Does Laying Off Facebook Make Us Happier?

Does Laying Off Facebook Make Us Happier?

So in January, some people took the Dry January challenge. People agreed to quit alcohol for one month for various reasons. But what does this have to do with IT support and tech? Because maybe we should do a Facebook-free February challenge. Does laying off Facebook make us happier? So they did researches at Stamford and New York Universities. They took nearly 2,500 Facebook users who used the social media site at least four hours a day. Then these users [...]

Petcube Enhances The Pet/Owner Relationship

Petcube Enhances The Pet/Owner Relationship

So for years, IT service Petcube allowed owners to see their pets while the owners are away. In fact, they can even play with toys through this piece of IT support. But now, they came out with two devices to take it further. Petcube enhances the Pet/Owner relationship. So now, Petcube comes out with two new items. They are Petcube Bites 2 and Petcube Play 2. They both offer Alexa voice commands, a 180 degree camera, and better sound. Furthermore, [...]

Amazon's Twelve Days of Christmas

Amazon’s Twelve Days of Christmas

So we all know the Christmas carol 'Twelve Days of Christmas'. Well, Amazon is getting in the spirit...well, whatever that means to them. The #1 IT service and #1 retail site in the world has Amazon's twelve days of Christmas. So today is Amazon's twelve days of Christmas. But I must tell started yesterday. However, it will go on until December 13. Each day will feature gift themes and items. Each day, they will give deep discounts on certain [...]

They Hacked Cryptocurrency

They Hacked Cryptocurrency…Again

So we hear about how cryptocurrency will be the savior of the future economy. It could be. However, hackers must know it as well. Because they hacked cryptocurrency...again. So this time, Zaif is the victim. Zaif is a Japanese digital exchange company. They are part of the family of Tech Bureau Corp. Well, earlier this week, hackers stole over $60 million worth of Bitcoin from them. The hackers did the job on Friday September 14. But it wasn't until the [...]


Instacart Expansion And Competition

So who knows what Instacart is? If you don't, then it's a grocery delivery app and service. Late last year, they made a deal with major grocer Kroger's and their sub-chain, Ralph's. But recently, they made a deal that topped the previous one. Let's look at this Instacart expansion. Today, they announced Instacart will now open for up nearly half of all Kroger grocery stores. Basically, this means by November 2018, Instacart delivery will be available for over 1,600 Kroger [...]

Facebook Face Off

Facebook Face Off of Liberals vs Conservatives

So I'm telling you something you already know. This country is very divided politically. In fact, it's the worst I've seen in my lifetime. Silicon Valley and IT service aren't immune. Facebook isn't immune. This is the Facebook face off. So here is what's happening. Conservative Facebook employees formally complain about the intolerance, even sometimes bullying, of liberal Facebook employees. Also, these complaints reached the New York Times. Over 100 joined this complaint. But you can bet there will be [...]

Walmart Buys Out Flipkart

Walmart Buys Out Flipkart and Partners with India

So Walmart wants to become a huge player in the IT support game. In fact, they may be already. But Walmart wants more. Maybe that's why Walmart buys out Flipkart and partners with India. Walmart leaders said they bought Flipkart for $16 billion. Flipkart is an e-commerce firm out of India. The deal includes a 77% share of Walmart, so now they own over three fourths of Flipkart. This deal also guarantees $2 billion for equity funding. This will help [...]

Is Google Still Tracking Us?

Is Google Still Tracking Us? Troubling Investigation

So I tried to avoid this for the longest time. But I'm an Android user. In fact, many of our computer repair customers are Droid users. And just about everybody uses Google. Then I have to ask the question: Is Google still tracking us? So the AP (associated press) came out with an investigative report this week. Google is supposed to stop recording our location when we turn our location history off. However, an AP report says Google is not [...]

Facebook Birthdays Raise 300 Million In Charity

Facebook Birthdays Raise 300 Million in Charity

So Facebook has a tradition. Whenever it's your birthday, you can choose to ask friends to donate to a certain charity. Then you have the numbers that back that up. Facebook birthdays raise 300 million in charity. So yesterday they celebrated the first anniversary of birthday fundraisers. Here, users can create a donation drive to their favorite charity. Also keep in mind there are over 750,000 charities to choose from. Furthermore, keep in mind this feature isn't in all nations [...]

Infowars vs Social Media

Infowars vs Social Media: A Free Speech Threat?

So this weekend has been a bad one for Infowars and it's host, Alex Jones. If you don't know what Infowars is, it's a controversial right-wing alternative media platform. Infowars vs social media: A free speech threat? First, Facebook punished Infowars. They got rid of four of their podcasts in the last week. Then, they gave Alex Jones a 30-day ban from Facebook altogether. That's just Jones' page, but the Infowars page goes on as normal, except for these four [...]

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