Can VR Help Your Food Taste Better?

Can VR Help Your Food Taste Better?

So at Cornell University, an Ivy League university, they're conducting an IT support and IT support experiment. It involves blue cheese and virtual reality. But what do these two things have in common? They ask the questions. Can VR help your food taste better? First, they gave 50 people VR headsets. Then, they gave them pieces of blue cheese. They ate the cheese in a typical booth first. Then they put the VR glasses. It was there where they sat [...]

Apple Cracks Down on iPhone Scammers

Apple Cracks Down on iPhone Scammers

So do you own an iPhone? Did you ever pay hundred of dollars for an app? Also, here's another question: Do you have to pay $5 a week for an app? It may not seem like much, but it adds up. That's why Apple cracks down on iPhone scammers. But paying for Apps, especially that much, seem to be going out of style. However, there are still complaints from customers and computer repair experts. They talk about 'dark patterns'. That [...]

R.I.P. Paul Allen

R.I.P. Paul Allen: Microft Co-Founder and Tech Innovator

So when most people think of Microsoft, they think of Bill and Melinda Gates, right? However, we forget that Gates had a lot of help in founding this IT support giant. His co-founder, Paul Allen, was there, literally from day one. R.I.P. Paul Allen: Microsoft co-founder and tech innovator. Paul Allen died yesterday from lymphoma. He was 65 years old. Allen co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975. But that's not all. He also created the two button mouse. Furthermore, [...]

Hurricane Michael and Technology

Hurricane Michael and Technology: How Tech Helps

So last week, Hurricane Micheal devastated the Florida Panhandle. The pictures are hard to watch. Not only was this the strongest October hurricane of all time, but was one of the strongest storms of any time. However, many credit technology for helping out and even saving lives. Let's look at Hurricane Michael and technology. So many of people, like meteorologists, credit IT support and technology for saving lives. They credit radar and computer models for watching the storm's rapid intensity. [...]

Facebook, AI, and 3D Photos

Facebook, AI, and 3D Photos: Oh My!

So what if you could jump into a photo? It kind of reminds me of the 1980s A-Ha's "Take On Me" video. This new photo technology won't let you do that, but it could be getting close. Facebook, AI, and 3D photos: Oh my! So Facebook now rolls out 3D photos for you. This piece of IT service should add realism to your photos. In fact, it's so real you can feel like you can almost jump in them. All [...]

Pocket's App Reads For You

Pocket’s App Reads For You And Then Some

So many of us know Pocket as the 'article app. In fact, some of us in computer repair call it 'the media app'. That's because it gives and manages your Internet news articles. It's now growing up because Pocket's app reads for you. So you find an article. But you don't have time to read it right now and save it in Pocket to read later. But now, Pocket's app reads for you. However, you have to get Pocket's latest [...]

You Tube Channel

You Tube Channel Exploits Smartphone Rivalry

So the Apple vs Android/Google rivalry is probably the most famous business rivalry since Pepsi vs Coke. However, from our computer repair experience, some people take that a little too seriously. But one You Tube channel shows that. In fact, this You Tube channel exploits smartphone rivalry. The You Tuber's name is Jonathan Morrison. First, he took selfies with what he said was a Google Pixel 2. Then, he revealed the lie. He really took the pictures with an Apple [...]

US Government and Corporations vs Spy Chip

US Government and Corporations vs Spy Chip

So, how many of you know about the 'spy chip'? It's a chip that can read and compromise data on motherboards all over the world. But that's just the beginning of it. It's US government and corporations vs spy chip. So last week, a scathing report came out of Bloomberg. This magazine claims China built these spy chips on motherboards. Also, SuperMicro owns and builds these motherboards, so they share some blame as well. However, the allegations don't stop there. [...]

Pence Asks Google

Pence Asks Google And China To Break Up

So most people know about the trade tariff war between President Trump and China. But now, Vice-President Mike Pence gets involved. Pence asks Google and China to break up. He said this to the Hudson Institute yesterday. Yes, the trade conflict is a factor. However, Pence talked about China's oppressive censorship issues, especially online. Google plans on making a mobile Google just for China. Also, they're even working with China on this. That doesn't sit well with Pence. Because Pence [...]

Did You Get That Presidential Alert Yesterday?

Did You Get That Presidential Alert Yesterday?

So yesterday evening, my social media page went crazy. But it wasn't over the baseball playoffs or the Brett Kavanaugh scandal. Because this was more like: Did you get that presidential alert yesterday? At around 2:13 EST yesterday, a 'Presidential Alert' went out to millions of smartphones across the USA. The agency FEMA did the test. Also, keep in mind this was just a test. It's part of the WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) system. The WEA is a system that [...]

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