The New G-mail

The New G-Mail: Self-Destructing Messages and More

Do you use Google Mail? If you do, then get ready for some major changes. The new G-Mail: Self-destructing messages and more. So not only does the new G-Mail have new services, they have new designs. Now, you can take actions like archive, trash, and mark fresh from the inbox. There's also the new snooze action. With Snooze, you can come back to a certain e-mail whenever you feel like it. But keep in mind snooze is only in the [...]

Is Netflix In Debt?

Is Netflix In Debt? This Is Hard To Believe.

So in the early 2000s, hardly anybody heard of Netflix. They were some mail-in company you got videos from when you were too lazy to go to the video store. But now, it's an IT service entertainment monster, worth around $100 billion. However, there still seems to be financial issues. Is Netflix in debt? This is hard to believe. So according to their own statement, Netflix will raise $1.5 billion in 'offering senior notes'. The statement is in such legalese [...]

Amazon Robots

Amazon Robots: Will They Run Our Home?

So now, Amazon is in a  lot of things. They're taking over retail, groceries, and voice IT service. Then I read about Amazon robots. Will they run our home? I say this because according to many in tech media, Amazon is working on a home robot. They're calling it Vesta. However, don't go running to Amazon for their home robots anytime soon. They hope Amazon robots will be ready by early 2019. I wish I could tell you what this [...]

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey Starts A Silicon Valley Movement

So one of the biggest issues Silicon Valley has is wealth inequality. On one hand, you have tech billionaires eating good. But on the other hand, even people making $100,000 a year struggle to eat and pay rent. However, one company fights that. Survey Monkey starts a Silicon Valley movement. So Survey Monkey is a $2 billion company that provides online surveys. Like many tech companies, they hire third-party contractors. Generally, tech companies give third-party contacts perks, like free food [...]

Fake Ad Blocker

Fake Ad Blocker: Check Your Google Account Now!

So you put an ad blocker in your Google account. But now you can't find it. There is probably a good reason for that. It could be because of a fake ad blocker. Check your Google account now! So this warning started with a story AdGuard's blog released. In it, they exposed fake extensions that used extra code. They feed on the info of websites you visit, almost like some monster out of a swamp that yearns to get bigger. [...]

Amazon E-Commerce Globalizes

Amazon E-Commerce Globalizes As It Attracts Int’l Customers

So Amazon's e-commerce app is only available in a few countries. We're talking USA, most EU countries, Australia and Singapore. But that's about to change. Because Amazon e-commerce globalizes. So here's what's happening. A new feature lets 100 other countries buy from Amazon. They can now do so with mobile apps. They're also showing off the app to nations that don't feel Amazon's presence as much. They can do this through an international shipping system. Let's say you're in one [...]

Deleting Your Google History

Deleting Your Google History And Checking Your Activity

So over the last several weeks, a debate raged on. The debates raged from online privacy rights to powerful tech leaders selling our information. In fact, these debates happen everywhere, from homes, bars, coffee shops, even our Boston computer service shop. Maybe we can help. Here is to deleting your Google history and checking your activity. Yes, you can delete your browsing history. But even doing that doesn't get rid of all the information Google has on you. However, by [...]

Skagen Faltser

Introducing the Android Skagen Faltser

So I tire of reading about the Facebook scandal, and other IT service woes. Then I think, "What else is going on out there?". I found a smartwatch that might interest some of you. Introducing the Android Skagen Faltser. So we can thank our friends in Denmark for the Skagen Faltser. You read the time on an OLED round face. It can also serve as an alarm clock. You can wake up to a white on black color. If that's [...]

Elon Musk Can't Go To Sleep

Elon Musk Can’t Go To Sleep? But Why?

So IT support billionaire and Tesla CEO is under stress. In fact, on CBS This Morning, Elon Musk can't go to sleep. But why? First of all, Tesla is under a stressful period. In fact, it's so bad Musk is sleeping on his car maker's factory floor. Then, he says he can't even go home to shower or sleep in his own bed. So why is Musk doing this? One reason is because he's hard at work on his Model [...]

Introducing Espn+

Introducing ESPN+: ESPN and Disney Goes Streaming

So geeks, admit it, many of you are sports fanatics. I know I am. In fact, many in our Boston computer service shop are sports fans. I have good news. Introducing ESPN+: ESPN and Disney goes streaming. So ESPN+ will be ESPN, and their father company Disney's first streaming launch since they partially acquired BAMTech last year.  BAMTech also provides streaming services for HBO, Major League Baseball, and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), among others. It will cost $5 a month. [...]

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