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Computer Repair New York

Need Computer Service in the New York area? We come to you!

When you are having computer trouble, all you want to do is get it fixed and get back online…QUICK! No one wants to drag their laptop or tower all over the place for a repair. At Geek Choice®, we take all of the work and worry away from you. There is no more lugging your computer all over the 5 Boroughs to get service! At Computer Repair New York, our skilled techs come right to your home or business, and are available 7 days a week! Worried about the expenses associated with computer repair these days? NO PROBLEM! Take a look at our coupons page coupons page for discounts. No issue is too simple or complex for us. We solve all of your computer issues right onsite, and within 24 hours of your call or e-mail to schedule your service call.

Call us now at (212) 564-7500.

You don't have to put up with computer failure any more. Just call us any time at
(212) 564-7500 to speak with a professional customer service representative.

Computer Problems? We Come to You!  (212) 564-7500

Our technicians can service you at your home or business in the New York City and the five boroughs.

Computer Repair New York

Does your Mac or PC need service? Whether or not you are a business or home user, call Geek Choice, and we will get your system back on track in a flash. We have the best technicians in Computer Repair New York has to offer, and we come right to your door…FAST! We’ll fix your software or hardware issues, get rid of that annoying spyware and malware, and even help set up your external devices such as printers, faxes, and scanners. .

Call us now and reserve your Geek today!

Business Services

Computers are at the core of business today, and every time your computer is down, you lose money and give your competition the edge. We value our hard working business customers, so we charge the same low rates as our residential customers. We want to get you back to work as soon as possible, so we will get one of our professional out to your location within 24 hours of your call. We get you back where you want to be, running your business, and we make sure you are back to work fast.

Printer Repair

All of your external devises are just as important as your system at times. When we can’t print an important document for work or school, are unable to fax or scan something that needs to be received that day, the importance of your external devices becomes more evident than ever. Our Geeks deal with all of your external devices connectivity issues, and will make sure they are back up and running when you need them..

PC Upgrades

Is your computer suddenly running very slow? Or are you getting messages that say you need an upgrade, but you’re afraid that you will do the wrong thing if you upgrade yourself? Don’t worry! Call and schedule an appointment with one of our Geeks, and they will evaluate your system and upgrade the right software and applications, so that your computer runs like it was brand new again. Need a memory upgrade? We do it all, from RAM upgrades to video cards, we get your system up to date, and running like a gem.

One on One Computer Help

Have you ever wondered where you can go to get affordable and expert help with using your computer? When you need help with simple computer tasks, such as e-mail, browsing the web so that you can research information, or any other basic application, call us at Computer Repair New York. At Geek Choice, one of our Geeks are more than happy to come out and walk you through the basics. Don’t get left out in the cold because you can’t do the basics, like e-mail – we al l want to see the pictures of grandchildren or other family hat live far away, etc…Ler Geek Choice be your own personal tutor. Call today an schedule your appointment, and you will be breezing through the basic in no time.

Computer Repair New York and Data Recovery New York

We’ve all been there, we are working on that big proposal for our finals, we are doing the finishing touches on that big project that’s sure to get you that promotion, you are making the final edits for that customer who’s going to literally hand you a burlap bag with a money symbol – when it happens. It could be a hard drive crash, a power surge, an earthquake, or one hundred other things but all your work is gone and you didn’t back it up. If you haven’t felt that wave of icy shock and terror, then you have got to prepare because it does happen. Call us up, PC Service New York can setup an automated backup solution for you. Our technicians can make sure you never have to feel that feeling.

That’s just some of what we can do. Any computer issues you may be facing, give us a call. We are Geeks; solving computer problems is what we do.

That is just the basics of what our technicians are able to do. Any computer concerns you run into, get in touch with us. We’re geeks after all. Fixing computers is what we love to do.

But that’s not all we do. Any computer repair issue you have, call us. We are computer geeks after all and solving computer problems is what we do.

When we say we cover all the Greater New York area we mean all of it. Including
  • West New York
  • Hoboken
  • Adelphi
  • Brentwood
  • Jersey City
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Yonkers
  • Englewood
  • Hicksville
  • Elmont
  • White Plains
  • Greenwich
and many more!
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