Not Sleeping At Night? Blame Facebook

Is it just me, or is getting decent sleep a thing of the past? Some even boast proudly, "I'll sleep when I'm dead!" Is Facebook contributing to this trend? Researchers of a study done by University of California-Irvine seem to think so. They linked lack of sleep to browsing social media sites like Facebook. Researchers monitored the sleep and social media habits of 76 UC-Irvine students. They monitored the students' computer/smart device use. Researchers studied how often the students texted [...]

Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline

Twitter is another company that's growing up. Late in 2015, they've announced changes to make the social media conglomerate even better. According to BuzzFeed, Twitter could introduce an algorithmic timeline sometime in February 2016. So that nobody gets confused, an algorithmic timeline is very different than a chronological one. The algorithmic timeline will put tweets in the order it thinks people want to see. For instance, it's Super Bowl weekend. So if someone tweeted about the Super Bowl yesterday, you [...]

Super Bowl

A Techies’ Super Bowl Guide

Believe it or not, even techies are interested in the Super Bowl (at least most of the ones I associate with). Did you really think it's all about Star Trek and Doctor Who with us? It's not. So for the big American sports holiday coming up, here are some tech guides and tidbits. First off, it's going to be in Santa Clara, CA. That's in the heart of Silicon Valley. The Super Bowl venue this year is Levi's Stadium. That's the [...]

Yahoo Lays Off 15% Of It’s Entire Staff

Are they sure the economy is doing better? Walmart shuts down franchises. I was in Florida last month and walked by 3 businesses within three blocks that were there last year and gone this year. Now, one of the Internet's most respected institutions is on a massive layoff spree. Yahoo is expected to cut 15% of it's work force. That includes approximately 9,000 employees and 1,000 contractors. This is part of an aggressive plan for the company to simplify itself. [...]


R.I.P. Internet Explorer 8-10

Effective January Tuesday, January 12, 2016, Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10. After the 12th, the only IE that will get any love and support is Internet Explorer 11. In a statement, Microsoft said, "...the most current version will continue to follow the specific support life cycle policy for the operating system on which it is installed. Internet Explorer 11 will be supported for the life of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10." Microsoft urged [...]

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Amazon Conquers India

What if you were a billionaire and ran a multi-billion dollar a month online company? You had the world at your fingertips. Which nation would you invest in next? That's the dilemma Amazon and Jeff Bezos face. And they aim to conquer rising economic superpower India. Despite overcrowded streets, slums and homes with no indoor pluming, many take to the Internet and shop Amazon for products they can't get locally. Amazon leaders predict by 2025, India's e-commerce will be almost [...]

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Airbnb and Discrimination

Are you planning a trip for the Christmas season, or New Years Eve, or winter break? Are you booking with Airbnb? Here's a travel tip you can do nothing about: The whiter you name sounds, the better your Airbnb experience will be. That's according to a Harvard Business School study. The study shows Airbnb hosts are 16% less likely to host guest with 'black sounding names', like Raheem Jackson, than guest with 'white sounding names', like Jane Sullivan. Researchers conducting [...]


Friends Who Like Trump

Yesterday, I covered Facebook's top talked about stories of the year. The number one event was the US presidential election. And they're running away and cashing in with this one. There is a website called It simply shows you which ones of your Facebook friends 'like' this outspoken and controversial Republican presidential candidate. This site takes you to a Facebook feature that shows who likes and follows Donald Trump. But you don't even have to visit the website to find [...]

Introducing LuxMyPhoto

The holiday season means pictures...lots and lots of pictures. Everyone has that retentive friend or family member who needs that perfect photo. There is an app for him/her. This is where website LuxMyPhoto comes in. LuxMyPhoto has an arsenal of professional photo editors at your commands. All you have to do is type in or click the command and push the button. Upload your photos to the website. Leave instructions to the editor. Then wait and watch what you get [...]

Amazon Storywriter Launched

Yesterday, I talked about the streaming race. Amazon lags behind You Tube and Netflix. And if you're an aspire screenwriter, you could help Amazon Studios be more competitive in the streaming market. A few days ago, Amazon launched a free cloud friendly screenwriter software service called Amazon Storywriter. Actually, it's a product of Amazon Studios. Even before Amazon Storywriter, they accepted scripts for films, children's shows, and comedies. With Amazon Storywriter, they will take drama submissions. There are other new [...]

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