Introducing Espn+

Introducing ESPN+: ESPN and Disney Goes Streaming

So geeks, admit it, many of you are sports fanatics. I know I am. In fact, many in our Boston computer service shop are sports fans. I have good news. Introducing ESPN+: ESPN and Disney goes streaming. So ESPN+ will be ESPN, and their father company Disney's first streaming launch since they partially acquired BAMTech last year.  BAMTech also provides streaming services for HBO, Major League Baseball, and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), among others. It will cost $5 a month. [...]

How Do We Fix Big Tech?

How Do We Fix Big Tech? Can We?

So let me get the elephant out of the room. I know everybody is talking about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's grilling on Capitol Hill. And if you can't get enough of this story, then here's another article. However, there's also a bigger question here. How do we fix big tech? Can we even fix IT support? In the 1990s, the Internet boom changed everything. But now, in the late 2010s, it seems to be at a crossroads. I say this [...]

Facebook's Good News

Facebook’s Good News: Spamming Paid Off

So Facebook can use some good news now. In fact, everyone in IT support can use some good news now. I found some. Facebook's good news: Spamming paid off. So it starts when Ben Taylor from Utah gets a Facebook message from Liberia, a small West African nation, asking for help. Most would dismiss this as a trick or scam. But Taylor replied, "How can I help?".  Taylor wanted to see how they pulled these scams off. Then there is [...]

Facebook Embroiled In Another Scandal

Facebook Embroiled In Another Scandal

So the year 2018 is not off to a good start for Facebook. First, many blame Facebook for 'fake news'. Then, a movement starts calling for people to delete Facebook altogether. Now, an Ars Technica report says Facebook collects SMS data from Androids without users' permission or approval. So this is Facebook embroiled in another scandal. Keep in mind they already apologized for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now comes this. But this time, Facebook denies these new reports. In fact, [...]

World Wide Web Founder Speaks Out

World Wide Web Founder Speaks Out. It’s Not Good.

So let's wish the World Wide Web a happy birthday. But I bet you don't know who Tim Berners-Lee is. That is the man the IT support world credits for creating the WWW on this day in 1989. The World Wide Web founder speaks out. It's not good. So Berners-Lee writes a scathing letter about the WWW's current condition. He published it to The Guardian. He remembers the Web's infancy of the 1990s, when small time bloggers and businesses, dreamers [...]

We Were Yahoo

We Were Yahoo: According to a Former Senator

So in the 1990s, Yahoo was at the forefront of IT support and Internet technology. Then, in January 2000, Yahoo's stocks peaked at $118.75 a share. How the mighty have fallen. Author and former Florida State Senator Jeremy Ring recalls his Yahoo employee days. We Were Yahoo: According to a former senator. In fact, Jeremy Ring calls his book We Were Yahoo. At 25, he started a Yahoo office in New York. But soon after that, Yahoo sent him to [...]

Facebook Verses Child Health Advocates

Facebook Verses Child Health Advocates

So most of you know Facebook has an app for kids under 13. This is because Facebook is a T (age 13 and up only) app. Some parents applaud this effort, but some groups say it's not enough. It's Facebook verses child health advocates. In fact, some child health groups say this Facebook child's app is just another trick. Some argue Messenger Kids is an attempt to get kids addicted to social media at an early age. Furthermore, some advocate [...]

Digital Ad Spending

Digital Ad Spending Grows in 2017…Again

As recently as 2005, digital ad spending didn't even make $5 billion a year. In fact, as recently as 2010, advertisers didn't spend $10 billion on digital ads. So seven years ago, they spent much of their efforts on 20th century style ads (phone book, radio, TV, billboards, etc.). But how things are changing! In 2017, digital ad spending reached past $40 million. That's a first; it's also a 23% increase from 2016. So that's not enough? Well, mobile ad spending increased as well. [...]

Can Fake Twitter Accounts Cause Terrorism?

Can Fake Twitter Accounts Cause Terrorism?

Can fake Twitter accounts cause terrorism? I ask that because UK legal and academic leaders are. In fact, they're conducting a study on it. This study is also in the wake of UK terror in 2017. For instance, there was the Manchester tragedy in May that took dozens of innocent lives. But back to this study. Some say turning social media into a weapon is more detail than they thought. They also used 30 million pieces of data from all [...]

Breaking: They Repealed Net Neutrality

Breaking: They Repealed Net Neutrality

Last week, I shared a concern of mine and many in the computer repair and/or IT service industry. So today, that concern came true. Breaking: They repealed net neutrality. Literally just hours ago, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted 3-2 to repeal net neutrality. I should also tell you the vote was among party lines. So who led the charge to get rid of net neutrality? We can thank (I mean that sarcastically) FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. His proposal got [...]

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