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Computer Repair Minneapolis

Need Computer Service in the Minneapolis area? We come to you!

If you are anywhere in the Minneapolis area, and need an experienced, and trained computer Geek for computer repair, look no further. Call Geek Choice®, and one of our techs will come right out to you and get you sorted out in no time. At Minneapolis Computer Repair, our local Geeks are available 7 days a week, and are dispatched out within 24 hours of your call or e-mail. No more fussing with unhooking all of those wires and cable, and sitting in traffic to get your computer repaired. We come right to you. We also understand that computer repair can be expensive, so take a look at our coupons page for our latest discounts. Whether you are a residential or business location, we handle it all. Call and make an appointment with one of our customer service representatives today. Call us at (800) 433-5435.

You don't have to put up with computer failure any more. Just call us any time at
(800) 433-5435 to speak with a professional customer service representative.

Computer Problems? We Come to You!  (800) 433-5435

Our technicians can service you at your home or business in the Greater Minneapolis area.

Computer Service Minneapolis

In today’s competitive market, you and your business need to be out in front, and always ahead of the game. If you are having computer issues that keep you offline, you put yourself at a disadvantage, and can lose money to your competition. Don’t be left behind in this competitive market, call our team now, and put your business back where it belongs…at the top. Our Geeks at Minneapolis Computer Repair are experts at all kinds of computer issues, and are ready to rush out to you to get you back in the game in a flash.

On-Site PC Service Minneapolis

Are you having issues with your MAC or PC? At Geek Choice, we can take care of all of your software or hardware issues, virus removals, and internet connectivity issues. Our expert Geeks will give you fast and reliable service, and get your computer running the way it should be. Call us and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives to make an appointment with a one of our skilled techs today.

Wired or Wireless Network Setup and Configuration

When you are having network issues, whether it be a home network or business set up, Minneapolis Computer Repair has you covered. Most of us have more than one computer in our home or business, so a reliable network is essential to keeping you on top of your game. Our technicians will get all of your computers working together, and make sure that your network is running smoothly.

Data Backup

If you’ve already suffered data loss or if you just want to try to avoid it in the future, our techs have what you need. We offer cloud and on-site data backup solutions to fit your needs and budget, and our geeks have the skill to save data on several kinds of broken systems.

Network Installation Minneapolis

Your business has just opened, and you’ve set up your workstations, but now you need to get your network and file sharing set up. No worries! Give us a call, and we will do all the work and thinking for you. We will set up your home or business network in no time at all, making sure that your home or business network are up and running.

We don’t stop here, either. Whatever your computer issue is, we have a tech that will handle the job. There is nothing too big, too small, too easy, or too complicated. Call us now, and schedule an appointment with one of our Geeks today.

But that’s not all we do. Any computer repair issue you have, call us. We are computer geeks after all and solving computer problems is what we do.

When we say we cover all the Greater Minneapolis area we mean all of it. Including
  • East Isles
  • Golden Valley
  • Jordan
  • Lauderdale
  • Loring Park
  • Phillips
and many more!
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