How Silicon Valley’s Handling The Election

Thank goodness it's over now. Thank goodness the most contentious election in American history is over. But Silicon Valley, mostly Hilary Clinton supporters, aren't taking it so well. Let's see how Silicon Valley's handling the election. First of all, there was disbelief. Aneesh Chopra is the Chief Technology Officer of the US government. But he tweeted, "Did I transport to Earth 2?" Also, venture capitalist Aileen Lee tweeted, "What is happening?" She did so in a more colorful way. I'm [...]


Is AT&T Buying Time Warner?

Ever read an article and had to do a double take? That's what happened to me this morning. Because I read of a merger that could change everything...again. Is AT&T buying Time Warner? While various reports come in, I'm still amazed at this one. According to such reports, AT&T verbally agreed to buy Time Warmer. As a result, the deal is worth $85 billion dollars. Hence, this deal gives AT&T control of cable channels HBO and CNN. It would also [...]


Presidential Election Even Divides Silicon Valley

We know Silicon Valley is a technical haven. It's not a political one. But tech billionaire Peter Thiel endorsed Donald Trump. He pledged over $120 million. Furthermore, Thiel spoke at the Republican National Convention last July. Is nobody immune?  The presidential election even divides Silicon Valley. Also, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and his wife donated $20 million to the Democrat Party. In addition, Charles River Ventures, a tech venture capitalist firm, published a blog called, "(Curse) Trump". Charles River Ventures claims [...]


World Economic Forum Comes to San Francisco

The World Economic Forum is a global organization dedicated to economic improvement and innovation. Now, the World Economic Forum comes to San Francisco, neighboring the Silicon Valley. The San Francisco stay is permanent. They chose San Francisco for their second US office. Since the San Francisco Bay area is a tech powerhouse, it makes perfect sense to choose this city. The other US headquarters are in New York City. While global headquarters are in Beijing, China and Tokyo, Japan. Therefore, [...]


What About Generation Z?

There's been a lot of talk about Millennials, the generation born between 1981-1998. We can't deny their contribution to technology, as innovators, leaders, tech employees, and obviously, tech consumers. But what about the generation coming after them? What about Generation Z (born between 1999-present)? That's just one name they're being called. Some call them Centennials. Some call them the iGeneration. Whatever name you wish, they're bringing a lot of tech savvy and buying power with them. They are called digital [...]

Apple Keynote

Live Blog of iPhone7 Apple Keynote speech!

Welcome to my live blog of the 9/7/16 Apple Keynote that will include the unveiling of the iPhone 7 among other things. Feel free to comment, follow us on Facebook or Twitter as i post pictures and review some of the cooler things that Apple decides to show us! From features to dimensions and price-points, you can get it all here from Geek Choice. Keynote will start at 1pm EST, just click refresh on this blog and new content [...]


Generation X and Technology

I'm going to try and keep this tech based, so bear with me. Does it seems like Generation X (born between 1965-1980) is the forgotten generation? Does it seem so even when it comes to Generation X and technology? I came across this article. The title has a naughty word, so reader discretion is advised. I'll link it here. I don't agree with everything Matt Honan says, but he has valid points. The technology we take for granted wouldn't be here if [...]


California Isn’t The Only Candy Store In Town

Some think there are only two places to make it big in the tech world: San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. That's not necessarily the case. California isn't the only candy store in town when it comes to tech jobs. I read a story about Kate Rogers, manager of a website builder called Weebly. She was tired of long commutes, high rent, and woeful wealth inequality gap in San Francisco. She moved to Phoenix. Rogers has never been happier. She [...]


Five Years of Tim Cook

This month, Apple CEO Tim Cook will celebrate his fifth anniversary in that position. In an interview, Cook reflects on these five years, and no topic is off limits. What's five years of Tim Cook been like? You can't talk about Apple without talking about iPhone. During Cook's tenure, the iPhone has been Apple's bread and butter. The iPhone makes over half of Apple's revenue. Though there has been disappointments, but Cook just celebrated a milestone. Recently, Apple sold it's [...]


The Most Quiet Room Ever

How would you like to work in the most quiet room ever? Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington has it. This computer lab in Microsoft's Building 88 even made the Guinness Book of World Records. A tech insider named Matt Weinberger spend five minutes in this contraption. Microsoft lab engineer Gopal Gopal (I'm assuming that's his real name) gave him the tour. Why is this room so quiet? It's because this 'anechoic chamber' needs complete silence for audio testing. Here, they tests [...]

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