Congress Web History

Could Someone Expose Congress Web History?

Several days ago, I reported congress passing a law that would kill Internet privacy. Many don't like this. But some others take action, or threaten to. Then there's Max Temkin. He's the founder of party game, 'Cards Against Humanity'. He threatened to reveal all of Washington's dirty little secrets. So could someone expose Congress Web history? But he doesn't want to stop there. Temkin also talked about buying the browser history of every Congressman. Then, he publishes it. He put [...]

Google and Howard

Google and Howard University Encourages More Diversity

For years, I discuss the lack of diversity in IT service and IT support and other tech fields. But one HBU (historically black university) works to change that. So is Google. Let's see how Google and Howard University encourages more diversity. Google and Howard University partner to build a leaning campus on Google's headquarters. Hence, they will call this campus Howard West. Their target is black engineering and computer science majors. But first, they will have to apply. They expect [...]

Cheap iPad

Cheap iPad: Apple Sales Modest, Accessible iPad

How much did you pay for your the latest iPad? Did you pay $800? Or did you pay $600? Then, you better sit down. Because Apple reveals their next move. It's a cheap iPad: Apple sales modest, accessible iPad. Apple expects this cheap iPad to go on sale next week. Yes, it will have a brighter screen, but that won't be the selling point. Because you can buy this iPad for as low as $329. That's right. Furthermore, this is [...]

Silicon Valley Exodus

Silicon Valley Exodus: One India Native Had Enough

Meet Napur Dave. On the surface, she lived the American dream. She had a ten year residency in the US. Then, she had an engineering job at Google. Dave had a nice apartment in Silicon Valley, the capital of IT support and computer repair. But recently, she  left Silicon Valley and moved back to her native India. The Silicon Valley exodus: One India native had enough. So, one reason is the expensive burden. Like most Google engineers, Napur Dave has [...]

Bitcoin's Comeback

Bitcoin’s Comeback: Worth More Than Gold

A few years ago, the digital currency Bitcoin was in trouble. In fact, it was the laughing stock of the computer repair and tech industry. But some stuck with it. And who laughs now? Bitcoin's comeback: Worth more than gold. So, I mean that literally. As of Friday March 3, one Bitcoin is worth $1,251. An ounce of gold is worth $1,234. Bitcoin's comeback puts this currency at an all-time high. Bitcoin's worth tripled in just one year. Furthermore, in [...]

Facebook's Struggle

Facebook’s Struggle: Employees Can Hardly Pay Rent

How would you like to work for Facebook? How awesome would it be to work at their Silicon Valley headquarters? This is the dream for many in IT support. But not so fast! Some insiders talk about Facebook's struggle: Employees can hardly pay rent. So how does this happen? Because the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley areas are the most expensive areas in the country. Rent is extremely high. In fact, it's so high engineers making over $100,000 a [...]

Tech Apocalypse

Tech Apocalypse: Why Are Tech Billionaires Prepping?

Nobody is immune to the troubles of today's world. Hence, not even those in computer repair and IT support. No, not even tech billionaires and leaders. In fact, many of them already flee a potential tech apocalypse. So as I write this, there are tech billionaires and Silicon Valley leaders buying land in New Zealand. PayPal founder Peter Thiel is one of the main tech leaders. He bought a 477-acre estate in New Zealand's Southern Alps region. Furthermore, this estate [...]

Waymo Sues Uber

Waymo Sues Uber: Who Is Right?

Ever hear of Waymo? Waymo is a child company of Google. Also, Waymo dedicates itself to the Google self-driving car. Waymo has also been in a lawsuit with Uber. Waymo sues Uber: Who is right? So, Waymo sues Uber as of February 23, 2017. Waymo claims Uber stole secrets about their self-driving car moves. Then the suit focused on Anthony Levandowski, a former Google employee. He now works for Otto, a trucking company Uber bought. The lawsuit claims he downloaded Waymo's [...]

2017 in tech

2017 In Tech: Who Won’t Survive?

First and foremost, we at Geek Choice wish you all a Happy New Year! Things should not be boring in the IT support and computer repair business. But some businesses won't do well. Some in the industry probably won't make it to 2018. Let's look at 2017 in tech: who won't survive? So the first name that comes to mind is . Their latest smartphone literally blew up on them. So did their washing machines. They're building a Galaxy Note 8. [...]

2016 in tech

2016 In Tech: Stop the Madness!

The year 2016 in tech is memorable, and hardly in a good way. Furthermore, in many ways, everything that could go wrong did. So here are five highlights (if you want to call them that) in the industry. 2016 in tech: Stop the madness! First of all, there was the crazy election. Nearly everyone in Silicon Valley opposed Donald Trump. Then came Peter Thiel, the only Trump supporter in the area. But Thiel was pretty much ostracized for his support [...]

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