depending on that person. However, there is another disturbing trend out there. They call it SWATting. So don't SWAT! They will find and arrest you! SWATTing is faking a hostage situation to the police. Sometimes, they call a fake hostage situation on somebody's house. And they're innocent people.  Then, when the police get there, mainly the SWAT team, [...]

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