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US States vs. T-Mobile

US States vs. T-Mobile: What This Means

So Monday, I talked about a merger between two software data companies. But nobody's really raising Cain about that. However, this potential merger could effect everybody. And lots of people, from IT service to US senators are ticked off. It's US States vs. T-Mobile. So T-Mobile is the third largest phone company in the US. But they plan to purchase Sprint, the fourth largest phone company in the US. This merger will cost $26 billion, and many are not happy. [...]

Licence Plate Hack

Security Alert: Licence and Traveler Images Stolen

So according to the CPB (US Customs and Border Protection), a security breach took place on May 31. This data breach stole photos and car info that travel in and out of the US. This is a security alert: Licence and traveler images stolen. First, they sent the photo to a sub-contractor network. Then, the hackers used a cyber attack to steal them. They did not hit the CPB's networks during this breach. But they did compromise drivers licence [...]

Salesforce Buys Out Tableau

Salesforce Buys Out Tableau

So we have another major merger to talk about in the IT service world. It's been a while since the last big one. But in the 2019 world, you know one is coming, and it's now here. Salesforce buys out Tableau. Salesforce is a huge, major customer-manager software making firm based in San Francisco. Tableau is an interactive visual data software firm, located in Seattle. So the deal is this: Salesforce Buys out Tableau for 15.7 billion dollars. All [...]

Microsoft Tackles Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft Tackles It’s Own Facial Recognition

So in the IT support world, few things are more controversial than facial recognition technology. Some say we need it for security. But many say it's a blatant privacy invasion. However, Microsoft tackles it's own facial recognition. They do so by wiping out it's MS Celeb database. So their database used to contain 10 million facial images of around 100,000 people. But not anymore. Because they're deleting these images even as I speak. Maybe Microsoft did this on their [...]

You Tube Harassment And Confusion

So everybody, even those of us in computer repair, like You Tube. But there is a social/political beef between two major You Tube stars. Those stars are conservative activists Steven Crowder and progressive Vox reporter Carlos Maza. There are also accusations of harassment. But not even You Tube is clear of what harassment is. This is You Tube harassment and confusion. So it started when You Tube stopped Crowder's many flow and ads over some racist and homophobic comments [...]

Lunch With Warren Buffet

Lunch With Warren Buffet. What’s Your Price?

So what if you had an opportunity to share a meal with multi-billionaire Warren Buffet. How much would you pay for that? Would it be $1,000, $10,000, $100,000? Lunch with Warrren Buffet. What's your price? So one man, crypto currency enthusiast Justin Sun, paid a whopping 4.57 million to lunch with Warren Buffet. But you don't hear me though. That's $4,570,000 (approximately)! But how did this happen? Justin Sun won an auction on Ebay. There were five bidders fighting [...]


The 2019 WWDC Highlights…So Far

So Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference is now underway. It's taking place between June 3-7 in San Jose, California. But it started with a keynote speech that lasted well over 2 hours. I can't cover everything, but here are some things that struck me. The 2019 WWDC far. So this is a developer's conference right? If you're a developer, then you may be happy with the ARKit 3 and SwiftUI. The ARKit 3 uses better argumented reality to [...]

US Screens Social Media

US Screens Social Media For Visa Applicants

So over the last several years, we hear stories of people getting fired over a bad social media post. We also hear of China's social credit score. But now, it seems Big Brother is digging his shovel a little deeper. US screens social media for visa applicants. So from now on, US visa applicants must submit their social media pages, all emails, and smartphone on their applications. This new law will affect over 15 million upcoming visa applications. The [...]

China Threatens Blacklist

China Threatens Blacklist Over Huawei

So I predicted the US vs. China trade war and the Huawei controversy had no end in sight. I appear to be right. Because China threatens blacklist over Huawei. So most of you know, the US pretty much banned Huawei from doing any business in this country. But now, China seems ready to retaliate. According to Gao Feng, a China's commerce spokesperson, they're putting a list together. This list includes any company, or nation, that hinders business with Chinese [...]

Big Tech vs.

Big Tech vs. British Surveillance

So you think major IT service companies don't get along, huh? That is true sometimes. However, there are times they put their competitive nature aside to fight for a greater cause. It's big tech vs. British surveillance. So what they're fighting against is the the United Kingdom's GCHQ bill/law. Well, let me go back to 2016. That year, they passed a law letting all governments and law agencies snoop and hack all computers. This means whether they're suspected of doing [...]

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