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The Chelsea Manning Drama Continues.

The Chelsea Manning Drama Continues.

So the WikiLeaks drama is a gift that never stops giving. If you want a refresher course, then here it is. One of the main players of this is Chelsea Manning; the Chelsea Manning drama continues. So Manning is back in jail . Let me explain. Back in March, they locked her up because she didn't cooperate with a grand jury subpoena. But last week, it expired and they had to let her go. But yesterday, they sent her [...]

Trump Signs National Emergency to

Trump Signs National Emergency to Protect Computer Tech.

So you still don't think the US trade war with China has anything to do with your little world? You better think again. This is especially if you're in the IT support world. Because US President Donald Trump signs national emergency to protect computer tech. So basically, this emergency deals with potential threats on our communications. Also, the threats are specifically from foreign entities. Though the document didn't say so, China is that foreign entity, especially their IT service [...]

The Exposing of Intel Chips.

The Exposing of Intel Chips. Could Massive Hack Follow?

So I just read an interesting report about a potential security threat. It certainly has IT support security leaders' attention. It's the exposing of Intel chips. Could this lead to a massive hack? So researchers found flaws in these Intel chips. They fear if these flaws get in the wrong hands, then they can steal info from these chips. I mean the kind of leaked info, like passwords, private photos and messages that can mess somebody up. They compare [...]

Apple Stocks Sink

Apple Stocks Sink. The Reason May Surprise You.

So as many of you know, the stock market is not good right now. In fact, yesterday, it dropped over 600 points. One of the biggest victims of this slide is Apple. But it's not because of this US vs. China trade war. Apple stocks sink. The reason may surprise you. The reason Apple stocks sink is because of a US Supreme Court ruling. That ruling said that you the Apple customer and app developers can sue the IT [...]

WannaCry's Second Anniversary.

WannaCry’s Second Anniversary. Did We Learn?

So let me start off by saying Happy Anniversary. Okay, that's sarcastic, because for the IT service world, this one is nothing to celebrate. It's WannaCry's second anniversary. Did we learn? So let's turn back time. On May 13, 2017, The WannaCry virus spread globally like a raging wildfire. But great Britain got the worst of it. It almost shut down hospitals, transportation, and governments. Some hackers took over user's files and other sensitive info. However, they didn't demand cash. [...]

Apple and Google CEO's Lose Favor

Google CEO Sounds Off on Apple.

So Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote quite an article for the New York Times. It criticized Apple for using something we all crave and need...privacy. This Google CEO sounds off on Apple. So let me explain. Pichai criticized Apple for selling privacy protection as a luxury item. This stems from new...ahem...budget smartphones from Apple and Google/Android. Because both offer privacy features. However, the Google smartphone starts at $399. But the new Apple one cost $749, almost twice as much. [...]

US City Considers Banning Facial Recognition

US City Considers Banning Facial Recognition.

So we say a lot about facial recognition around here. It's a huge part of IT service's future, whether we like it or not. But it has it's critics. They complain of things like privacy invasion and racial profiling. In fact, one US city considers banning facial recognition. This city might surprise you. Because the city I refer to is San Francisco, CA. That's right. One of the most tech savvy cities in the world is considering banning all [...]

Tencent Promises Technological Good

Tencent Promises Technological Good

So do you remember a report I did about Alibaba? They overwork their employees with little to show for it. Furthermore, CEO Jack Ma likes it this way. But there is another China IT service corporation who wants positive influence. Tencent promises technological good. So this is what Tencent CEO Pony Ma promises for his $460 billion company. He says Tecent's mission is to, "improve the quality of life through Internet value-added services". These are the three ways [...]

Uber adn Lyft Threaten Strike

Uber and Lyft Drivers Threaten Strike

So, do you take Uber or Lyft to and from work every day? Then you should start looking for other ways to get there. Because Uber and Lyft drivers threaten strike. Yes, drivers are planning on striking this weekend. The reason in because of low pay and poor working conditions, according to the IPO filing. Also, drivers demand better pay, better job security, and better proceeds. For example, they want 80-85% of proceeds to go to the driver. So [...]

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie: Pre-Movie Controversies

So okay, I know the talk of social media is that BS stunt Facebook did. They banned Alex Jones and other "controversial" celebrities from their social media site. Like most in computer repair, and most in general, I'm also upset at this injustice. But I want to talk about something lighter, well, a little lighter. It's the Sonic the Hedgehog movie: and the pre-movie controversies. So those of you in my generation remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog on your Sega [...]

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