Silicon Valley's Wealth Inequality Problem

Silicon Valley’s Wealth Inequality Problem

So I read this article about a San Francisco coffee house. This one house charges eight dollars per cup of coffee. That's just one example of Silicon Valley's wealth inequality problem. Silicon Valley, greater San Francisco and San Jose, have some of the worst wealth inequality in America. In fact, the San Francisco area ranks third in the highest wealth gaps between rich and everybody else. Then take the San Jose area, just down the road. They rank sixth highest [...]

Florida Shooter

Social Media Reveals Florida Shooter’s Mind

So yesterday, this country endured another mass shooting. This one took place at a high school in Parkland, Florida, a suburban town just west of Fort Lauderdale. So now, 17 are dead and 15 are still fighting for their lives. Social media reveals Florida shooter's mind. On Instagram, there are photos of the Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz, posing with guns and knives. Between 2015 and 2016, he also posted pictures and ads of weapons he wanted to buy. One such [...]

Bill Gates Threatens

Bill Gates Threatens Government Intervention

So do you ever hear the saying, "When the cats are away the rats will play."? Apparently, Microsoft founder Bill Gates fears this is happening to the IT service and computer tech world. Bill Gates threatens government intervention if tech leaders don't get it together. So the first thing Gates talks address is the monopolization of tech companies. He's right. Look at Amazon; they own about everything. Then look at Google and Apple. Those two companies, and their offspring, back [...]

Olympic Cyber Attack

Olympic Cyber Attack: Who Did it and Why?

So the 2018 Winter Olympic games are underway. But it's not the athletics that are making news. It's the hacking. One cyber attack was so bad they had to shut the Winter Olympic website down. However, it's back up now. Olympic cyber attack: Who did it and why? The hackers attacked just before the opening ceremony. They also messed up TV and Internet coverage. It took 12 hours for networks to restore coverage and order. An Olympic spokesperson talked about [...]

We Were Yahoo

We Were Yahoo: According to a Former Senator

So in the 1990s, Yahoo was at the forefront of IT support and Internet technology. Then, in January 2000, Yahoo's stocks peaked at $118.75 a share. How the mighty have fallen. Author and former Florida State Senator Jeremy Ring recalls his Yahoo employee days. We Were Yahoo: According to a former senator. In fact, Jeremy Ring calls his book We Were Yahoo. At 25, he started a Yahoo office in New York. But soon after that, Yahoo sent him to [...]

You Tube's New Policy

You Tube’s New Policy: Good Rules or Censorship?

So yesterday, we talked about Logan Paul's ad suspension over bad You Tube/Twitter behavior. But it seems like You Tube isn't stopping there. Because they now have new policy about what is good and what isn't. You Tube's new policy: Good rules or censorship? So now, You Tube is ready to put suspensions and sanctions on any You Tuber. That is, any You Tuber that post videos they call harmful to the You Tube community, whether that be viewers, vloggers, [...]

Logan Paul

You Tube Suspends Logan Paul…Again

So last month, popular You Tube star Logan Paul found himself in trouble. Because in a January 2018 video, he posted a real dead body. He apologized and removed the video, but apparently,  he didn't learn much of a lesson. You Tube suspends Logan Paul...again. So since that incident a month ago, Logan Paul's antics are just as inappropriate. Paul's worst hits include rat tasering, encouraging eating Tide pods, and other violations. You Tube puts it's foot down. Because today, [...]

Apple Helps Cover Winter Olympics

Apple Helps Cover Winter Olympics With NBC

So tomorrow night, the 2018 Winter Olympic games begin in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Yes, NBC will cover it, but they're not the only ones. Apple helps cover Winter Olympics with NBC. Apple News is dedicating a whole section exclusively to these Winter Olympic games. Actually, it will be a part of the 'For You' section. However, Olympic coverage will have it's own section within 'For You'. Then, you have NBC's help with this service. It has to be this way because [...]

The Tesla Roadstar

The Tesla Roadstar: Where Is It Now?

So yesterday, Elon Musk lived his dream, or one of them. Because yesterday, his company Tesla launched a car into orbit on Space X Falcon Heavy. But this is just the beginning of this journey. The Tesla Roadstar: Where is it now? So the Tesla Roadstar's journey is to fly around the sun, then head toward Mars. But I don't know if something went wrong or if there was a last minute change. Because now, the car is going  toward [...] Offers A Helping Hand and Text Line

There are a lot of issues going on in 2018 America. This includes bullying, sexual harassment, racism, political division, etc. So IT service and computer repair are NOT immune. In fact, they caused some of the concerns. Look at the craze of sex robots (yuck!). But one company wants to help put sanity back in an insane world. offers a helping hand and text line. is a text line to help bosses and employees alike talk about controversial [...]

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