Did North Korea Start Wannacry?

Did North Korea Start Wannacry?

Remember the Wannacry malware virus last month? If you don't, then let me refresh you. It caused the health industry in Great Britain mass chaos. In fact, it hit dozens of other nations. Did North Korea start Wannacry? Britian's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) says yes. They say North Korean group Lazarus was behind the hold thing. But does this hacking group sound familiar? It should. Because this group hacked Sony back in late 2014. This was their was of [...]

Can Your Mouse Cause Malware?

Can Your Mouse Cause Malware? Maybe

For years, we learned that clicking on certain links can cause malware. But yet, the hackers often seem to one up the good guys. Because it looks like they did it again. Can your mouse cause malware? Maybe. So according to some cyber security leaders, cyber crooks discovered something evil. That evil is a Trojan malware that they can put on your computer. Furthermore, you don't have to click a thing. All you do is point your arrow at at [...]

Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving: Can Your iPhone Stop It?

Let's talk about texting while driving. It is almost as destructive as drinking and driving. I say this because the statistics are alarming. Apple might have a solution. Texting and driving: Can your iPhone stop it? So they call it 'Do Not Disturb While Driving'. Let's say before you start driving, your iPhone connects to your car through cable or Bluetooth. Now you're on the road. This 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' setting puts the breaks on texts, emails, and [...]

Global Cyber Attack

Global Cyber Attack: United Kingdom Hit Hardest

This is breaking news. Over the last 24 hours or so, a massive ransomware attack hit 99 countries. Many believe the hackers used NSA (National Security Agency) technology tools to pull this off. It's the global cyber attack: United Kingdom hit hardest. So how hard did the United Kingdom get it? Just ask the National Health Service (NHS) in England and Scotland. Because over 40 of their hospitals fell to this attack. One man couldn't even have his critical heart [...]

Microsoft Fixes Potential Disaster

Microsoft Fixes Potential Disaster; Or Did They?

When it comes to Malware, Microsoft does better at protecting themselves then most. But even they must watch their back. Because there is a new, powerful and scary threat looming over Microsoft, especially the anti-malware system. Microsoft fixes potential disaster, or did they? Researchers say this threat is so powerful it bypasses any security. Then, it turns over your whole computer system to a hacker. But this threat needs a 'specific crafted file'. They send this bad file either through [...]

The Intel Chip Bug

The Intel Chip Bug: Consumer Alert

Over the past several days, an Intel chip made news for all the wrong reasons. Because there is a flaw leaving people's computers venerable. And because of this flaw, hackers can take over your system. The Intel chip bug: consumer alert. So it turns out this isn't a new problem. In fact, the problem is almost 10 years old. Apparently, this bug is so bad that it can allow hackers to control your computer even when it's off.  The bug [...]

The French Election

The French Election: Are Hackers Targeting?

To this day, some say hackers caused Donald Trump to win the brutal election of 2016. But in France, another brutal presidential election plays out. Also, some believe hackers are playing a role. The French election: Are hackers targeting? Tomorrow is France's Election Day. The presidential race is between politically moderate Emmanuel Macron and conservative, and often controversial, Marie LePen. But yesterday, Marcon's people said hackers dumped a massive computer hack on him. So here is their story. Somebody posted 9GB [...]

Anti-Hacking Deadline

Anti-Hacking Deadline: President Trump Misses It

Russia is a hacking powerhouse. We should all know that by now. Look at the controversy that followed the 2016 US election. Furthermore, Russian agents hacked Yahoo. But what does the current administration do? Anti-hacking deadline: Trump misses it. So let's go back to January 2017. President Trump promised to fight Russian hacking, and other forms of hacking as well. He also promised to put a team together to fight this hacking threat. That was 90 days ago. And we [...]

Sweden's Microchip

Sweden’s Microchip: Tech Trend or Big Brother?

How do you get into your office or work space? Do you still use keys? Or maybe you use a code? But in Sweden, they're using microchips. They implant these microchips in your hand, near your thumb. Sweden's Microchip: Tech Trend or Big Brother? So the company leading the microchip charge is Epicenter. Their headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden's capital and largest city. Sometime ago, Epicenter offered the microchip. It's the size of a grain of rice. Also, it can [...]

Internet Privacy Dies

Internet Privacy Dies: Congress Killed It

Should I buy a tombstone saying: Internet privacy: 1994-2016 RIP? Should I buy it now or later? I ask this because Congress voted to repeal consumer privacy rights on the Internet. So, Internet privacy dies: Congress killed it. The US House vote was 215-205 to. This vote helps overturn former President Obama's FCC rules. Those rules say ISP's (Internet service providers) require consumer's permission before they use certain information. This includes finances, health, and info about their kids. But that [...]

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