Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger

Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger: Great AOL Memories

In the late 1990s, I was in college (age hint). So imagine how excited we were to exchange instant messages on the computer! Also, they got them instantly! Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger. America Online (AOL) Instant Messenger came out in 1997. In the late 1990s, it was the most popular way to communicate online, even more so that the email. Furthermore, they created a 'buddy's list'. That's a list of people you contact on a frequent basis. By 2001, AOL [...]

Twitter, Trump, and North Korea

Twitter, Trump, and North Korea: Newsworthy Enough?

A few days ago, President Trump delivered quite a tweet...or one of them. But this one involves the crisis with North Korea. Trump tweeted the little rocket man (we know who that is) "...won't be around much longer".  Some praised his strong language, but others criticize it. This is beef between Twitter, Trump, and North Korea. Some argue that Twitter should ban, or at least censor, President Trump's threat to North Korea. Twitter execs replied by saying it will update [...]

Northern India

Northern India Shuts Down Internet

In Northern India, there are the states of Punjab and Haryana. So why do I talk about these two places? Because Northern India shuts down Internet service here. But the situation is complex. There was a high profile rape case, and a local cult leader was the suspect. The cult leader stood trial for raping two of his women followers. So now, the trial is in deliberation phase, and everyone waits for a verdict. However, local governments got a bright idea [...]

Facebook and Family Secrets

Facebook and Family Secrets

Ever have the need to build up your Facebook friend count? Then use the section 'people you may know'. However, many of those people you probably don't know. But for one woman, it opened up a world from long ago. It opened up Facebook and family secrets. So this is the article I read. As this woman browsed through 'people you may know', a last name Porter came up. That was the name of her biological grandfather. But due to [...]

Google Political War

Google Political War: Silicon Valley In The Crossfire

Nobody is immune to the hostile social-political climate that is 2017 America. No, nobody in computer repair, nobody in Silicon Valley. But Google is finding this out the hard way. Because one blog cost engineer James Damore his job. It also started a Silicon Valley war of ideas. Google political war: Silicon Valley in the crossfire. So this is how it started. Damore wrote a blog they call the 'anti-diversity manifesto'. He wrote why he is against Google's programs to [...]

Go FCC Yourself

Go FCC Yourself: John Oliver For Net Neutrality

Last month, on his late night talk show, host/comedian John Oliver praised the Internet. He also called out the Trump administration. This is because of their lack of protection for net neutrality. But he wants you to do something about it. He wants you to Go FCC yourself: John Oliver for net neutrality. So here is what Oliver wants you to do. Type go FCC yourself in any search engine. This will take you straight to the FCC (Federal Communications [...]

Happy Birthday GIF

Happy Birthday GIF

Yesterday was a horrible day. We had shootings in Alexandria, VA and San Francisco. Then we had an inferno in London. There was also a deadly mudslide in Bangladesh. But I'm here to talk happy news. As in happy birthday GIF. So GIF means Graphics Interchange Format. On June 15, 1987, Steve Wilhite created the GIF. In 1987, he worked at CompuSave. The company asked him to make color images for files people can download. So in 1987, he came [...]

Marissa Mayer Resigns

Marissa Mayer Resigns: Is Yahoo Dead?

As most of you know, Verizon purchased Yahoo for around 4 1/2 billion dollars. But when mergers happen, it's often low-end workers that leave. However, with this merger, even the Yahoo CEO has to go. Marissa Mayer resigns: Is Yahoo Dead? So Verizon gave a statement. The statement announced Meyer's choice to resign, rather than continue with the movie. Furthermore, Meyer penned a letter to her employers. She called it an honor to work and lead the company for five [...]

Pakistan Man Gets Death Sentence

Pakistan Man Gets Death Sentence Over Facebook

Okay, we all know a Facebook posts can get you fired. Also, a compromising Facebook post can earn you a divorce or break-up. But in Pakistan, it earned one man something far more serious. A Pakistan man gets death sentence over Facebook. So 30-year-old Taimoor Raza is guilty of blasphemy. He got into a religious debate on Facebook with someone. But that someone turned out to be an undercover cop. The cop arrested him for blasphemy. This is part of Pakistan's [...]

Pinetrest and AI

Pinetrest and AI: They’re What’s For Dinner

Today, we use AI (artificial intelligence) for many things. We use them for video games. Also, we use them to build robots. But do you use AI for food? Pinetrest and AI: They're what's for dinner. So let me explain. Social media site Pinetrest are using pictures of your food to suggest other dishes  and recipes. The AI feature Pinetrest Lens allows this to happen. Here's how it works. You take a picture of a soul food dinner: fried chicken, [...]

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