The Samsung Profit Plunge: It’s Bad

The year 2016 has not been kind to Samsung. That's because they had a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco for the record books. While some say, "It's not that bad. Samsung is a multi-billion dollar  business. So they will bounce back." I hope so. The Samsung profit plunge: It's bad. You see, Samsung lost 30% of operating profit in Q3 2016 alone. As a result, Samsung lost over 5.6 billion dollars in just three months! I don't care who you [...]


Amazon’s New Tablet Meets Alexa

Amazon unveiled the new tablet. They call it the Fire HD 8. So, this new tablet has Alexa the Amazon voice. Therefore, Amazon's new tablet meets Alexa. Will they get along? The Fire HD 8 is the first tablet that has Alexa's support. But you don't have to talk or shout to her. Hold down the home button and watch Alexa come to life. Also, it takes the same voice command as Amazon's popular Echo devices. But be careful. Sure, use [...]


Twitter Is Struggling…Twitter Is Bleeding

Twitter is one of the most revolutionary social media sites of all-time. They should be thriving, right? But they're not. In fact, Twitter is struggling...Twitter is bleeding. This week, Twitter contemplates laying off 300 employees. That's eight percent of their entire work staff. While they did the same thing last year, this year should be different. Also, this is not written in stone. So the number is hopefully lower, or it could be even higher. Furthermore, sources don't want to [...]


Women in Computer Jobs Fall…and Keep Falling

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the late David Bunnell. He is the father of tech media. He also has a legacy of social justice.  In the 1980s, he criticized the tech industry for being, 'a white male revolution'. Maybe he was onto something. Because women in computer jobs fall...and keep falling. Research says women in the computer tech workforce could fall to 22% by 2025, while it's at 24% now. Just think...women made up for 37% of computer based [...]


Tech Media Giant David Bunnell Passed Away

Tech media giant David Bunnell passed away last Tuesday. He was 69 years old. Bunnell's wife said he died as a result of pancreatic cancer. Many call him the father of tech media, and for good reason. His father was a journalist in Nebraska. As a teenager, Bunnell worked for his father's newspaper. David Bunnell came of age in the 1960s, a decade dedicated to change. And he gladly took part in that change. He marched against housing discrimination and [...]


Is AT&T Buying Time Warner?

Ever read an article and had to do a double take? That's what happened to me this morning. Because I read of a merger that could change everything...again. Is AT&T buying Time Warner? While various reports come in, I'm still amazed at this one. According to such reports, AT&T verbally agreed to buy Time Warmer. As a result, the deal is worth $85 billion dollars. Hence, this deal gives AT&T control of cable channels HBO and CNN. It would also [...]


Alert: Internet Sites Went Down By Hackers

This is an alert: Internet sites went down by hackers. That's because early this morning, hackers used distributed denial of service (DDoS). They attacked Dyn Inc. services. But as of 1:20 pm UTC time, 9:20 am Eastern Time, Dyn states their services are normal again. Dyn is a major domain name system (DNS) hosts. Hence, the attack caused a Level 3 outage. According to outage maps, attack hit the Northeast US hard. Also, the outage hit some of the US Southwest [...]


Airbnb Verses New York and San Francisco

Social media home stay network Airbnb is in trouble. There are allegations of racial discrimination and racist abuse among Airbnb hosts. But wait...there's more. Two of the biggest markets in America want to severely limit Airbnb. Airbnb verses New York and San Francisco is real. But Airbnb probably won't win this one. Today, Airbnb announced it will only allow limited listings in New York and San Francisco. Especially relevant is Airbnb's headquarters are in San Francisco. Hence, this means as [...]


The New Smart Crib: A Good Idea?

The 1930s was the decade of radio. The 1950s was the decade of television. The 1990s was the decade of Internet. The 2010s is the decade of smart technology. We have smart watches. In addition to that, we have the new smart crib: a good idea? There's a smart crib called Smoo. It seems like Smoo automatically puts crying babies to sleep. That's because it mimics the womb. It rocks the baby back and forth. Also, it comes with a [...]


Presidential Election Even Divides Silicon Valley

We know Silicon Valley is a technical haven. It's not a political one. But tech billionaire Peter Thiel endorsed Donald Trump. He pledged over $120 million. Furthermore, Thiel spoke at the Republican National Convention last July. Is nobody immune?  The presidential election even divides Silicon Valley. Also, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and his wife donated $20 million to the Democrat Party. In addition, Charles River Ventures, a tech venture capitalist firm, published a blog called, "(Curse) Trump". Charles River Ventures claims [...]

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