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Google's Diversity Increases

Google’s Diversity Increases

So there is one complaint that faces Google. In fact, it faces many IT service and IT support companies. It's the lack of diversity in their offices. But Google vowed to do something about it and they did. Let's see how Google's diversity increases. So the first thing I noticed is the men/women ration. The number of women Google employees are going up. However, the number of men Google employees are going down. But the numbers are up only [...]

You Tube Restricts British Right Wing Extremist Commentary

You Tube Restricts British Extreme Right Wing Commentator

So In Great Britain, Brexit is coming up. Back in 2016, a slight majority of British voters voted for their nation to leave the European Union. So of course, there is a lot of tension in the British Parliament and public. Then you have guys like Tommy Robinson, a far-right You Tube host that capitalizes off such tension. You Tube restricts British extreme right wing commentator. So not only do they take away his ability to livestream. But they [...]

Android Fights Dangerous Apps

Android Fights Dangerous Apps And Security Threats

So for many years, a weakness of Android has been security. In fact, stat after stat says their cyber security is weaker than rival Apple's. But now, there are over two billion Android smartphones out there. I have one myself, so do many others in IT service. That's why Android fights dangerous apps and security threats. So I read some interesting numbers today. They even gave an annual report of their security. Now, 0.o4% of Google's apps are potentially harmful. That's [...]

Technology and Venezuela's Crisis

Technology and Venezuela’s Crisis: The Tech Pool Leaves

So most of us know that Venezuela is in a crisis state. In fact, the people rarely have enough to eat and their lights cut off at any moment. Also, they live under constant fear, from their own leadership. But there's another devastating blow. Technology and Venezuela's crisis: the tech pool leaves. So this is perhaps the biggest resource that this troubled nation is losing: Their IT service and IT support pool. In fact, in recent years, over three million [...]

Headphones For Sale

Headphones For Sale; Headphones For Cheap

So in this tech and IT service era, headphones are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity. So many of us have a smartphone right? Retailers know this. That's why we have so many headphones for sale; and headphones for cheap. So how much will you pay for a noise cancelling wireless headphone? $500? $300? You're in luck. Because now, you can get Treblab's Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones for as little as around $80. They contain 40mm speakers [...]

The Things Google Killed

The Things Google Killed

So, do you ever wonder about the products big tech and big IT support disposes of? I'm talking about plans and/or products that never make it past Silicon Valley boardrooms. But now, there is a website that reports on Google on just that. These are the things Google killed. So yes, there is a list out there. They call it, "Killed by Google". This includes things like the Inbox email service. It also includes the Google+, that would challenge Facebook. [...]

The New Apple TV

The New Apple TV: What Will It Do For Me?

So Apple fans, including some of our own computer repair clients, glued themselves to the press conference yesterday. Because at their Cupertino theater, they revealed new additions to their new Apple TV features. The new Apple TV: What will it do for me? So here is a feature that strikes me. With the new Apple TV, you can get third party subscriptions with ease. For example, if you can't live without Netflix, but you have Apple TV, then you're now [...]

Is Social Media Making Us Worse?

Is Social Media Making Us Worse? (Instead of Better)

So in 2010, I logged onto Facebook for the first time. Before long, I was excited to reunite with friends and classmates I haven't heard from in years. Then, as the years dragged on, the excitement wore off and the misery began. Also, I read an article that begs the question. Is social media making us worse? So this TechCrunch article says social media is changing, and not for the better. It uses a stat saying unhappier and lonelier people [...]


Are Medtronic Defibrillators Dangerous?

So let me start off explaining what a defibrillator is. It's a device that sends electric shocks to the heart. It's an IT service that can literally mean life or death. They put it in the patient's chest, and use it to correct things like irregular heartbeats. This sounds great, but Homeland Security issues a warning. Are Medtronic defibrillators dangerous? So Medtronic is a company that manufacturers health devices.  In fact, Medtronic is the world's most popular health device maker. [...]

The Two Centi-Billionaires

The Two Centi-Billionaires. The Common Denominator

So this may deter from IT service and technology talk. If it does, then please forgive me. But there are 7.71 billion people in the world today. Of those, around 2,800 are billionaires. Then of those, only 145 are worth over $10 billion. Guess how many of those 145 are worth over $100 billion: Only two. These are the two centi-billionaires. Here is the common denominator. So the common denominator is IT support. The two centi-billionaires are Amazon king Jeff [...]

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