Anti-Hacking Deadline

Anti-Hacking Deadline: President Trump Misses It

Russia is a hacking powerhouse. We should all know that by now. Look at the controversy that followed the 2016 US election. Furthermore, Russian agents hacked Yahoo. But what does the current administration do? Anti-hacking deadline: Trump misses it. So let's go back to January 2017. President Trump promised to fight Russian hacking, and other forms of hacking as well. He also promised to put a team together to fight this hacking threat. That was 90 days ago. And we [...]

Sweden's Microchip

Sweden’s Microchip: Tech Trend or Big Brother?

How do you get into your office or work space? Do you still use keys? Or maybe you use a code? But in Sweden, they're using microchips. They implant these microchips in your hand, near your thumb. Sweden's Microchip: Tech Trend or Big Brother? So the company leading the microchip charge is Epicenter. Their headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden's capital and largest city. Sometime ago, Epicenter offered the microchip. It's the size of a grain of rice. Also, it can [...]

Internet Privacy Dies

Internet Privacy Dies: Congress Killed It

Should I buy a tombstone saying: Internet privacy: 1994-2016 RIP? Should I buy it now or later? I ask this because Congress voted to repeal consumer privacy rights on the Internet. So, Internet privacy dies: Congress killed it. The US House vote was 215-205 to. This vote helps overturn former President Obama's FCC rules. Those rules say ISP's (Internet service providers) require consumer's permission before they use certain information. This includes finances, health, and info about their kids. But that [...]

Americans and Cyber Security

Americans and Cyber Security: We Must Do Better

How much do you know about cyber security? If you're like most Americans, then not much. But in this world of constant hacking and espionage, that needs to change. Americans and cyber security: We must do better. So the Pew Research Center came up with a quiz. This quiz tested what Americans know about online security. Apparently, it's not much. There were ten questions.  Consequently, of those who took the tests, 58% got more than half the test wrong. Another [...]

Apple Held Hostage

Apple Held Hostage: Hackers Threaten iCloud Accounts

Apple is no stranger to cyber crime. Remember when cyber crooks exposed nude celebrity pictures back in 2014? But this one developing case could be even worse. Because it literally holds accounts hostage. Apple held hostage: Hackers threaten iCloud accounts. The hacker group name is Turkish Crime Family. They demand $750,000. Also, they say they have hundreds of millions of email accounts. Furthermore, they're demanding this money by April 7. But if they don't get it, they'll wipe out emails [...]

Security Alert

Security Alert: Emails For Sale By Underground Market

Last week, the FBI caught the hackers who stole 500 million Yahoo emails back in 2014. But that's Yahoo's problem, right? Not so fast. Because a new crises reveals and involves Gmail and Yahoo emails. This is a security alert: Emails for sale by underground market. So 20 over million Gmail and over 5 million Yahoo email accounts are for sale. An underground vendor calling himself, ""SunTzu583" listed the emails. But now, he's promoting them to the cyber criminal world. [...]

Yahoo Breach

Yahoo Breach: From Russia, Without Love

Now we know who hacked Yahoo in 2014. The hackers compromised over 500 million emails. It's the biggest cyber attack in IT service history.  So the company has never been the same. But it isn't a stoner geek living in mom's basement. Consequently, it has international ties. Yahoo breach: From Russia, without love. The US Justice Department charged two Russian intelligence agents with the cyber attack. They also charged one Canadian. The Russian suspects are Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchin. The [...]

Mac Malware

Mac Malware: Don’t Let It Happen To You

Over the years, Apple users believed they were malware free. Then I come to our Boston computer service shop. They say, "I have a Mac. I have Apple. It can't happen to me." But I'm here to tell you it can. Mac malware: Don't let it happen to you. In fact, the latest MacOS is just as venerable to malware as Windows 10. More people just use Windows 10. So more hackers can create more malware, because more people will [...]

The Dojo

The Dojo: Innovation From Necessity

Do I have any inventors in the house? If you're a history buff like me, you know necessity is the mother of invention. This includes the IT service business.  However, one Israel father took the prize, especially with cyber security. So this is The Dojo: innovation from necessity. So Yossi Atlas sees a Band-Aid on his daughter's laptop [our Boston site is wonderful at getting laptops fixed]. She put the Band-Aid on because she fears someone is spying on her. [...]


The CIA Listens: Big Brother Era Arrives

Some time ago, I wrote an article about how Samsung TV spies on it's users. But apparently, I was just scratching the surface. According to WkiLeaks documents, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) can turn most electronics into spying devices. Hence, the CIA listens: big brother era arrives! So, these phones and other devices have microphones. WikiLeaks reports the CIA exploits these microphones. Also, they seem to have documents to prove it. But wait. There's more. There's a program the CIA [...]

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