Digital Ad Spending

Digital Ad Spending Grows in 2017…Again

As recently as 2005, digital ad spending didn't even make $5 billion a year. In fact, as recently as 2010, advertisers didn't spend $10 billion on digital ads. So seven years ago, they spent much of their efforts on 20th century style ads (phone book, radio, TV, billboards, etc.). But how things are changing! In 2017, digital ad spending reached past $40 million. That's a first; it's also a 23% increase from 2016. So that's not enough? Well, mobile ad spending increased as well. [...]

Can Fake Twitter Accounts Cause Terrorism?

Can Fake Twitter Accounts Cause Terrorism?

Can fake Twitter accounts cause terrorism? I ask that because UK legal and academic leaders are. In fact, they're conducting a study on it. This study is also in the wake of UK terror in 2017. For instance, there was the Manchester tragedy in May that took dozens of innocent lives. But back to this study. Some say turning social media into a weapon is more detail than they thought. They also used 30 million pieces of data from all [...]

Breaking: They Repealed Net Neutrality

Breaking: They Repealed Net Neutrality

Last week, I shared a concern of mine and many in the computer repair and/or IT service industry. So today, that concern came true. Breaking: They repealed net neutrality. Literally just hours ago, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted 3-2 to repeal net neutrality. I should also tell you the vote was among party lines. So who led the charge to get rid of net neutrality? We can thank (I mean that sarcastically) FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. His proposal got [...]

The Internet's Future

The Internet’s Future: I Doubt It’s Good

I'm not into the whole fortune telling thing, but you don't need a crystal ball for this. Our online freedoms and equality are at stake. A couple of upcoming decisions have me, my computer repair colleagues, and others nervous. The Internet's future; I doubt it's good. So let's look at the plot to kill net neutrality. If this dies, then you can kiss Internet free market and competitive pricing goodbye. Also, consider Internet big boys like Comcast and AT&T. Think [...]

Twitter Reveals

Twitter Reveals 2017 Social and Political Turmoil

Needless to say, 2017 is not a boring year, especially in social media. We in computer repair see and try to cover it all. Twitter covered it all. In fact, Twitter reveals 2017 reveals social and political turmoil. So you can't talk about Twitter these days without talking about US President Donald Trump. Because he has everybody talking and tweeting. People tweet about him more then any world leader. Also, people in this country tweet about Trump than they do [...]

Facebook Messenger For Pre-Teens

Facebook Messenger For Pre-Teens

Many of you, especially parents and guardians, know Facebook has a T rating. So that means Facebook is for teens and adults only. However, a special app opens Facebook for kids of all ages (well, those 6-12). It's Facebook Messenger for pre-teens. This Facebook Messenger for Pre-Teens does several things. First of all, it lets parents get the app for their child's device and create the profile. Then, they approve of people who can be on their kids' page. It [...]


TripAdvisor Warns About Business With Bad Behavior

Many people use TripAdvisor to book hotels, look for restaurants, and other stuff for vacations. Businesses also use this website and app to promote their product/service. If you do, y'all better be on your best behavior. Because TripAdvisor warns about business with bad behavior. So TripAdvisor will give out warning badges. They are on pages where customers report bad issues. These issues include rape, assault, employee theft, other violence, and discrimination. They removed one complaint from all the way back [...]

Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger

Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger: Great AOL Memories

In the late 1990s, I was in college (age hint). So imagine how excited we were to exchange instant messages on the computer! Also, they got them instantly! Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger. America Online (AOL) Instant Messenger came out in 1997. In the late 1990s, it was the most popular way to communicate online, even more so that the email. Furthermore, they created a 'buddy's list'. That's a list of people you contact on a frequent basis. By 2001, AOL [...]

Twitter, Trump, and North Korea

Twitter, Trump, and North Korea: Newsworthy Enough?

A few days ago, President Trump delivered quite a tweet...or one of them. But this one involves the crisis with North Korea. Trump tweeted the little rocket man (we know who that is) "...won't be around much longer".  Some praised his strong language, but others criticize it. This is beef between Twitter, Trump, and North Korea. Some argue that Twitter should ban, or at least censor, President Trump's threat to North Korea. Twitter execs replied by saying it will update [...]

Northern India

Northern India Shuts Down Internet

In Northern India, there are the states of Punjab and Haryana. So why do I talk about these two places? Because Northern India shuts down Internet service here. But the situation is complex. There was a high profile rape case, and a local cult leader was the suspect. The cult leader stood trial for raping two of his women followers. So now, the trial is in deliberation phase, and everyone waits for a verdict. However, local governments got a bright idea [...]

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