A Pool, Dry Ice, and You Tube

Everyone is talking about Chewbacca mask lady Candace Payne's You Tube video. I see why her video is such a big hit. But there's one You Tube video that might even outdo Candace Payne's. This one has to do with a swimming pool and dry ice. Dry ice is usually used for food storage and preservation, fighting mosquitoes, removing floor tile, even make your own root beer. Famous You Tube video producer Crazy Russian Hacker conducted an experiment. He put [...]


Can Technology Hijack Our Minds?

Can technology hijack our minds? Facebook has com under scrutiny for allegedly ignoring conservative articles. We've heard many, many allegations of government agencies and tech corporations spying on everything we do on computer based products. So this sort of question needs to be asked. A blogger named Tristan Harris tries to tackle this question. He believes technology can hijack our minds and lists different ways it can be done. One way Harris believes technology controls our minds is through limited [...]


Tech Unicorns Moving Overseas

Let me make it clear: I'm not talking about mystical horses with horns flying in the clouds. When I say tech unicorns, I'm talking about tech companies, not on the stock market, but can still be worth billions. These tech unicorns are moving and flying overseas. Mainstream news from CNN to Vanity Fair declare tech unicorns are on the endangered species list. The trend started in 2015. The volatile start in 2016 isn't helping matters either. Only one tech company [...]


Google And Levi’s Connect Jacket

Just when you thought Google came up with everything. Just when we think Google has permeated every market. They shock us again. Google is teaming up with jean and denim maker Levi's to create a smart jacket. Aimed at cyclists, this smart jacket will let you control music, utilize phone calls, navigate with a system, and many of the other things you can do with a smartphone or smartwatch. All they have to do is tap or swipe the jacket [...]


Facebook World Streaming Feature

Do you have friends and family literally on the other side of the world? Would you like to know where they are and what they're doing, or should I say streaming? Now you can, thanks to yet another Facebook new feature, Facebook live video map. It's available only through their desktop site. It's purpose is to show you where people are streaming worldwide through Facebook Live. Streams are indicated by blue dots on a global map. The bigger the blue [...]


Google’s New Smartwatch

Can you believe the Google Android Wear smartwatch is two years old (man, technology is changing too fast). But Google/Android has little to celebrate in the watch department. Apple's iWatch has been kicking them around since the very beginning. Out of necessity, Google has upped their game. They will introduce Android Wear 2.0. This one promises to be better. For example, Android Wear 2.0 says they will have standalone apps that won't require a matching smartphone. One such app is [...]


Consumer Alert: Introducing The Malware Diet

Summer is literally just a few weeks away. Many of us are toiling, sweating and sacrificing to get that beach body or get into that dream swimsuit. Your fellow beach companions aren't the only ones watching. Hackers and cyber criminals are, too. According to Intel security, 88% of people have clicked on pro-diet or pro-weight loss diet pop-up ads, even though many know what pop-up ads can lead to.  Of the 15,000 people, nearly a third have purchased a diet [...]


Sheryl Sandberg’s Graduation Speech

May is the month when many celebrities and public figures speak at college graduations throughout the US. This year, one tech leader's speech should teach us all a thing or two. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave the commencement address to the University of California-Berkeley's class of 2016. Sandberg got their attention immediately when she started with this statement: "I'm not gonna tell you what I learned in life. Today, I'm gonna try to tell you what I learned in death." [...]


Introducing Walmart Pay

Today, America's biggest retailer releases Walmart Pay. It's Walmart's own mobile pay service, kind of like Apple Pay. Walmart Pay is being tested in 600 stores throughout Texas and in it's home state of Arkansas. It should be made clear: Walmart Pay is not a part of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or any other mobile pay entity. Walmart Pay is it's own entity and it's competing with other mobile pay companies. In the next few weeks, Walmart Pay will spread [...]


Facebook Trending Part Two

Not so long ago, I wrote about a controversy surrounding Facebook. A former Facebook employee revealed that in their Trending List, they often suppressed and censored right-wing conservative based articles. This controversy isn't going away anytime soon. Even Senators like John Thune (R-S.D.) are asking questions. A correspondent on Yahoo News put up an interesting display of Facebook Trending. These are supposed to be the top trending news articles of that particular day. Some topics have valiant and credible news, [...]

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