Bring Amazon to Massachusetts

Breaking News: Amazon Chooses New Headquarters

So for months, Americans asked one question, even us computer repair folks. Where will Amazon place it's new headquarters? Over 20 cities competed for the role, including Boston. But now, it seems we have our answer. This is breaking news: Amazon chooses new headquarters. However, it's not just one city. First, Amazon leaders said they will build a new facility in NYC's Queens. This will hold around 25,000 new employees. Then there is greater Washington, DC; they shouldn't feel left [...]

IT Service Verses California Wildfire

IT Service Verses California Wildfire

So over the last few days, the worst wildfires of all-time hit both sides of California. Not only that, but dozens are dead, thousands are running for their lives, and there seems to be little end in sight. But what is IT support doing about it? It's IT service verses California wildfire. Friday, on the first full day of the fire, Apple's Tim Cook tweeted his prayers. He also said the company is donating. But he didn't say how much [...]

Twitter Doubles Character Count

Twitter Doubles Character Count, But Not Use

So yes, I know Apple is having their live event show right now. I also know Apple is promoting many of their latest products. Furthermore, I know many of our computer repair customers can't get enough Apple (for reasons I can't understand). But I want to talk about Twitter. Twitter doubles character count, but not use. So remember last year, when Twitter doubled the maximum character count from 140 to 280? They thought this would boost Twitter use, because not [...]

Will The Red Hat Save IBM?

Will The Red Hat Save IBM? Can Anything Save IBM?

So, IBM is on hard times. In my lifetime, I didn't think I would say that. But I guess the 21st century IT support big boys, like Apple, Google and Amazon, are becoming too much. However, they just bought software firm Red Hat. Will the Red Hat save IBM? So IBM bought out this cloud computing company of over $34 billion. This is the kind of tech they're banking on now. However, for years now, they banked on Watson. Watson [...]

Did Samsung Ruin Apple's Big Day?

Did Samsung Ruin Apple’s Big Day?

So today, Apple releases it's new iPhone XR to Apple stores and retailers around the world. It's on the low end of Apple's new phones coming out this year. In fact, you can get one for under $800. But Bloomberg Magazine just released a bombshell by rival Samsung, on this very day. Did Samsung ruin Apple's big day? First of all, Samsung, through Bloomberg Magazine, gave many a detail about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. But that's just the beginning. [...]

They can spy on the President.

They Can Spy On The President. Do We Have Any Hope?

So two major concerns are security and online privacy. This is true in the computer repair industry. Furthermore, you know this is true in the government. But yet, they can spy on the President. Do we have any hope? So according to some tech insiders, President Trump has 3 iPhones. Well, let's give him credit for even doing that. Because before 2016, he had a Samsung, which had Android IT support service. Over the years, we all know Android is [...]

Tim Cook vs Data Industrial Complex

Tim Cook vs Data Industrial Complex

So in Brussels, Belgium, IT service and IT support's best and brightest gathered. Apple CEO Tim Cook was the main event speaker. But he wasn't promoting the latest iPhone this time. Instead, he sounded an alarm about tech's future. It was Tim Cook vs data industrial complex. So I should say, there is no official 'data industrial complex' in Brussels, Europe, or anywhere else. However, Cook warned against how data and our own info can be used against us. Also, [...]

Nintendo Comes to Elementary Schools

Nintendo Comes to Elementary Schools

So times are a changing. When I was a kid, if you bought a Nintendo Game Boy to school, they took it away from you. Then there was the time my mom grounded me because she thought my Nintendo playing affected my grades. But now, Nintendo comes to elementary schools. So I think I should explain. These aren't Game Boys or consoles, or Wii's, but they're Labo Kits. They make these IT support education sets out of cardboard. Here, you [...]

Ebay's Instant Selling

Ebay’s Instant Selling: Sell Your Old Smartphone

So are you tired of your old smartphone? Do you have a new one and don't have any need for the old one? Then Maybe Ebay can help. Ebay's instant selling: Sell your old smartphone. So this is a new system Ebay created. They call it Instant Selling. However, there is good news and bad news in this. The good news is this will only take a few minutes, and Ebay does most of the work for you. However, the [...]

Can VR Help Your Food Taste Better?

Can VR Help Your Food Taste Better?

So at Cornell University, an Ivy League university, they're conducting an IT support and IT support experiment. It involves blue cheese and virtual reality. But what do these two things have in common? They ask the questions. Can VR help your food taste better? First, they gave 50 people VR headsets. Then, they gave them pieces of blue cheese. They ate the cheese in a typical booth first. Then they put the VR glasses. It was there where they sat [...]

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