Amazon's Top Twenty

Amazon’s Top Twenty: Is Your City In?

So everyone is talking about Amazon's second headquarters. Also, every city in America wants to host this place. However, only one can. And it's down to twenty cities now. Amazon's top twenty: Is your city in? If you frequent our Boston computer service shop, then I have good news. Boston is one of the top twenty cities. Of course, our rivals in the NYC/Tri-State area boast of two: New York City and Newark. Meanwhile, down the northeast corridor, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, [...]

Technology's New King of Wealth

Technology’s New King of Wealth

So what is rich in 2018 America? Is it $10 million? Or maybe it's one billion? But what about $105 billion. Let's look at technology's new king of wealth. So if it's not Bill Gates, then who is it? It's Amazon king Jeff Bezos. Yesterday, his net worth surpassed the $105 billion mark. So far, in January 2018 alone, Amazon's shares increased over 6 1/2 percent. And it's just the tenth of January. In fact, Amazon's revenue more than doubled [...]

And the best selling holiday item goes to...

And The Best Selling Holiday Item Goes To…

Another holiday shopping season is history now. So obviously, all things IT service and IT support dominated the Christmas lists. But which gift did people want more. And the best selling holiday item goes to...(According to Amazon, at least). So yes, according to Amazon, the Echo Dot is Amazon's best selling device. In fact, it's the best selling device of all Amazon areas. Echo Dot and her cousins, spot and buttons, sold out quick. It seems like the faster people [...]

Did You Like A Russian Troll Account Today?

Did You Like A Russian Troll Account Today?

Days ago, I talked about how fake Russian accounts are reaching a lot of people. In fact, they reached 150 million in just the last several months. Did you like a Russian troll account today? I ask because now, you can find out. So Facebook is quietly telling people how to see if they liked a fake account from Russia. It could be from accident or deliberate. Nobody is here to judge, but you might want to know the truth. [...]

Target Buys Alabama Company Shipt

Target Buys Alabama Company Shipt

Obviously, Alabama dominates the news today, and not for IT support, either. But I think I should do a blog that involves both Alabama and IT service. So what do I find? Target buys Alabama company Shipt. Shipt is a same day grocery delivery service. It also uses Google Express and Voice to enhance this experience. However, Target is buying them out for $550 million. Furthermore, it's all cash. So there's no confusing stock exchanges. Keep in mind Target is [...]

The Bitcoin Craze

The Bitcoin Craze Drives Apps’ Popularity

Do you own Bitcoin? Would you like to? You may be out of luck because as of 10am today, one Bitcoin costs you over $16,260. It's also driving up popularity on some apps. The Bitcoin craze drives apps' popularity. So take apps like Coinbase. This company is worth over a billion and a half dollars. Furthermore, what's driving their success is the exchange from cash to crypto currency. I say cash because silver and gold don't back our US dollar, [...]

Elon Musk Sends Tesla Car to Mars

Elon Musk Sends Tesla Car to Mars

Space X CEO and IT support guru Elon Musk wants Mars so bad. He also wants us to go there, too (well, the most elite of us, at least). His Falcon Heavy rocket plans to launch as early as this month. It'll also have his car on it. Elon Musk Sends Tesla car to Mars. Furthermore, his car radio will play David Bowie's classic hit, "Space Oddity". You can read his excitement on his tweets he sent out yesterday. Musk [...]

Black Friday Makes Jeff Bezos

Black Friday Makes Jeff Bezos $100 Billionaire

What did you do on Black Friday? Did you fight to the death over a $300 laptop? But did I mention we specialize in laptops fixed? However, if you shopped online this weekend, Jeff Bezos thanks you. Because Black Friday makes Jeff Bezos $100 billionaire. He's also the first person to be worth 12 digits since Bill Gates did it in 1999. This makes Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world, well, financially. If Amazon shares soared Friday, then [...]

Alibaba Smashes Records

Alibaba Smashes Records

It looks like Amazon has company (thank goodness!). Because there is a Chinese e-commerce company that is making unbelievable profits. Not only that, but Alibaba smashes records wherever they go. In one day, they sold over $25 billion online. That's a new record. However, that's just in American gross dollars. Then take China's currency, Renmenbi. In just one day, they made over $163 RMB, which equals to over 25 billion US dollars. This also includes international sales, marketplaces, and all [...]

AT&T and Time Warner

The Merge Between AT&T and Time Warner

Over the years, I covered some crazy and huge IT service mergers. We had Yahoo and Verizon. We also had Dell and EMC. However, one merge is about to come out. It's even bigger than the infamous Comcast-NBC Universal merger. It's the merge between AT&T and Time Warner. This merger would be worth $85 billion. I can't even wrap my head around that. Then look at what AT&T already has: Direct TV. That's the world's largest satellite provider. Now they [...]

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