Mark Andreessen vs India

Earlier this week, venture capitalist Mark Andreessen tweeted, "Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades. Why stop now." I'm sure he didn't mean it as bad as it sounded. But this is a heavily connected and very PC world we're in. The firestorm was fast and furious. Since then, Andreessen has apologized and deleted the tweet. But criticism from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and India's business leaders  came in a hurry. Andreessen is a Facebook board [...]


Technology, El Chapo, and Sean Penn

Mexican heroin kingpin and Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman is one of the biggest drug lords of all time. Now, he's been caught after six months on the run. But that's just the beginning. Three months earlier, El Chapo conducted an interview with acclaimed actor Sean Penn, which was published in Rolling Stone magazine. In the interview, El Chapo bragged that he sold more illegal narcotics than anybody in the world, and bragged about his submarines, airplanes, and [...]


Silicon Valley vs Terrorism

Yesterday in Philadelphia, Officer Jesse Hartnett was shot multiple times while sitting in his squad car. The shooter pledged his allegiance to terrorist group ISIS. This news story, and several others over the last few months, reveal to us the times we're living in. Silicon Valley promises to help. The day of this attack, government counter-terrorism leaders and tech executives met behind closed doors. The main topic was combating terrorist organizations like ISIS and preventing events like what happened in [...]

President Obama Meets With Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

US Spies on Israel

We all remember the Eric Snowden NSA scandal of 2013. We all remember the controversy that surrounded the government and telecommunication companies alike. Two and a half years later, this story is a dubious gift that keeps on giving. We're now learning the White House continued to spy on their ally Israel months after promises of curtailed eavesdropping of global allies. The alleged spying took place during the midst of the Iran nuclear deal, a deal Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin [...]

Europe Backs Data Protection

Data protection and privacy rights are critical issues for both sides of the Atlantic. The European Union passed some of the strongest legislation ever to protect the dignity and integrity of data collection and management. Such laws already exist in some European nations or sections of these nations. But effective January 2017, these laws that are expected to ensure privacy rights and protect freedoms will be enforced in all 28 EU nations. European Union Parliament passed these laws Tuesday. One law [...]

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2015 According to Facebook

A few days ago, I wrote a blog of how Twitter evaluated 2015. The tweets of 2015 seemed more culture and celebrity oriented. But this is 2015 according to Facebook. According to Facebook, the past eleven months and ten days were very dark and grim. Most if not all top 10 events talked about on FB this year have been tragic, disturbing and depressing news stories. On the list include the Charleston, SC shootings and confederate flag debate, Baltimore riots, [...]

Workstation Repair

ISIS, Social Media and San Bernardino

On Wednesday, December 2nd, Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik opened fire at a work related Christmas party in San Bernardino, California. Fourteen innocent people were killed; dozens more were wounded, a town is scarred, and a nation is crying out, "Oh no. Not again." Facebook executives discovered Tashfeen Malik, one of the shooters, posted a macabre message the very morning of the deadly attack. It was posted under an alias account which has since been removed. It turns out [...]

Did Terrorist Plan With Playstation?

There's still an ongoing investigation of last Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris that killed over 120 people. Saturday, I talked about how technology helped people reunite with loved ones. But now, after reading a disturbing report, I'm left asking myself a question. Did technology help the terrorists? Some online articles say terrorists use PlayStation 4 consoles to plan and coordinate the Paris attacks. They would have used the consoles to secretively communicate, away from law enforcement's prying eyes. Belgian authorities [...]


Social Media Aids France

Last night, November 13, 2015, France experienced it's worst attack in modern history. On what should have been a great start to the weekend, terrorists attacked a concert venue, soccer stadium, outdoor cafes and other venues throughout the city. As of this writing, 120 innocent people died in this heinous attack. Dozens more are critically injured. Social media outlets are doing all they can to help. Some victims caught the carnage on their smartphones and other devices, then released their [...]

State of New York vs Online Sports

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman gave a decree. He ordered online fantasy sports businesses like Draft Kings and Fan Duel to stop taking bets from his state. He said such practices are illegal. Note that Attorney General Schneiderman ordered this in a state where sports is king, and in one of the most populated states in America. On Tuesday, November 10, as news got out, Draft Kings countered. They sent emails to fantasy players telling them their right to fantasy [...]

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