When Celebrities Become The Bullies

For several years, cyber bullies and trolls targeted high profile celebrities. But now, a more disturbing trend emerges. It seems the prey are becoming the predators. What are the consequences when celebrities become the bullies? I say this because there are several incidents. First of all, there's the drama within the Kardashian family over Rob's fiance Blac Chyna. Rob tweeted out Kylie Jenner's phone number to the world in a social media rant. Rob published other personal information of Kylie's. [...]


Meet Google News’ Fact Check Feature

Yesterday, I addressed the issue of fake news. Facebook faces scrutiny. That's because six weeks after firing editors, fake news stories still make trending pages. Now, meet Google News' fact check feature. Effective today, fact checks will appear on news stories. As a result, fact check labels will include 'opinion', 'local source' and 'highly cited'. Hence, Google leaders look forward to fact check. Due to this, Google hopes to separate fact, from opinion, from spin, from outright tabloids and lies. [...]


Facebook Deals With The Fake News Epidemic

Last weekend, after Hurricane Matthew, I read a disturbing story. It seemed like in Florida, a riot occurred at a mall. Thirty-one people died. That's what I read in a Facebook article. But something didn't seem right. That's because the story was fake. There was no riot at a mall. Nobody died in violence. There was no violence. Lets' see how Facebook deals with the fake news epidemic. Six weeks ago, Facebook revamped their trending system. Yet, a group called [...]


Twitter Looks For Buyers

I'm about to say something surprising: One of the premier social media companies is looking for buyers. Yes, Twitter looks for buyers! Two or three years ago, I thought I'd never utter such a phrase. One potential buyer would have been Google. Speculators believe Google should be the top buyer of Twitter. That's not happening. In fact, tech insiders say Google is not and never was interested in purchasing Twitter. What about Apple? They show no interest.  Disney is a [...]


Yahoo Mass Data Breach Hits Millions

A Yahoo mass data breach hits millions of Yahoo accounts. This happened in August, about a month ago. So why am I talking about it now? Because they're just getting around to confirming the breach. This is according to a article. Various sources said the breach hit over 200 million accounts. Last month Yahoo claimed to be investigating the matter. The hackers themselves claimed to be infecting and selling the accounts online. Here's more irony. A well known cyber [...]


North Korea’s Internet Lack Is Revealed

North Korea is the most isolated nation on Earth. With dictator Kim Jong Un testing nuclear weapons, North Korea is one of the most dangerous. Somehow, North Korea accidentally confirmed what most of the world already knows. North Korea's Internet lack is revealed. Someone in Pyongyang (North Korea's capital and largest city) leaked access to all the websites on their government's servers. We find out there are only 28 website domains. That's right; there are only 28 websites available for [...]


More People Are Watching Football on Twitter

Ratings for Thursday night's NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets were very high. Over 48 million Americans watched on TV. Two million watch through social media streaming. More people are watching football on Twitter. This Twitter streaming service is free. Twitter's audience was smaller than when Yahoo offered this free service last year. An average of 243,000 people watched the game on Twitter at any given time. This could mean at any given quarter, or maybe [...]


World Of Optical Illusions

There's another trend breaking the Internet. It's not Pokemon Go. It's not a new hip-hop video. It's not a funny You Tube clip. It's the world of optical illusions. Yesterday, a game developer named Will Kerslake tweeted perpendicular gray lines on a white background. Twelve black dots appear throughout this contraption. They appear in 12 places where gray lines meet. It sounds simple and mundane. Not even six hours after Kerslake tweeted this, it was shared over 6,000 times. Here's [...]


Social Media Network Guaranteeing Freedom

Do you ever have the idea the world is just too politically correct? Do you think social media has gotten politically correct? There's a new social media network guaranteeing freedom. The network is called It's founder is Andrew Torba. Torba created this platform to compete against Twitter and Facebook. Not only that, Torba wants to combat what he sees as social media censorship. Facebook has been accused of censoring political speech, then claiming it was a 'glitch'. Recently, they've [...]


Should Online Voting Happen?

We're less than two months away from the most contentious election in my lifetime. It's probably the most contentious in American history. That's why all Americans eligible need to to vote this year. Some embrace a new technical phenomenon called online voting. But should online voting happen? This concept is getting so popular it's being offered in thirty states this year. Online voting is aimed primarily at absentee voters. Such voters usually live overseas or in a state different from [...]

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