Silicon Valley Moral Meltdown

Silicon Valley Moral Meltdown: How Bad Is It?

This past year in Silicon Valley was not a rosy one. Issues from sexual harassment to wealth inequality to racial discrimination to outsourcing showed their ugly heads. There are also issues like fake news, tax cheating and even AI worship. So what's going on? This is the Silicon Valley moral meltdown: How bad is it? If you ask venture capitalist and activist Frida K Klein, then she would say it's real bad. In fact, she asked, "Does anyone even have [...]

Technology and Health

Technology and Health: Can They Exist?

Many blame technology for their health problems. Some say watching too much technology is bad for you. Then some others say too much smartphone use is too bad for you socially. I agree with that one. Also, some even say smartphones cause cancer. Technology and health: Can they exist? So you think all technology is bad for you? Ever hear of Fitbit, Garmin, NIke+Fuel Brand and other products. They track your steps. They also monitor your heart rates and count [...]

Is Silicon Valley Dying?

Is Silicon Valley Dying? Some Numbers Say Yes

So Apple built a $5 billion facility in Silicon Valley. Does that mean Silicon Valley is heading for a second golden age? However, this is not the case. In fact, I have to ask: Is Silicon Valley dying? I know that sounds strange, and even disrespectful. Everyone who is in IT service owes a huge debt to Silicon Valley, right? That's true, but those days could be numbering? I ask this because San Jose's economy had it's worst August since [...]

Verizon Rural Customers

Will Verizon Cut Off Rural Customers?

Will Verizon cut off rural customers? Some reports say so. Some reports also say Verizon will cut off rural services as early as October 17, 2017. They say it's because rural customers use lots of data while roaming away from the Verizon wireless network. Furthermore, their 'primary place of use' is outside Verizon's area. So far, they told over 8,000 customers in 13 states they were losing service. Apparently, Verizon cuts off rural customers because it's cheaper. They're not the [...]

Young People, The American Dream and Technology

Young People, The American Dream and Technology

Yesterday was Labor Day. It's a day we remember the sacrifice and hard work of the American laborer. But the holiday brings sadness too, especially in these 2010s. Because it seems many young Americans gave up on the American Dream. So let's talk young people, the American dream and technology. So yesterday in Boston, near our computer service shop, they had a march. Fast food workers went on strike. They demanded a wage increase to $15. But what does technology [...]

China's Robot Revolution

China’s Robot Revolution: Global Economy Doomed?

Robot technology is a big subject in IT support. In America, they're replacing fast food workers. Then in Japan, lonely guys can marry robots. But you don't hear about China and robots, do you? Maybe we should. China's robot revolution is here. So China installs and uses more robots than any nation on Earth. In fact, take other leading robot nations like the US, South Korea and Japan. They use only half the number of robots that China does. Also, [...]

The Attention Economy

The Attention Economy, Technology, Tristan Harris

Tristan Harris is a rising star not only in the tech world, but on the public speaking stage. He gives TED talks and goes on TV. He also warns of what technology can lead to. Let's look at the attention economy, technology, and Tristan Harris. Harris explains the attention economy as a race to build attention. For example, the more attention you get, the better off you are. He says there are three major tech companies that build attention: Google, Facebook [...]

Amazon Jeff Bezos

Amazon Jeff Bezos Is Richest Man In the World

Amazon Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. So this happened yesterday. But all it took was a one percent increase in stocks. So obviously, this was years in the making. Bezos now passes another tech legend, Microsoft founder Bill Gates. He held the richest man in the world title for years. According to Forbes magazine, the Amazon leader is worth 90.6 billion dollars. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is worth an even $90 billion. Also in just the last [...]

Mike George

Mike George Retires From Amazon After 20 Years

Do you know who Mike George is? Many people don't, but they should. Because Judge served as Amazon's right-hand man for around 20 years. Now, Mike George retires from Amazon after 20 years. In fact, George helped Amazon come up with voice assistant Alexa and smart device Echo. In computer repair/computer tech form, he announced his retirement on social media by using binary code. That code is over ten lines long. So under George's leadership, Echo and Alexa aren't only [...]

Video Games: Friend or Foe

Video Games: Friend or Foe

Several weeks ago, I wrote articles about how video games are good for you. But one New York Post writer would disagree. In fact, Kyle Smith we're losing this generation of men to video games. So you decide. Video Games: friend or foe? Kyle Smith argues that young men substitute video games for life in the real world. He also brings statistics to try and prove his point. For example, he claims men in their twenties work 15% less than [...]

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