Traditional or Digital Advertising

Traditional or Digital Advertising: Ad Game Is Changing

So I started in the computer repair business  in the early 2000s. Back then, our biggest source of advertising was the phone book. But today, phone books rarely exist. I don't need to tell you that. Then I read an article that made me think. Traditional or digital advertising: the ad game is changing. So the article says the inevitable is happening. They predict that 2019 will be the first year companies will spend more on digital ads than tradition [...]

Amazon, China and NetEase

Amazon, China and NetEase: Is This Merger Necessary?

So just when you think you know it all about IT support giant Amazon. Here is something else. Amazon operated deeply in China since the mid 2000s. This is an article about Amazon, China and NetEase. So according to tech media reports, Amazon is talking with merging it's Chinese import business. The company they plan to merge with is a massive Chinese online company they call Kaola. Also consider that an online Chinese mega store they call NetEase owns Kaola. [...]

A Bad Week For Amazon and Jeff Bezos

A Bad Week For Amazon and Jeff Bezos

So everybody knows Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is heading for divorce. He's one of the greatest IT support legends of all-time. But public divorce alone is bad enough. Then add these next two events. It adds up to a bad week for Amazon and Jeff Bezos the IT service billionaire. So Bezos accused AMI, a media company that owns the National Enquirer, of blackmail. I had no idea National Enquirer still existed. But on to the story...Bezos said [...]

UK Government Supports Driverless Cars

UK Government Supports Driverless Cars

So we all know one of the next big thins in IT service is the driverless car. In America, IT support corporations and tech billionaires are working on it. But what about world government? Well, the UK government supports driverless cars. So they will back up trials of these that won't have human drivers. They will also use these driverless car tests to study tech's evolution. However, their goal is to have such cars on the road in public [...]

2018 In Tech

2018 In Tech: The Good, The Bad, and Everything Else

So we're coming to the end of 2018. Things are not boring in the tech and IT service world. So I want to look back at some of 2018 in tech: The Good, The Bad, and Everything Else. We can't talk about 2018 in tech without talking about AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics. Let's look at the good side of AI in 2018. It led to science and medical discoveries. It also led to educational tools and creation. Furthermore, AI [...]

IT Support and Nike

So this is an IT service blog, right? Then why am I talking about Nike shoes? Because I for one find IT support and Nike an interesting combination. Some time ago, Nike brought out self-lacing sneakers. However, now they're bringing it back. That's right. With these sneakers, the computer technology will lace them up for you. First of all, these are cheaper. The old price was $720. These new ones will be $350. It sounds like a lot for shoes, [...]

Twitter Doubles Character Count

Twitter Doubles Character Count, But Not Use

So yes, I know Apple is having their live event show right now. I also know Apple is promoting many of their latest products. Furthermore, I know many of our computer repair customers can't get enough Apple (for reasons I can't understand). But I want to talk about Twitter. Twitter doubles character count, but not use. So remember last year, when Twitter doubled the maximum character count from 140 to 280? They thought this would boost Twitter use, because not [...]

Tim Cook vs Data Industrial Complex

Tim Cook vs Data Industrial Complex

So in Brussels, Belgium, IT service and IT support's best and brightest gathered. Apple CEO Tim Cook was the main event speaker. But he wasn't promoting the latest iPhone this time. Instead, he sounded an alarm about tech's future. It was Tim Cook vs data industrial complex. So I should say, there is no official 'data industrial complex' in Brussels, Europe, or anywhere else. However, Cook warned against how data and our own info can be used against us. Also, [...]

Can VR Help Your Food Taste Better?

Can VR Help Your Food Taste Better?

So at Cornell University, an Ivy League university, they're conducting an IT support and IT support experiment. It involves blue cheese and virtual reality. But what do these two things have in common? They ask the questions. Can VR help your food taste better? First, they gave 50 people VR headsets. Then, they gave them pieces of blue cheese. They ate the cheese in a typical booth first. Then they put the VR glasses. It was there where they sat [...]

Amazon Increases Minimum Wage

Amazon Increases Minimum Wage: Good Or Bad Thing?

So for years, many people from fast food to retail, protest a $15 minimum wage. So far, they made little headway. In fact, some found their jobs replaced by robots and AI technology. But it sounds like one company hears this protest and is doing something about it. Amazon increases minimum wage. This includes all Amazon employees, including those from Whole Foods. This also includes the 100,000 seasonal employees that will come. In fact, the holiday shopping season is almost [...]

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