Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey Starts A Silicon Valley Movement

So one of the biggest issues Silicon Valley has is wealth inequality. On one hand, you have tech billionaires eating good. But on the other hand, even people making $100,000 a year struggle to eat and pay rent. However, one company fights that. Survey Monkey starts a Silicon Valley movement. So Survey Monkey is a $2 billion company that provides online surveys. Like many tech companies, they hire third-party contractors. Generally, tech companies give third-party contacts perks, like free food [...]

Amazon E-Commerce Globalizes

Amazon E-Commerce Globalizes As It Attracts Int’l Customers

So Amazon's e-commerce app is only available in a few countries. We're talking USA, most EU countries, Australia and Singapore. But that's about to change. Because Amazon e-commerce globalizes. So here's what's happening. A new feature lets 100 other countries buy from Amazon. They can now do so with mobile apps. They're also showing off the app to nations that don't feel Amazon's presence as much. They can do this through an international shipping system. Let's say you're in one [...]

How Do We Fix Big Tech?

How Do We Fix Big Tech? Can We?

So let me get the elephant out of the room. I know everybody is talking about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's grilling on Capitol Hill. And if you can't get enough of this story, then here's another article. However, there's also a bigger question here. How do we fix big tech? Can we even fix IT support? In the 1990s, the Internet boom changed everything. But now, in the late 2010s, it seems to be at a crossroads. I say this [...]

Brian Acton

Brian Acton Tweets ‘Delete Facebook’.

So let's go back to 2014. Yes, a lot of things happened on the IT support and computer repair front. But one event was Facebook acquiring What's App for $22 billion. Brian Acton founded What's App. But now, Brian Acton tweets 'Delete Facebook'. However, there is more to the story. Because there is the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Many media reports say this London research firm got over 50 million Facebooks accounts. They got them without permission or approval from any [...]

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang Wants to Save Us From Robots

So, ever hear of Andrew Yang? He is a IT service venture capitalist. In fact, he founded Venture of America. Furthermore, he wrote books like 'The War of Normal People". In this book, he talks about America's jobs going away. They're not going to other countries, but to non-human entities. Andrew Yang wants to save us from robots. That's why he's running for President of the United States in 2020. He just put his name in for the Democrat Party's [...]

Is Silicon Valley Dead?

Is Silicon Valley Dead? Google Seems To Think So

So for years, many say Silicon Valley is dying. For example, you don't see Amazon rushing to put their second headquarters in Silicon Valley, do you? But now, Google, perhaps the largest of all IT service companies, will spend over $2.6 billion in expansion. It won't be in Silicon Valley. Is Silicon Valley dead? Google seems to think so. Google will spend over two billion dollars building a New York City base. In fact, they're ready to close a deal [...]

Is Net Neutrality Dead?

Is Net Neutrality Really Dead? Maybe Not.

So back in December 2017, they repealed net neutrality. But why am I talking about this today? Because today, this ruling is now official. However, that doesn't mean the fight for net neutrality is over. Is net neutrality really dead? Maybe not. So okay, the fight really started right after they passed the law. For example, 20 states sued to stop net neutrality repeal.   But they can't do that now. Because now that the repeal is official, these states can [...]

Silicon Valley's Wealth Inequality Problem

Silicon Valley’s Wealth Inequality Problem

So I read this article about a San Francisco coffee house. This one house charges eight dollars per cup of coffee. That's just one example of Silicon Valley's wealth inequality problem. Silicon Valley, greater San Francisco and San Jose, have some of the worst wealth inequality in America. In fact, the San Francisco area ranks third in the highest wealth gaps between rich and everybody else. Then take the San Jose area, just down the road. They rank sixth highest [...]

Amazon Health Insurance

Amazon Health Insurance: Is America Ready?

So let's look at Amazon's resume so far: Online Retail, media (Washington Post), groceries (Whole Foods), AI (Echo), and more. But what about health insurance? I guess you can add that as well. Amazon health insurance: Is America ready? To be fair, Amazon isn't doing this alone. Because they are teaming up with stock company Birkshire Hathaway and banking firm JP Morgan. Together, they want to build their own employee friendly health insurance. They also want to give benefits to [...]

Elon Musk Flamethrower

Elon Musk Flamethrower: What Does It Say About Society

So everybody in computer repair knows who Elon Musk is. He's building driverless cars. He also wants to send people outer space to live there. These are just some of his many accolades. In fact, he won tech of the year back in 2015. But now he's selling flamethrowers. The Elon Musk flamethrower: What does it say about society? In a short time, Elon Musk sold over $4 million worth of flamethrowers. Keep in mind that flamethrowers cost $500 a [...]

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