Don't SWAT!

Don’t SWAT! They Will Find and Arrest You!

So we all know people use IT support and Internet services for good. But we also know people use if for bad, depending on that person. However, there is another disturbing trend out there. They call it SWATting. So don't SWAT! They will find and arrest you! SWATTing is faking a hostage situation to the police. Sometimes, they call a fake hostage situation on somebody's house. And they're innocent people.  Then, when the police get there, mainly the SWAT team, [...]

Consumer Alert: Intel Fights CPU Bugs

Consumer Alert: Intel Fights CPU Bugs

Yesterday, at our computer service shop, a tech alerted me to something. Intel wrestles with two severe bugs: Meltdown and Spectre. So consider this a consumer alert: Intel fights CPU bugs. But how bad is the problem? These bugs are capable of appearing on every CPU ever made in the last 20 years! So to put it in layman's terms: Nobody is safe from this one! Then, these bugs let hackers use JavaScript to access memory during this cyber attack. [...]

Android, Malware and Uber

Android, Uber and Malware: Oh My!

For years, Android wrestled with malware and other hacks. In fact, they wrestle with such issues today. But now, Android.Fakeapp Trojan is at it again. Android, Uber and Malware: Oh my! This time, they fakers imitate Uber. Cyber security watchdog Symantec discovered the malware. So here is how it works. First, the malware, looking like Uber, pops up on your smartphone screen. That's how they try to get your phone number and password. Then you press enter. But when you [...]

Spy Agencies Are Losing Recruits

Spy Agencies Are Losing Recruits: Good Or Bad Thing?

So yesterday, I reported Amazon is having the best year of it's life. But it's too bad not everyone can say that. Because government spy agencies are losing recruits: Good or bad thing? Let's start with our own NSA. In 2017, they experienced talent, morale and recruitment slumps. In fact, one former NSA manager said morale is at an all-time low. Then, another former official said a budget crunch interferes with recruiting and promotion. Not only are they losing recruits, [...]

Edward Snowden’s App and His Fight

Back in 2013, Edward Snowden turned the IT support world, especially the surveillance world, upside down. That's because he revealed the NSA spied on law abiding Americans. He also believed top tech companies helped in this spying. But that was almost five years ago, and he's still making news. This is Edward Snowden's app and his fight. They call Edward Snowden's app Haven. He and other privacy crusaders, like The Guardian Project, released the new app this week. It's strictly [...]

Breaking: They Repealed Net Neutrality

Breaking: They Repealed Net Neutrality

Last week, I shared a concern of mine and many in the computer repair and/or IT service industry. So today, that concern came true. Breaking: They repealed net neutrality. Literally just hours ago, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted 3-2 to repeal net neutrality. I should also tell you the vote was among party lines. So who led the charge to get rid of net neutrality? We can thank (I mean that sarcastically) FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. His proposal got [...]

Can Drones Bring Down PLanes?

Can Drones Bring Down Planes? Many Say Yes

It's been 90 years since Charles Lindbergh's first transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. But all this time later, airplanes are still venerable. So now, there are new threats. Can drones bring down planes? The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) thinks so. In fact, they think drone strikes could be even worse the bird strikes. I saw a video on CBS news that was fairly chilling. It was of a drone crashing into a city skyscraper. It was minor, no [...]

Arizona Facial Recognition

Arizona Facial Recognition: Is This Even Legal?

I struggled with what I'm going to write today. Then somebody showed me an article that made me sick. The State of Arizona is using drivers' licences and state IDs as tools of facial recognition. So let's look at Arizona facial recognition: Is this even legal? Here's how it works. They take your photo at the DMV or RMV (whatever you want to call it). Then they scan by an algorithm. This studies your facial features. Also, they compare your [...]

Facebook Messenger For Pre-Teens

Facebook Messenger For Pre-Teens

Many of you, especially parents and guardians, know Facebook has a T rating. So that means Facebook is for teens and adults only. However, a special app opens Facebook for kids of all ages (well, those 6-12). It's Facebook Messenger for pre-teens. This Facebook Messenger for Pre-Teens does several things. First of all, it lets parents get the app for their child's device and create the profile. Then, they approve of people who can be on their kids' page. It [...]

Did Somebody Hack Uber?

Did Somebody Hack Uber? The Last Thing Uber Needs.

The year 2017 isn't a good one for ride sharing giant Uber. First came sexual harassment scandals. But now, there could be an Uber data breach, and a big one. So did somebody hack Uber? That's the last thing Uber needs. Numerous news media claim Uber execs hid a data breach. Furthermore, Uber confirms this. Also, they paid the hackers $100,000 in hush money, according to some reports. This happened in October 2016. They say the hackers could have compromised [...]

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