The Attention Economy

The Attention Economy, Technology, Tristan Harris

Tristan Harris is a rising star not only in the tech world, but on the public speaking stage. He gives TED talks and goes on TV. He also warns of what technology can lead to. Let's look at the attention economy, technology, and Tristan Harris. Harris explains the attention economy as a race to build attention. For example, the more attention you get, the better off you are. He says there are three major tech companies that build attention: Google, Facebook [...]

Amazon Jeff Bezos

Amazon Jeff Bezos Is Richest Man In the World

Amazon Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. So this happened yesterday. But all it took was a one percent increase in stocks. So obviously, this was years in the making. Bezos now passes another tech legend, Microsoft founder Bill Gates. He held the richest man in the world title for years. According to Forbes magazine, the Amazon leader is worth 90.6 billion dollars. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is worth an even $90 billion. Also in just the last [...]

Mike George

Mike George Retires From Amazon After 20 Years

Do you know who Mike George is? Many people don't, but they should. Because Judge served as Amazon's right-hand man for around 20 years. Now, Mike George retires from Amazon after 20 years. In fact, George helped Amazon come up with voice assistant Alexa and smart device Echo. In computer repair/computer tech form, he announced his retirement on social media by using binary code. That code is over ten lines long. So under George's leadership, Echo and Alexa aren't only [...]

Video Games: Friend or Foe

Video Games: Friend or Foe

Several weeks ago, I wrote articles about how video games are good for you. But one New York Post writer would disagree. In fact, Kyle Smith we're losing this generation of men to video games. So you decide. Video Games: friend or foe? Kyle Smith argues that young men substitute video games for life in the real world. He also brings statistics to try and prove his point. For example, he claims men in their twenties work 15% less than [...]

Tech Venture Capitalist Apologizes

Tech Venture Capitalist Apologizes For Advances

Ever hear of Dave McClure? He helped found 500 Startups'; he also has close ties to PayPal and Google leaders. But now, scandal follows him. That's because of the less pleasing aspects of humanity: unwanted sexual advancements in the workplace. However, this tech venture capitalist apologizes for advances. In a long writing, McClure admitted he made advancements toward many women in the workplace. He also admits these kind of behavior was wrong. McClure also said he used his power and [...]

Amazon vs Walmart

Amazon vs Walmart: The Cloud Wars

The battle between Amazon and Walmart continues. Several years back, they had an online savings war. But now, there's another war brewing. Amazon vs Walmart: The Cloud Wars. So here is the deal. Walmart warns some tech companies not to run Amazon's cloud service. Because if they do, Walmart will cut them off business wise. But Amazon leads the cloud computing market. In fact, they control nearly half of it. Furthermore, some of Walmart's top suppliers and vendors use the [...]

Is Computer Technology Killing The American Dream?

Is Computer Technology Killing The American Dream?

Okay, let me start off by saying I am very thankful for 21st century computer technology. Let most of you, I depend on it daily. But I read an article that made me think. Is computer technology killing the American Dream? I say this because things aren't what they used to be. Did you know that Millenialls are the first generation in US history to do worse than their parents? It's not their fault. But it's the world they were [...]

Uber Cleans House

Uber Cleans House: Starts With Twenty Firings

This decade, Uber causes a revolution in ride share and the way people go to and from. But there are setbacks. There are complaints of discrimination, harassment, even crime. Therefore, Uber cleans house: starts with twenty firings. All 20 lost their jobs because of harassment complaints. Also, they hired two executives to redo strategies. But it's not just angry customers writing letters. It's much bigger. Even former Attorney General Eric Holder is helping out. This started with former employee Susan [...]

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Three

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Three

It's 2007. I hardly played a video game in 10 years by this point. But this group introduces me to Halo. Hence, my love for gaming comes back. I wish it didn't leave in the first place. Here's how video games provide benefits, part three. In today's fast pace world, it's important to think on your feet and think fast. Gaming helps you do that. For instance, you play Halo. You have to think fast! Furthermore, this will improve memory [...]

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Two

Video Games Provide Benefits, Part Two

As a teenager, I got in trouble over trading video games at school. Then Mom grounded me and took my gaming privileges away. She said, "I don't care if you never play video games ever". I know Mom meant well, but if she knew that video games provide benefits, part two. So this picks up where I left off yesterday. Here are some more benefits. One is creativity. In the old days, most video games did the thinking and planning [...]

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