Did Somebody Hack Uber?

Did Somebody Hack Uber? The Last Thing Uber Needs.

The year 2017 isn't a good one for ride sharing giant Uber. First came sexual harassment scandals. But now, there could be an Uber data breach, and a big one. So did somebody hack Uber? That's the last thing Uber needs. Numerous news media claim Uber execs hid a data breach. Furthermore, Uber confirms this. Also, they paid the hackers $100,000 in hush money, according to some reports. This happened in October 2016. They say the hackers could have compromised [...]

Toyota T-HR3

Toyota T-HR3: The Friendly Robot, We Hope

Toyota, the car maker, now has a robot. It's also a humanoid robot; one that can move like humans. So here is more about Toyota T-HR3: The friendly robot, we hope. They design it to help and assist humans, especially with joint movements and others. With this kind of joint movement, the Toyota T-HR3 can really move like a human being. Then this means they can help with daily tasks, whether it be in hospitals, nursing homes, and other retail [...]

Sex Scandals

Sex Scandals Affect Online Streaming

I stayed quiet about this sensitive subject for as long as I could. But now, I have to write something. In the last several weeks, sex scandals affect online streaming, especially two very popular shows. Recently, Kevin Spacey was fired from the Netflix hit show 'House of Cards'. They fired him because of a sexual assault allegation...from 30 years ago. Actor Anthony Rapp claims Spacey got him drunk and took advantage of him. Keep in mind Rapp was only 14 [...]

Germany Bans Smartwatches

Germany Bans Smartwatches From Kids

A smartwatch can be a powerful tech tool. But can it be a tool for spying? The German government wrestles with this question. So their move was controversial. Germany bans smartwatches from kids. Furthermore, this includes anyone under the age of 18. Not only that, the German government told parents to destroy the smartwatches they already got their kids. Not return them for a refund, but destroy them! This comes from privacy concerns that are not just in Germany, but [...]

Amazon Key

Amazon Key: Good Idea or Disaster?

Ever waited for an important package? But you weren't home or at your office to receive it? At our computer service shop, we know what that's like. However, Amazon came up with Amazon Key: Good idea or disaster? Amazon Key allows Amazon's couriers to unlock your door to deliver your packages. They can unlock your door through a Cloud Cam. It also needs a smart lock. Because the cloud gives permission for a courier to unlock a smart lock. But [...]

Mobile Black Friday

Mobile Black Friday: Could 2017 Set Records?

About a week from now, Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the American year, will take place. But people may not be running to the stores this year. In fact, they may be running to their smartphones. Mobile Black Friday: Could 2017 set records? I ask that because studies show mobile shopping will increase 45% from just 2015. They also expect mobile Black Friday sales to break records. Furthermore, they believe mobile sales will even beat desktop sales, for [...]

Can Drones Kill You?

Forget Spying. Can Drones Kill You?

The Christmas shopping season is almost here. All things IT service will dominate. Then there is the drone. But people have concerns; one is spying. However, I saw one video that chilled me. Forget spying. Can drones kill you? There is a drone that can follow a person at the user's request. It also follows every the person's every move. Then this drone has a compartment to carry a weapon, as long as it's under 2.5 pounds. Think about how [...]

Bill Gates builds smart city

Bill Gates Builds Smart City: Who Gets A Key There?

Let's say you're in any kind of technology, from computer repair to AI development. Then let's you're a smart tech, like app building. So what if there is a city just for you? Bill Gates builds smart city, but who gets a key there? Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates paid $80,000 for 25,000 of land in Arizona. He names his new smart city Belmont, after the real estate company that's helping him put this thing together. Furthermore, the Belmont [...]

ESPN and Snapchat

ESPN and Snapchat Combine Media Skills

Everybody knows what ESPN is. Almost everybody knows what Shapchat is. But both try to expand their audience. So that's why ESPN and Snapchat combine media skills. ESPN will premiere a mini Sports Center. The premiere should happen at 5pm Eastern time today. Then they will have the show twice a day, 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening. This ESPN and Snapchat version will only last around five minutes. It will have sports news, game highlights (and [...]

Alibaba Smashes Records

Alibaba Smashes Records

It looks like Amazon has company (thank goodness!). Because there is a Chinese e-commerce company that is making unbelievable profits. Not only that, but Alibaba smashes records wherever they go. In one day, they sold over $25 billion online. That's a new record. However, that's just in American gross dollars. Then take China's currency, Renmenbi. In just one day, they made over $163 RMB, which equals to over 25 billion US dollars. This also includes international sales, marketplaces, and all [...]

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