Hashtags in Super Bowl Ads

Another Super Bowl has come and gone. The ads have come and gone. But this year's ads won't be as memorable, according to the hashtags. Hashtags were in 45% of Super Bowl ads, compared to 50% last year. Twitter and Facebook led the social media way, though neither were mentioned that much. A website called MarketingLand counted 60 different ads between the first kickoff and the end of the game (pre-game festivities weren't counted). Of those 60, 27 had hashtags, [...]

Twitter's Algorithmic Timeline

Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline

Twitter is another company that's growing up. Late in 2015, they've announced changes to make the social media conglomerate even better. According to BuzzFeed, Twitter could introduce an algorithmic timeline sometime in February 2016. So that nobody gets confused, an algorithmic timeline is very different than a chronological one. The algorithmic timeline will put tweets in the order it thinks people want to see. For instance, it's Super Bowl weekend. So if someone tweeted about the Super Bowl yesterday, you [...]

Super Bowl

A Techies’ Super Bowl Guide

Believe it or not, even techies are interested in the Super Bowl (at least most of the ones I associate with). Did you really think it's all about Star Trek and Doctor Who with us? It's not. So for the big American sports holiday coming up, here are some tech guides and tidbits. First off, it's going to be in Santa Clara, CA. That's in the heart of Silicon Valley. The Super Bowl venue this year is Levi's Stadium. That's the [...]

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl and High-Def TVs

I saw an interesting commercial. In this commercial was a clip of legendary TV comedian Jackie Gleason promoting the first Super Bowl in 1967. This footage was in black and white. Black and white TV was how most Americans watched the Super Bowl in 1967. But in 2016, most Americans will be watching the Super Bowl on high-definition TV. One NPD Group study says 1 in 18 Americans want to upgrade their TV just for Super Bowl 50. In the [...]

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard hits 5 million shipped

As of yesterday Google has shipped out 5 million Google Cardboard VR viewers. I can only imagine how many DIY or ‘knock off’ versions have been sold also. If you’re not familiar with Google Cardboard let me explain the mechanics of it. Google Cardboard VR viewer is simply a couple pieces of cardboard cut and pre-bent into three or so specific shapes. You bend it into the box shape it specifies and put it together with Velcro, magnets, a [...]


Technology, El Chapo, and Sean Penn

Mexican heroin kingpin and Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman is one of the biggest drug lords of all time. Now, he's been caught after six months on the run. But that's just the beginning. Three months earlier, El Chapo conducted an interview with acclaimed actor Sean Penn, which was published in Rolling Stone magazine. In the interview, El Chapo bragged that he sold more illegal narcotics than anybody in the world, and bragged about his submarines, airplanes, and [...]

Netflix in 190 Countries

By January 6, 2016, streaming service Netflix had reached 190 of the 195 countries on Earth. One would think this would be enough, right? Not for Netflix. They want the world! Or they at least want to do even better. For example, Turkey and Russia get Netflix, but it's only in English. In Russia, only 6% of that nation's population can speak English. In Turkey, it's 17 percent.  Neflix isn't available in China at all. Keep in mind China has [...]

Geek Choice media

Jurassic World Bill

Let's say you get a surprise bill for $5,900. You don't know where this bill came from. Then you find out the bill came from your 7-year-son! In the United Kingdom, that's what happened to a father named Mohammad Shugga. In December 2015, he learned his 7-year-old son racked a $5,900 tab (4,000 British pounds), on his Apple account. All of it was billed to the iPad game Jurassic World, based on the wildly successful movie franchise Jurassic Park. Jurassic [...]

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2015 According to Facebook

A few days ago, I wrote a blog of how Twitter evaluated 2015. The tweets of 2015 seemed more culture and celebrity oriented. But this is 2015 according to Facebook. According to Facebook, the past eleven months and ten days were very dark and grim. Most if not all top 10 events talked about on FB this year have been tragic, disturbing and depressing news stories. On the list include the Charleston, SC shootings and confederate flag debate, Baltimore riots, [...]

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Another Celebrity Death Hoax

What do Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, Cher, Carlos Santana, Miley Cyrus, Hugh Hefner, and Paul McCartney have in common? They were all subjected to a celebrity death hoax. Someone announced on social media a famous person passed away when they're just as above ground as we are. Now there's another celebrity death hoax. Are you familiar with Jim "Good ol' JR" Ross? He's one of the greatest pro wrestling commentator of all-time. Someone hacked into his Twitter account and reported [...]

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