Hashtags in Super Bowl Ads

Another Super Bowl has come and gone. The ads have come and gone. But this year's ads won't be as memorable, according to the hashtags. Hashtags were in 45% of Super Bowl ads, compared to 50% last year. Twitter and Facebook led the social media way, though neither were mentioned that much. A website called MarketingLand counted 60 different ads between the first kickoff and the end of the game (pre-game festivities weren't counted). Of those 60, 27 had hashtags, [...]

Blame Facebook

Not Sleeping At Night? Blame Facebook

Is it just me, or is getting decent sleep a thing of the past? Some even boast proudly, "I'll sleep when I'm dead!" Is Facebook contributing to this trend? Researchers of a study done by University of California-Irvine seem to think so. They linked lack of sleep to browsing social media sites like Facebook. Researchers monitored the sleep and social media habits of 76 UC-Irvine students. They monitored the students' computer/smart device use. Researchers studied how often the students texted [...]

Twitter's Algorithmic Timeline

Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline

Twitter is another company that's growing up. Late in 2015, they've announced changes to make the social media conglomerate even better. According to BuzzFeed, Twitter could introduce an algorithmic timeline sometime in February 2016. So that nobody gets confused, an algorithmic timeline is very different than a chronological one. The algorithmic timeline will put tweets in the order it thinks people want to see. For instance, it's Super Bowl weekend. So if someone tweeted about the Super Bowl yesterday, you [...]


Will Nintendo Have A Sleep Tracking Device?

When you think of Nintendo, what do you think of? You probably think of video games, Super Mario Brothers, Wii, Zelda, Game Boy, etc. Do you think of a sleep tracking device? In 2014, Nintendo planned to get into the very competitive fitness/sleep tracker movement. The plan was to give you this device only the way Nintendo can. This mystery device was going to be released sometime in March 2016. Note the key word in that last sentence...WAS. Nintendo president [...]

Super Bowl

A Techies’ Super Bowl Guide

Believe it or not, even techies are interested in the Super Bowl (at least most of the ones I associate with). Did you really think it's all about Star Trek and Doctor Who with us? It's not. So for the big American sports holiday coming up, here are some tech guides and tidbits. First off, it's going to be in Santa Clara, CA. That's in the heart of Silicon Valley. The Super Bowl venue this year is Levi's Stadium. That's the [...]


Yahoo Lays Off 15% Of It’s Entire Staff

Are they sure the economy is doing better? Walmart shuts down franchises. I was in Florida last month and walked by 3 businesses within three blocks that were there last year and gone this year. Now, one of the Internet's most respected institutions is on a massive layoff spree. Yahoo is expected to cut 15% of it's work force. That includes approximately 9,000 employees and 1,000 contractors. This is part of an aggressive plan for the company to simplify itself. [...]

Press Conference

Mark the Week of March 14th on Your Calendar

Are you an lover of all things Apple? Do you wait in line at all hours of the night for the big thing from Apple (and if you do, then why!?)? Then mark the week of March 14th on your calendar. Experts and insiders believe this is the week Apple will unveil new products such as the iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3, and Apple Watch products. Some say the specific date will be March 15th, but that could still change. [...]

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl and High-Def TVs

I saw an interesting commercial. In this commercial was a clip of legendary TV comedian Jackie Gleason promoting the first Super Bowl in 1967. This footage was in black and white. Black and white TV was how most Americans watched the Super Bowl in 1967. But in 2016, most Americans will be watching the Super Bowl on high-definition TV. One NPD Group study says 1 in 18 Americans want to upgrade their TV just for Super Bowl 50. In the [...]

Obama Pledges Billions to Computer Science Education

Computer science education is no longer a luxury for the rich, super intelligent nerds and geeks. It's a necessity for all Americans if we even want to compete and survive in this new and ever changing world. That's where The Computer Science for All Initiative comes in. President Barack Obama pledges $4 billion in funding to make computer science education a top priority. The money will be delivered over a three year period. This initiative comes with commitments from tech [...]

The Smartwatch Race

When you think of smartwatch companies, who comes to mind: Apple? Samsung? Lenovo? Fitbit? There is a competitor that will keep the smartwatch race interesting. That company is Timex. The classic watchmaker is coming out with the Timex Metropolitan. On the surface, it looks like an old school, stylish Timex watch. It has the hour, minute, and second hand. Then there is the red hand and the 0-100 compartment between the 3 and 6 hours. That is what measures the [...]

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