Google's Project Owl

Google’s Project Owl: Good Idea Or Censorship Tool?

Since the 2016 US Presidential Election, there is a war on fake news. But what is 'fake news'? That's the debate that goes on everywhere, form computer service shops to bars to barbers/hair salons. So Google announces this project to stop fake news, hate speech, and inappropriate language. They call it Google's Project Owl: Good idea or censorship tool? Google's Project Owl is in the form of a customer feedback system. Some say it will also weed out problem searches. [...]

New Windows Features

New Windows Features,Especially For GMail Users

Last week, in our Boston computer service shop, we had a debate. It was about how good, or not so good, Windows 10 is. So my argument was, "They're doing better than other Windows services did". Hence, it looks like they're trying to do even better. Here are new Windows features, especially for GMail users. But don't expect this to happen overnight. The new Windows features will happen first to insiders, then to the general public. Furthermore, you'll see them [...]

Murder on Facebook Live

Murder on Facebook Live: When People Stream Evil

Before I begin today's story, I want to make one thing clear. I love Facebook. It allowed me to connect with people I haven't in years. Also, a lot of people use Facebook for good. But some use it to glorify their evil acts. There was a murder on Facebook Live: When people stream evil. So in Cleveland yesterday, one guy recorded his own murder on Facebook Live. His name is Steve Stephens, age 37. On Easter Sunday 2017, he [...]

Apple Clip App Frenzy

Apple Clip App Frenzy

Here in our Boston computer service shop, we pride ourselves in watching the latest tech trends of today. But one trend even caught me by surprise. They call it the Clip. So it's this new video editing app. Let's talk about the Apple clip app frenzy. Within just a few days, Apple Clip has a million downloads. They released it back on April 6, 2017. Then, they watched as downloads quickly approached the six digit range. But now, not even [...]

Amazon Work From Home

Amazon Work From Home Program: Pros and Cons

I read an interesting article last year. It's about why many people, including those in computer repair and IT service, drop out of the workplace. Then the article gives reasons: horrible traffic, workplace bullying, unsatisfying work, underpay, etc. But here comes tech and retail giant Amazon. Can they save the day? Let's look at Amazon work from home program: pros and cons. Amazon plans to hire many people to work from home. Right now, they're recruiting 5,000 people. But in [...]

Twitter Lawsuit

Twitter Lawsuit Dropped!

Yesterday, I reported on a potential legal battle between the Trump Administration and Twitter. The US government demanded people behind an anti-Trump Twitter account reveal themselves. But Twitter didn't let that happen. Then came lawsuit talk. But in the last 24 hours, something else happened. The Twitter lawsuit  dropped! So why is the Twitter lawsuit no more? Because the Dept. of Homeland Security dropped the demand. They no longer require the people of @ALT_USCIS to unmask themselves. Twitter learned of [...]

Twitter Lite

What Is Twitter Lite?

Okay, we all know about diet soft drinks. Also, many of us know about light beer. They're to be lighter and a little healthier than the original. But what is Twitter Lite? Twitter Lite is a new version of Twitter mobile. But this one avoids slow connections. It also cuts on data use and takes up less of your device. Of course, all of this is according to Twitter. In fact, they say it's 30% faster than regular twitter. However, [...]

Internet Privacy Dies

Internet Privacy Dies: Congress Killed It

Should I buy a tombstone saying: Internet privacy: 1994-2016 RIP? Should I buy it now or later? I ask this because Congress voted to repeal consumer privacy rights on the Internet. So, Internet privacy dies: Congress killed it. The US House vote was 215-205 to. This vote helps overturn former President Obama's FCC rules. Those rules say ISP's (Internet service providers) require consumer's permission before they use certain information. This includes finances, health, and info about their kids. But that [...]

Whats App

Whats App Used In London Terrorist Attacks

Most of you know about the terror attack in London last week. A man plows his car into a group of people on Westminster Bridge. Then, he stabbed people when he got out of the car. Four people died. Also, the attack injured dozens more. Police had to shoot and kill the suspect. But now, authorities say he used Whats App right before he killed. And lawmakers are not happy. What's App used in London Terrorist attacks. They're not happy [...]

Apple Held Hostage

Apple Held Hostage: Hackers Threaten iCloud Accounts

Apple is no stranger to cyber crime. Remember when cyber crooks exposed nude celebrity pictures back in 2014? But this one developing case could be even worse. Because it literally holds accounts hostage. Apple held hostage: Hackers threaten iCloud accounts. The hacker group name is Turkish Crime Family. They demand $750,000. Also, they say they have hundreds of millions of email accounts. Furthermore, they're demanding this money by April 7. But if they don't get it, they'll wipe out emails [...]

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