Six Year Old vs Amazon

Six Year Old vs Amazon: Cute or Warning Sign?

So all parents cherish a child's first...first steps, first words, first day of kindergarten, first scam. Wait...first what?! Yes, a six year old child scammed Amazon. Six year old vs Amazon: cute or warning sign? So let me explain. For her sixth birthday, her mom let little Caitlyn order a Barbie doll from her mother's account. She did. But this was when mommy was watching. However, she asked her mom could she look and track the Barbie's package. This is [...]

Apple New MacBook

New Apple MacBook: And Early Problems

So most of you remember Apple just made the trillion dollar mark. I also argued if they want to keep it up, then they need to start selling new products. They must be listening. Because there is a new Apple MacBook. There are also early problems. So first, the rumor mill says there will be a new Apple MacBook coming out in the months to come. It will either be a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Also keep in mind [...]

China's Wonderful Week of IT Service

China’s Wonderful Week of IT Service

So you think the US had a good IT support week last week? China had it a little better. Here is China's wonderful week of IT service. So, do you know what an E-class supercomputer is? It's a computer that can match, maybe even exceed, neurons in the human brain. Basically, that means this computer can make hundreds of  trillions of calculations per second. China is on it's way to completing this supercomputer. In fact, they may be already there. [...]

Ibuki The Robot

Ibuki The Robot. Are Robotics Going Too Far?

So in Japan, there is university professor Hiroshi Ishiguro. One time, he built a top of the line robot of himself. Also, keep in mind this was back in 2010. So keep in mind how far IT support and robotics are now. This is where Ibuki comes in. Meete Ibuki the robot. Are robotics going too far? So Ibuki is a robot that patterns after a 10 year old boy. It (yes I call it 'it' and not 'he') has [...]

New York City Limits Ride Sharing Apps

New York City Limits Ride Sharing Apps

So many New York City citizens complain IT service ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft clog up NYC streets. Furthermore, The New York City Council listened. Because now, New York City limits ride sharing apps. They passed the local law that will slow down licences for ride sharing apps. In fact, the only new ride sharing cars allowed will be for handicapped riders. This law also sets a minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers. However, here is a [...]

Amazon Begins Grocery Pickup At Whole Foods

Amazon Begins Grocery Pickup At Whole Foods

So as most of us know, Amazon recently acquired health-friendly grocery chain Whole Foods. It also appears Amazon is clearly making Whole Foods theirs. First, they peddle all things Amazon. Then, Amazon begins grocery pickup at Whole Foods. But first, here is how it works. This service will be for Amazon Prime customers only. The two test stores will be in Virginia Beach, VA and Sacramento, CA.  Sorry to my Boston computer service shop customers. But fret not. Because within [...]

San Francisco Area's Housing Crisis

San Francisco Area’s Housing Crisis

So a few days ago, I saw something on the news that made me sad. A college professor making $100,000 has to sleep in her car. It's because she can't afford a place to live in San Jose. San Francisco area's housing crisis is affecting everybody, including IT service employees. In the greater San Francisco area, buying a home is impossible for many in the IT support and computer tech industry. This includes those working for big name companies. In [...]

Infowars vs Social Media

Infowars vs Social Media: A Free Speech Threat?

So this weekend has been a bad one for Infowars and it's host, Alex Jones. If you don't know what Infowars is, it's a controversial right-wing alternative media platform. Infowars vs social media: A free speech threat? First, Facebook punished Infowars. They got rid of four of their podcasts in the last week. Then, they gave Alex Jones a 30-day ban from Facebook altogether. That's just Jones' page, but the Infowars page goes on as normal, except for these four [...]

Apple Is Worth A Trillion Dollars

Apple Is Worth A Trillion Dollars: Making History

Yesterday, Apple made not only IT support history, but American history. So you think a $100 billion bushiness is good? It may be, but there's a new standard in town now. Apple is worth a trillion dollars. Apple is the first company in American history to have capital value of over one trillion dollars. We can also thank the latest quarter earnings for this. Furthermore, Apple passed stockbrokers' expectations of sales. Then they have high hopes for the months ahead, [...]

Google and Mobile Gaming

Google and Mobile Gaming: Are They Taking Gaming Too?

So many people are into mobile gaming now. Here at our computer service shop, it's a favorite activity and talking piece. This is among customers and computer repair experts alike.  But Google sees it and wants to take it somewhere. Google and mobile gaming: Are they taking gaming too? Well, Google focus on mobile gaming advertising. In fact, they're teaming up with Unity, a game developing company, to do so. Let's say marketers advertise with Google on games that Unity [...]

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