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Terry Gou

Taiwan Billionaire Calls For Apple Move From China

So by now, most of us know about the trade war between the US and China. In fact, I reported on it some. This does affect the global IT service industry, especially Apple. But one Taiwanese billionaire smells blood. Taiwan billionaire calls for Apple move from China. That' billionaire's name is Terry Gou. He's the founder of Foxconn, a Taiwanese mega electronics firm. Well...I should say he was. Because as of now, he's resigning from that position. He's resigning [...]

What Do We Do About Cyberbullying?

What Do We Do About Cyberbullying?

So yesterday, I got a response from a Geek Choice blog follower. She included an article in which she wrote about one of the biggest ills facing this young generation (Gen-Z). That ill is cyberbullying. The article asks: What do we do about cyberbullying? First, she talks the differences between older people and young people today. Because back in our day, bullying was more in your face: playgrounds, classrooms, buses, playing in the neighborhood. I myself experienced this in my [...]

Celebrity Almost Shoots Amazon Employee.

Celebrity Almost Shoots Amazon Employee.

So being in delivery can be dangerous in any situation, from food to IT service. But try being a deliverer at night with no uniform. It could have cost somebody his life. A celebrity almost shoots Amazon employee. That rapper is hip-hop legend and actor Ice-T. On Twitter, he stated an Amazon delivery driver pulled up to his house at night. He had no uniform. In colorful terms, Ice T said he almost shot him. Then he took [...]

US City Considers Banning Facial Recognition

US City Considers Banning Facial Recognition.

So we say a lot about facial recognition around here. It's a huge part of IT service's future, whether we like it or not. But it has it's critics. They complain of things like privacy invasion and racial profiling. In fact, one US city considers banning facial recognition. This city might surprise you. Because the city I refer to is San Francisco, CA. That's right. One of the most tech savvy cities in the world is considering banning all [...]

Tencent Promises Technological Good

Tencent Promises Technological Good

So do you remember a report I did about Alibaba? They overwork their employees with little to show for it. Furthermore, CEO Jack Ma likes it this way. But there is another China IT service corporation who wants positive influence. Tencent promises technological good. So this is what Tencent CEO Pony Ma promises for his $460 billion company. He says Tecent's mission is to, "improve the quality of life through Internet value-added services". These are the three ways [...]

The Daily Routine of Twitter's CEO

The Daily Routine of Twitter’s CEO

So do you ever wonder what it takes to run a major IT support company? Ever wonder what their day is like, what they eat, what family life is like for them? Well, here is the daily routine of Twitter's CEO. So Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently went on a podcast called Ben Greenfield's Diet, Fat Loss, and Performance. He talks about his lifestyle for physical and mental health, and it is NOT traditional or conventional. Dorsey revels he's big [...]

Technology and Venezuela's Crisis

Technology and Venezuela’s Crisis: The Tech Pool Leaves

So most of us know that Venezuela is in a crisis state. In fact, the people rarely have enough to eat and their lights cut off at any moment. Also, they live under constant fear, from their own leadership. But there's another devastating blow. Technology and Venezuela's crisis: the tech pool leaves. So this is perhaps the biggest resource that this troubled nation is losing: Their IT service and IT support pool. In fact, in recent years, over three million [...]

Headphones For Sale

Headphones For Sale; Headphones For Cheap

So in this tech and IT service era, headphones are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity. So many of us have a smartphone right? Retailers know this. That's why we have so many headphones for sale; and headphones for cheap. So how much will you pay for a noise cancelling wireless headphone? $500? $300? You're in luck. Because now, you can get Treblab's Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones for as little as around $80. They contain 40mm speakers [...]

The Two Centi-Billionaires

The Two Centi-Billionaires. The Common Denominator

So this may deter from IT service and technology talk. If it does, then please forgive me. But there are 7.71 billion people in the world today. Of those, around 2,800 are billionaires. Then of those, only 145 are worth over $10 billion. Guess how many of those 145 are worth over $100 billion: Only two. These are the two centi-billionaires. Here is the common denominator. So the common denominator is IT support. The two centi-billionaires are Amazon king Jeff [...]

Big Tech Should Focus More On Community Good

Big Tech Should Focus More On Community Good

So it's been several weeks since New York City kicked Amazon's second headquarters to the curb. The debate between should they stay or should they go is intense. But I tell you one thing: Big tech should focus more on community good. I think that's the lesson here. Because remember, Amazon asked the city for billions for this to happen. When Amazon asks this, they should know the public outcry will be loud. People from union leaders to congressmen spoke [...]

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