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The New G-mail

The New G-Mail: Self-Destructing Messages and More

Do you use Google Mail? If you do, then get ready for some major changes. The new G-Mail: Self-destructing messages and more. So not only does the new G-Mail have new services, they have new designs. Now, you can take actions like archive, trash, and mark fresh from the inbox. There's also the new snooze action. With Snooze, you can come back to a certain e-mail whenever you feel like it. But keep in mind snooze is only in the [...]

Google Stops Controversial Ad Promotion

Google Stops Controversial Ad Promotion

There is a Google ad campaign that concerns a lot of people. So there are ads inside Gmail that can read other emails, no matter how personal or intimate. But thanks to Google Cloud, that stops. Google stops controversial ad promotion. So Google Cloud comes up with software they call G Suite. They sell it to Gmail users. So if you get this software, you don't get email scanning and invading ads. Sounds great, right? But some customers are still [...]

New Windows Features

New Windows Features,Especially For GMail Users

Last week, in our Boston computer service shop, we had a debate. It was about how good, or not so good, Windows 10 is. So my argument was, "They're doing better than other Windows services did". Hence, it looks like they're trying to do even better. Here are new Windows features, especially for GMail users. But don't expect this to happen overnight. The new Windows features will happen first to insiders, then to the general public. Furthermore, you'll see them [...]

Verizon and Yahoo Merger

Verizon and Yahoo Merger: It’s Worth Less

For months, Yahoo looked for a merger. Well, let's face it, they looked for someone...anyone to buy them out. But Verizon answered that call. However, that call will be less. Let's look at the Verizon and Yahoo merger; it's worth less than you think. So, Verizon will acquire Yahoo for $350 million less than the original agreement. Maybe it's because of the Yahoo email breaches. But the Verizon and Yahoo merger is still happening. Verizon even takes some blame for [...]


Security Alert! Millions of Emails Hacked!

In today's tech world, hacking and ID theft are on the increase. Not only that, they're getting bolder and bolder. Some even brag about what they're doing. A young Russian hacker stole over 232 million email accounts and passwords. The emails come from various places. Over 57 million of them come from accounts. is a major Russian email service. Around 40 million came from Yahoo, 33 million came from Microsoft Hotmail, 24 million came from Gmail. According to [...]

What Does That Emoji Say

What Does That Emoji Say?

Let's talk about the emoji. They're everywhere: Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, all other social media. You may think you're sending a smiling, loving, or funny emoji. But some studies are saying that emoji could be easily misinterpreted. A study was done at a GroupLens lab through the University of Minnesota. They observed the Emoji 'Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes'. This one differs, depending what app and what device you use. The version of this particular emoji on Samsung Galaxy looks [...]

The Undesirable Emoji

Everyone loves the emoji. What better way to express yourself than the cute little faces and symbols one can put in emails and social media posts? But there is new emoji coming out that isn't so cute. The undesirable emoji I refer to is the middle finger emoji. It's officially called Unicode 7. It took 15 months for it to be approved. It will be available on iOS 9.1. At the Apple conference last Wednesday, a lot of new emoji [...]

hilary clintons emails released

Hilary Clinton’s Emails Released

As most of you know, Former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton is running for US President in 2016. But there are some controversies surrounding her, like private emails. The State Department is setting up a January 2016 deadline to release emails on her private server turned over to the agency she used to run. That includes all 55,000 of them. This January 2016 proposal addresses a lawsuit filed by Vice News demanding such emails. The [...]

From Russia, Without Love

From Russia, Without Love

Last year, President Obama's email accounts were hacked, as was an unclassified computer system. Now, investigators say that this hack was more severe than first announced. The Russian hackers also got deep into the State Department's unclassified computer system. That's how they got many email archives from people in and out of the White House. Thankfully, no classified information has been compromised. But some of the information they got was sensitive: conversations with ambassadors, potential legislation, policy debates. They got [...]

Hilary Clinton vs Emails

Hilary Clinton vs Emails

As most of you know, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is considering a campaign for US President in 2016. But before she faces political opponents, she faces another: her own emails. Reports are everywhere about Hilary Clinton using private email accounts for public government business during her tenure as Secretary of State. The computer server appeared to be a far more sophisticated account than typical email servers like Yahoo, which former political candidates like Mitt Romney were caught using [...]

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