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Happy Safer Internet Day!

Do you know what today is? Yes, it's Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras. Yes, it's voting day in New Hampshire. But it's also Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day began in 2002 and is celebrated every 2nd Tuesday in February. It's now observed in 120 countries. It was first observed to help keep children and teens safe online. But over the years, issues like hacking and identity theft became so prevalent the day takes on another meaning. That meaning is keeping you [...]

Calculating Your Threat Score

I'd like to follow up on yesterday's story. It's a story of how surveillance was used, and so was Sean Penn (unwillingly) to catch drug lord El Chapo. Don't think you have to be a drug cartel leader to be followed. Even local police departments are calculating your threat score. In Fresno, California, local law enforcement is using Beware software to calculate how dangerous people like you and me are. They comprise criminal records, commercial databases, Internet searches, hard drives, even [...]


Silicon Valley vs Terrorism

Yesterday in Philadelphia, Officer Jesse Hartnett was shot multiple times while sitting in his squad car. The shooter pledged his allegiance to terrorist group ISIS. This news story, and several others over the last few months, reveal to us the times we're living in. Silicon Valley promises to help. The day of this attack, government counter-terrorism leaders and tech executives met behind closed doors. The main topic was combating terrorist organizations like ISIS and preventing events like what happened in [...]

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Microsoft Keeps You Secure

Well, we start off 2016 talking about one of the biggest concerns in 2015: keeping your computer system secure. Microsoft pledges to help. On December 30 (last year), Microsoft announced to Outlook email consumers they will warn users when their email is being targeted by hackers. They didn't just mean targeted by cyber criminals. They meant targeted by government and government agencies as well. Microsoft vows to take extra steps in warning of 'state-sponsored' attacks because those attacks are often [...]

President Obama Meets With Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

US Spies on Israel

We all remember the Eric Snowden NSA scandal of 2013. We all remember the controversy that surrounded the government and telecommunication companies alike. Two and a half years later, this story is a dubious gift that keeps on giving. We're now learning the White House continued to spy on their ally Israel months after promises of curtailed eavesdropping of global allies. The alleged spying took place during the midst of the Iran nuclear deal, a deal Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin [...]

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Encryption and the 2016 Election

Did anybody see the US Republican debate a few nights ago? The main issues were terrorism and national security. Technology encryption is a big part of this debate. Encryption is a way to communicate online messages so only the sender and recipient can interpret it. This method has been controversial since the 1990s. But this year, with the rise if ISIS and terrorist attacks from Paris, France to San Bernardino, CA, the issue has become a matter of life and [...]

Europe Backs Data Protection

Data protection and privacy rights are critical issues for both sides of the Atlantic. The European Union passed some of the strongest legislation ever to protect the dignity and integrity of data collection and management. Such laws already exist in some European nations or sections of these nations. But effective January 2017, these laws that are expected to ensure privacy rights and protect freedoms will be enforced in all 28 EU nations. European Union Parliament passed these laws Tuesday. One law [...]


Twitter Warns of State Attack

Over the last week or so, Twitter has been warning some of a potential attack. This won't come from your typical cyber thieves or hackers. This could come from international governments. An investigation is still ongoing. The investigation reveals this impact can only impact IP addresses, email addresses, and possibly phone numbers, especially if phone numbers are linked to their Twitter accounts. Twitter didn't say which country is behind the threat. But according to tech news website Motherboard, some of [...]

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Another Celebrity Death Hoax

What do Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, Cher, Carlos Santana, Miley Cyrus, Hugh Hefner, and Paul McCartney have in common? They were all subjected to a celebrity death hoax. Someone announced on social media a famous person passed away when they're just as above ground as we are. Now there's another celebrity death hoax. Are you familiar with Jim "Good ol' JR" Ross? He's one of the greatest pro wrestling commentator of all-time. Someone hacked into his Twitter account and reported [...]

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Consumer Alert: Hackable Barbie

Is there someone on your Christmas list that wants a Hello Barbie? This is a consumer alert. The Hello Barbie could be a major technological security risk. It's not me saying so. Some of the greatest cyber-security minds in America found major security flaws in the popular Hello Barbie doll. She's the first Barbie to use the Internet and artificial intelligence to communicate with her consumers. According to Bluebox Security, Hello Barbie's cloud storage and mobile app are venerable. The [...]

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