You Tube Steps Up It's Game

You Tube Steps Up It’s Game, Adds Programs

So You Tube is trying to step out of it's traditional You Tube offerings. In many ways, they're already doing that. But You Tube steps up it's game, adds program. So as far as memberships, they already have You Tube Gaming. For around $5 a month, you get your own channel and choice of games. But now, these new Channel memberships will have stricter rules. Channel creators will need to be 18+ and have at least 100,000 churches. This includes [...]

Uber and Lyft Drivers

Uber and Lyft Drivers Make Millions In Tips

So we know that all things IT service is changing. For example, five years ago, Uber comes out. But today, Uber and Lyft drivers make millions in tips. Last year, the ride sharing app started an in-app tipping service. It paid every sense of the word. They introduced the tipping program in May 2017. Since then, drivers saw a 30% increase in their bottom line. In fact, in August 2017 alone, Uber drivers made $50 million in tips. They're [...]

Apple and Google CEO's Lose Favor

Apple and Google CEO’s Lose Favor

So job search and career development website Glassdoor came out with their most popular CEO's. Apple and Google, two of the biggest IT service companies, are here. But it's not good news for them.  Because Apple and Google CEO's lose favor. Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped a whopping 43 points in the ratings. That's the lowest drop of any CEO since they started doing this list. Then you have Google CEO Sundai Pachai, who also dropped a lot in these polls. [...]

Can Google Predict Your Death?

Can Google Predict Your Death? It Can Happen

So they rush a woman with stage 4 breast cancer to the hospital. Also, her lungs are drowning in her own fluid. Google AI gives her less than 20% chance of living to see the following week. Unfortunately, they were right. Because she passes away three days after her rush to the hospital. Can Google predict your death? So now, Google uses health-care data and AI software to predict someone's health. This includes hospital stays, chances of recovery, and even [...]

World's Largest ARM Super Computer

World’s Largest ARM Super Computer

So last week, an elderly gentlemen came in our Boston computer service shop. When he was in college in the 1950s, the super computer was all they had. So today, I read an article that kind of reminds me of that. Here is the world's largest ARM Super computer. We know most of these mega machines because of their super speed. However, there is a new kid in town. They call this new kid Astra, the world's largest ARM super [...]

Oprah Chooses Apple

Oprah Chooses Apple For Original Content

So I think we all know the online content war is no joke. In fact, AT&T and Time Warner are merging because of this. However, Apple fights back. Oprah chooses Apple for original content. The media mogul signed a long lasting contract with Apple. This contract will have Oprah Winfrey, owner of OWN cable TV network, producing videos exclusively for Apple. However, nobody knows what these videos will be about. Or at least, nobody is giving anything away. Well, they [...]

AT&T And Time Warner Merge

AT&T And Time Warner Merge: Now What?

So most of you know I'm cynical of major mergers. I'm cynical because I think when they're too big to fail, they're too big to care. This is in contrast of our computer service shop. Here, our computer repair experts always care.  But this is the merger of all mergers. AT&T and Time Warner merge: Now what? They worked on this deal for months, but it's so big and controversial that the legal system held it up. The hold up [...]

Will Google Save The Smartwatch Industry?

Will Google Save The Smartwatch Industry?

So the smartwatch is to be the next big thing in tech and IT support. But I guess consumers had other ideas. Because the smartwatch sale is slipping. Will Google save the smartwatch industry? They are trying. One reason smartphones are failing is because of short battery life. Google says they will combat this by strengthening Android P. That's the operating systems behind Google/Android software. One tactic they will use is 'App Standby Buckets'. It telly you which apps you [...]

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality 2015-2018: Rest In Peace

So June 11, 2018 is probably one of the darkest days in Internet history. I say this because this was the day net neutrality ended. Here lies net neutrality, 2015-2018, rest in peace. Under former President Barack Obama, they made this rule in 2015. It stopped ISP's from charging and favoring websites they chose. Then, in December 2017, the FCC voted to repeal the 2015 rule. But this enraged Democrats, many states, and consumer rights and freedom advocate groups. They [...]

Norman The AI Psychopath

Norman The AI Psychopath: They Tried To Warn Us

So a Facebook friend sent me a picture of McDonalds. But here, there are no clerks, just AI stands taking orders. It grieved him, and me also. However, something more disturbing is on the rise. Norman the AI Psychopath: They tried to warn us. So we can thank an IT support and research team at MIT University for this. They literally named it Norman, after Norman Bates from Psycho. This also refer to this AI technology as 'psychopath'. They did [...]

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