Facebook Safety Check Is Activated

In 2014, Facebook launched a feature called 'safety check'. Let's say an emergency breaks out in someone's hometown. The person can check in to let his/her Facebook friends know they're okay. Facebook 'safety check' is activated again. During the overnight hours, a 6.2 earthquake hit central Italy. The hardest hit regions were the Lazio, Marche and Abruzzo regions in the Apennine Mountains. This is about 80 miles northeast of Rome, but the city of Rome felt the quake. As of [...]


Twitter Continues War On Terrorism

Over the months, I've written several blogs about the tech industry's war against terrorism and extremism. Many social media corporations are in this fight. Few fight harder than Twitter. Twitter continues war on terrorism. Twitter suspended 235,000 accounts believed to promote terrorism and/or extremist causes. This accounts were suspended over a six month period. Twitter began their anti-terrorism campaign in summer 2015. Since then, over 360,000 Twitter accounts were suspended. A Twitter spokesperson issued this statement: "We...remain committed to eliminating [...]


Turkey Shuts Down Media

On the weekend of July 16, a coup occurred. Turkey military leaders attempted to overthrow Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan. The coup failed. Nearly 246 were killed. Since this attempt, Erdogan has been on the purge warpath. Not even media is safe as Turkey shuts down media. Erdogan's government shut down many media agencies. This includes 45 newspapers, 16 TV stations, three media corporations, and dozens of radio stations. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube are also affected. [...]


Google Wants To Guide Your Steps

Google is improving it's maps systems. This is especially true for Apple and Android smartphone users. Whether you're commuting or on vacation, Google wants to guide your steps. They removed road outlines and made it easy to spot points of interest, like train stations, gas stations and subway/bus stops. The cleaner Google Maps will highlight things to see and do. The neighborhoods with lots going on? Those will be shaded in orange. This allows users to explore a certain neighborhood [...]


Will Verizon Buy Yahoo?

Will Verizon buy Yahoo? It looks that way. Yahoo, once an Internet pioneer, is a ghost of better days. For months, bigger companies compete to buy them out. Verizon might be the winner. Sources say Verizon could purchase Yahoo in the very near future. The price tag would be $5 billion. If you recall, Verizon bought another online pioneer, AOL, last year. That cost $4.4 billion. If this deal goes through, they can combine AOL and Yahoo. Verizon wants to [...]


Facebook Tries To Ensure Privacy

You want to believe that Facebook message is private. It's supposed to be between you and your recipient. But even private Facebook messages are subject to hacking. Facebook tries to ensure privacy. Facebook introduces a new feature called Secret Conversations. You can scramble and self-destruct your messages. The social media conglomerate didn't give an exact date. But a press statement said Secret Conversations will be available later this summer. You need the latest Facebook Messenger for your smart device. That [...]


Another Celebrity Quits Twitter

Remember when hip-hop sensation Iggy Azalea quit Twitter because of constant trolling and abuse? Another celebrity quits Twitter. It's for the very same reason. Leslie Jones, star of the new Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live, signed off Twitter due to many abusive tweets that came her way. Some are so racist and sexually offensive I won't dare quote them. Jones fought back. She reported some of her abusers. But the more she did that, the more vicious the tweets got. [...]


Cleveland Cavaliers and Social Media

The Cleveland Cavaliers are champions of the NBA world. Lebron James brought a title home. Cleveland won their first major sports title since the 1960s. What does this have to do with technology? The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers are mostly made up of Millennials (young adults born between 1981-1999). Many Cavalier fans are Millennials. This means great social media moments, especially during the celebration. We weren't disappointed. Lebron took several selfies with fans and his family. Tweets flowed. Cleveland star Kevin [...]


Twitter Purchases Magic Pony

Early this morning, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made an astounding announcement concerning his company. Twitter acquired Magic Pony Technology. What is Magic Pony Technology? Why does this matter? Magic Pony Technology is a London based company. They specialize in machine tool learning and video improvement. This acquisition isn't a cheap one. Some speculate they bought Magic Pony for $150 million. Magic Pony said they will help Twitter improve visual experiences. Jack Dorsey says Magic Pony will enhance Twitter's live video [...]


Twitter and Emoji Advertising

The emoji is the new way of expressing oneself. Some are even more powerful than words. I hate to admit it, but it's true. Social media and advertisers understand this. Twitter and the emoji come together in advertising. Twitter announces emoji based advertising. We expect this move around July 17. That's World Emoji Day. Advertisers will use this cartoon emotional icon to target consumers. These consumers often tweet with the emoji. Do you like baseball? Chances are you tweet baseball [...]

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