Tech Events of 2015

The year 2015 has not been boring in the tech world. Here are my top 10 events in the tech world this year. 10. Star Wars The Force Awakens: It's the biggest money making movie of all time. Let techies and geeks rejoice! 9. July 8 Super Glitch: Do you remember July 8, when computer glitches caused United Airlines flights to be grounded, the NYSE to stop trading and the Wall Street Journal website to shut down? The cause of that [...]

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Google Chairman and Free Speech

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt put himself in the front lines of one of the most intense Internet debates today. The debate is freedom of speech vs fighting terrorism, hate speech, bullying and other online ills. In a NY Times op-ed, Schmidt suggested tools like spell-checkers to control tensions. These spell-checkers would keep hate speech and harassment in check. But in the same statement, he suggested stability and freedom of expression go hand in hand. Schmidt didn't elaborate too much more [...]

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Amazon Wins Black Friday Race

There's still three weeks left until Christmas Eve. There's plenty of shopping season left. But when you look at the last Black Friday, Amazon didn't just win that race...they dominated! According to a tracking app called Slice Intelligence Amazon accounted for over 35% of online Black Friday sales last week. Electronic retail giant Best Buy placed a distant second, only getting 8 percent of online sales. Rounding out the top five are Macy's at 3.38 percent, Walmart at 3.35 percent and Nordstrom [...]

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Meet Daddy Zuckerberg

Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the healthy and successful birth of his daughter. He and wife Priscilla Chan named her Maxima. But it's Zuckerberg's letter to his newborn daughter that's getting lots of social attention. In his letter to baby Maxima, Mark Zuckerberg promises to make the world a better place for her and her generation. Mark and Priscilla wrote they would give most of their company shares (around $45 billion) to make the world a happier place. Zuckerberg [...]

Thanksgiving/Black Friday Sales

I know many of you are tired of hearing it, but we've got to talk about Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday sales. It's an indicator of how the Christmas shopping season will go and possibly, how 2015's economy will go. Between Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, retailers made 4.45 billion dollars online. But that's part of the story. Over a billion and a half, about a third if those online sales, were processed with mobile devices. These stats are courtesy [...]

Tim Cook Addresses Racism

"Three teenagers walk into an Apple Store." I'm afraid this isn't the start of a joke. In fact, there's nothing funny about this story. In Melbourne, Australia, three black male teenagers go to an Apple Store. The teens are from Sudan and Somalia. A white manager insisted these teens leave the store immediately. The manager was scared the teens might steal something. And because this unfortunate incident was caught on camera, it didn't take long before the footage reached Apple [...]

Amazon’s New Bookstore

Can you believe Amazon has a bookstore?  I'm talking about a real life Amazon physical bookstore. My question is: Is it even worth visiting? An independent publisher named Dustin Kurtz wondered the same thing. He wrote an article in the New Republic about his Amazon bookstore experience. He visited Amazon Books in Seattle, Washington's University Village shopping complex. The first thing that struck him is the simple name: Amazon Books.  He noticed employees carrying walky-talkies doing their best to prevent [...]


Candy Crush Bought Out

King Digital Entertainment was acquired by Activision Blizzard for 5.9 billion dollars. What's the big deal behind that and what does it mean to you? Do you like playing the popular online game Candy Crush? King Digital Entertainment is the company behind Candy Crush. And now they're no longer they're own entity. It's the biggest gaming acquisition since Microsoft/XBox bought out Minecraft last year. You see, Activision Blizzard's bread and butter comes from console games. They want to make it [...]

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Top Ten Tech Halloween Costumes

It's Halloween again. Still deciding what your costume should be? We at Geek Choice are here to help with our top ten tech Halloween costumes. 10. Steve Jobs: With the biopic out, why not? He's pretty simple to pull off: glasses, black turtleneck, New Balance sneakers, jeans. 9. Black/White/Gold Dress: Over the past year, this head-scratching color changing dress has been a social media icon. 8. Any Mortal Kombat X Character: It's the top selling video game of the year and even [...]

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Google Embraces Empathy

Google is the most successful company today, maybe the most successful of all-time. Much of that should be credited to the near perfect technical skills and innovation of Google leadership. But some say there's something lacking. Bruno Bowden is a former Google employee. He's currently a partner at Data Collective. In a statement, Bowden complained despite their massive success, Google leadership often comes short in empathy and what he calls 'emotional intelligence'. He criticizes them for not having good people [...]

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