One Photo Shows What Technology Did To Us

So I'm looking for things to write about. I see a picture of a Hilary Clinton rally. This one photo shows what technology did to us. The picture shows hundreds of people, most of them young adults, have their backs toward Hilary Clinton with their smartphones out. They're taking selfies, simultaneously. There is a barrier between Mrs. Clinton and the crowd, and the Democratic presidential candidate is waving. It looks like she's waving for the selfie taking crowd, not to [...]


The Worst Use Of Facial Recognition

Disclaimer: The following subject matter is for mature audiences only. Reader and parental discretion is advised. Facial recognition has always been creepy to me. A computer system recognizes you by your facial features: That's something to be left in science fiction movies. I just read an article that tops it. This has got to be the worst use of facial recognition yet. Facial recognition is being used to look for webcam sex performers. We can thank, a Belgian based company, [...]


Snapchat Debuts It’s Own Sunglasses

When you think of tech companies making hardware and smart products, who do you think of? You probably think of Apple, Google, Microsoft, maybe even Facebook? Do you think of Snapchat? Maybe you should. Snapchat debuts it's own sunglasses. These are called Spectacles. These aren't regular sunglasses. These sunglasses can record videos 10 seconds at a time. They'll be available for $130 and will be made available this fall. To record the semi-video, all one has to do is press [...]


Life Without a Headphone Jack

Apple's iPhone 7's are flying off the shelves and shipping trucks like hotcakes. One selling point: the iPhone 7 is the first smartphone without a headphone jack. Some call this technological progress. But according to one tech blogger and reporter, life without a headphone jack isn't so happy. The blogger's name is JP Mangalindan. He is not happy with this transition. He acknowledges the fact you can get an adapter that plugs into the lightning port. This adapter lets you use [...]


Yahoo Mass Data Breach Hits Millions

A Yahoo mass data breach hits millions of Yahoo accounts. This happened in August, about a month ago. So why am I talking about it now? Because they're just getting around to confirming the breach. This is according to a article. Various sources said the breach hit over 200 million accounts. Last month Yahoo claimed to be investigating the matter. The hackers themselves claimed to be infecting and selling the accounts online. Here's more irony. A well known cyber [...]


North Korea’s Internet Lack Is Revealed

North Korea is the most isolated nation on Earth. With dictator Kim Jong Un testing nuclear weapons, North Korea is one of the most dangerous. Somehow, North Korea accidentally confirmed what most of the world already knows. North Korea's Internet lack is revealed. Someone in Pyongyang (North Korea's capital and largest city) leaked access to all the websites on their government's servers. We find out there are only 28 website domains. That's right; there are only 28 websites available for [...]


How Do You Navigate Twitter’s Changes?

Recently, Twitter made changes to it's message system. The biggest change is the 140-word character limit per tweet. What does that mean for Twitter? How do you navigate Twitter's changes? First of all, some things won't count in the 140-word character limit. Replies, pictures, videos, and quotes won't count toward that character limit. A lot of people thought this would shorten their expressions on Twitter. But with these new freedoms, this will probably strengthen it. Before this, even the quotes [...]


Revolutionary Wearable Technology Gets Millions

First came the smartphone. Then came the smartwatch. Then came the virtual reality craze. What will they think of next? A Canadian technology company called Thalmic Labs already thought of something. And they're getting plenty of support. This revolutionary wearable technology gets millions in venture capital. Thalmic Labs' has a technology piece called the Myo. You wear the Myo on your arm. This armband uses electricity generated by your arm muscles. With this, you can control devices like computers, smartphones [...]


Netflix New Show Makes History

Over the last several years, streaming service Netflix gave us wonderful shows: House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Bloodline, The Get Down. Netflix releases a series like any other. This Netflix new show makes history. This show is called Meridian. It's only 12 minutes long. It wasn't even made for Netflix or for a general audience, for that matter. It was made for TV engineers to perform tests on. Now they're giving away Meridian for free for other [...]


More People Are Watching Football on Twitter

Ratings for Thursday night's NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets were very high. Over 48 million Americans watched on TV. Two million watch through social media streaming. More people are watching football on Twitter. This Twitter streaming service is free. Twitter's audience was smaller than when Yahoo offered this free service last year. An average of 243,000 people watched the game on Twitter at any given time. This could mean at any given quarter, or maybe [...]

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