Facebook Redefines Itself

Facebook Redefines Itself: Changes Are Coming

I wouldn't say Facebook is in trouble. Obviously, it's not. But it look like Facebook is in transition. They're trying to shake off the 'fake news' stigma. They also want to go into streaming TV. Facebook redefines itself: changes are coming. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about making Facebook a safe and equal place for all. Zuckerburg wrote a 5,800 word essay about his vision for Facebook.  He then delivered a slogan all in computer repair and IT support should [...]

google maps

Google Maps Add Wheelchair Accessibility

Did you know around three million Americans use a wheelchair? So sometimes, the IT support and IT service industry does well tending to their needs. Then, in other times, they fall way short. Google Maps is trying to change this. Google Maps introduce a 'wheelchair accessible entrance' option. Also, it will be in the 'Amenities' section. So let's say someone in a wheelchair goes to a restaurant. There's wheelchair accessibility the user knows nothing about. Then, Google Maps will let [...]


The Twitter and Trump Peculiar Relationship

President-Elect Donald Trump's Twitter use is almost infamous. Yesterday, it happened again. So, this tweet was against an Indiana union leader who criticized his Carrier deal. But let's take a closer look at the Twitter and Trump peculiar relationship. First of all, let's talk about the tweet itself. President-Elect Trump's Carrier deal allegedly saved American jobs from going to Mexico. Also, much of his campaign focused on saving American jobs. But Indiana union leader Chuck Jones said the deal didn't [...]


Black Friday Online Sales Broke Records

Friday, I talked about Black Friday deals and expectations. But in some ways, you guys proved me wrong. Black Friday online sales broke records. So did mobile sales. According to Adobe report, Black Friday online sales made over $3 billion. It's also a first time for mobile sales. They made over a billion dollars this Black Friday. This is a first. Online Black Friday sales grew 21.6% from last year. Also, mobile Black Friday sales grew 33% from last year. [...]


Facebook Caters to China…No Matter What

Have you ever compromised freedoms in the name of business? Ever compromise principals in the name of business? I ask because even in the computer repair business, that can be a dilemma. But Facebook faces that dilemma today. Facebook caters to matter what. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants China. He wants it bad. As a result, he visits China frequently. He has a great relationship with Chinese President Xi Jingping. Also, he's cool with Chinese tech leaders. He's even [...]


Amazon and Fiat Chrysler Sell Cars Online

The tech world never ceases to amaze me. In fact, Amazon never ceases to amaze me. It seems like this Internet giant can do everything. They can deliver your packages and groceries. Furthermore, Amazon can control your home. Now, Amazon can sell you a car. That's right: Amazon and Fiat Chrysler sell cars online. So Amazon and Fiat Chrysler team up. They're going to sell cars online. Also, they're going to sell cars at deep discount prices. But there's bad [...]


Following Election Coverage Online

History is made today. And the bickering and hate is almost over; we can only hope. Because today is US Election Day. Personally, I want to bury myself in Netflix and I'll hear who won tomorrow morning. But since some of you are gluttons for stress and punishment, here is where you can follow election coverage online. Since so many Americans are on You Tube, why not start there? Several You Tube channels will keep election coverage going all night [...]


Despite The Decline, Twitter Still Innovates

Twitter was one of the social media giants. But note how I say 'was'. Now, Twitter is in trouble. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. It's their first one in over a century. But not even tweets celebrating this historic feat can lift Twitter out of it's misery. Nonetheless, despite the decline, Twitter still innovates. Let's see how. First of all, we know Twitter delivers NFL games to us for free. It's also streaming presidential debates. That should be [...]


Facebook Messenger Conquers Video Games

So, many of you know of Facebook's Gameroom app. If not, then you can read about it here. The social media conglomerate wants to go even further. Facebook Messenger conquers video games...or at least attempts to. Therefore, Facebook Messenger will soon launch 'Instant Games'. In this app, you can play small, light games. Hence, one can play with or against their FB friends. Instant Games could debut as early as this month. Due to their large bankroll, Facebook calls on [...]


Maybe It Wasn’t Russia After All

The Democrat Party was hacked last summer. This was during the Democrat National Convention. You're also familiar with Wikileaks releasing condemning emails about presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. For months, everyone assumed Russia did it. Maybe it wasn't Russia after all. Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange tells a different story. According to Assange, Russia has no involvement. Neither does Moscow or Russian president Vladimir Putin. Alternative news site RT follows this story. On this site, veteran reporter John Pilger interviews Assange. In [...]

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