Microsoft Plans 2,850 Job Cuts

Apple stocks are soaring. Nintendo makes a comeback, thanks to Pokemon Go. Amazon has never been better. But one tech giant is downsizing. Microsoft plans 2,850 job cuts. This adds to the 7,400 job cuts that occurred between July 2015 and June 2016. These new cuts began early this month. They will continue through 2017. You may think, "But it's Microsoft. These numbers are nothing, right?"  Not really. Microsoft employs 113,000 people. Over half those jobs belong to Americans. The [...]


FBI Investigates Democrat Party Being Hacked

The Democrat National Convention is over now. But the fallout continues. The FBI investigates a Democrat Party committee being hacked. The alleged victim was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DNCC. The Russian government is the top suspect. Rumors have it Russia is hacking Democrat organizations. Rumors say they're doing so to help Republican nominee Donald Trump get elected this November. The Kremlin vehemently denies this, claiming they had nothing to do with any cyber attack. Russian hackers are already [...]


Turkey Shuts Down Media

On the weekend of July 16, a coup occurred. Turkey military leaders attempted to overthrow Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan. The coup failed. Nearly 246 were killed. Since this attempt, Erdogan has been on the purge warpath. Not even media is safe as Turkey shuts down media. Erdogan's government shut down many media agencies. This includes 45 newspapers, 16 TV stations, three media corporations, and dozens of radio stations. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube are also affected. [...]


Apple Pay Wins, According to Apple

Apple's stock went up over 7% yesterday. Apple reported a $42.4 billion revenue. Anticipation for the upcoming iPhone 7 played a part. But there is another component to Apple's stock success. This one might surprise you. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple Pay is the real MVP. Cook said Apple Pay made up 75% if all paperless and card less transactions in the US. Cook stated he got that news from retailers. Apple Pay started in 2014. You transfer [...]


Google Wants To Guide Your Steps

Google is improving it's maps systems. This is especially true for Apple and Android smartphone users. Whether you're commuting or on vacation, Google wants to guide your steps. They removed road outlines and made it easy to spot points of interest, like train stations, gas stations and subway/bus stops. The cleaner Google Maps will highlight things to see and do. The neighborhoods with lots going on? Those will be shaded in orange. This allows users to explore a certain neighborhood [...]


Edward Snowden Designs Smartphone Security

In 2013, whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed the government uses technology to spy on US citizens. He was a hero to many. He was a traitor to others. But Snowden isn't going away. Edward Snowden designs smartphone security. Snowden is helping design an iPhone case that does more than prevent glass breakage. This case prevents governments, corporations, hackers, nosy family members and friends, and anybody else from spying on smartphones. Snowden believes smartphones are easily traceable. He and Andrew Huang [...]


Apple iPhone Seven Update

It's that time of year again, iPhone lovers. Get your sleeping bag ready. Save your place in line. Apple's iPhone 7 is coming. And it's coming soon. First off, Apple does not have an official iPhone 7 release date. But Venture Beat reporter Even Blass is one of the most respected bloggers in the tech media. He has an excellent record of predicting Apple release dates. Yesterday, Blass tweeted the next iPhone will be on the week of September 12, [...]


Will Verizon Buy Yahoo?

Will Verizon buy Yahoo? It looks that way. Yahoo, once an Internet pioneer, is a ghost of better days. For months, bigger companies compete to buy them out. Verizon might be the winner. Sources say Verizon could purchase Yahoo in the very near future. The price tag would be $5 billion. If you recall, Verizon bought another online pioneer, AOL, last year. That cost $4.4 billion. If this deal goes through, they can combine AOL and Yahoo. Verizon wants to [...]


Facebook Tries To Ensure Privacy

You want to believe that Facebook message is private. It's supposed to be between you and your recipient. But even private Facebook messages are subject to hacking. Facebook tries to ensure privacy. Facebook introduces a new feature called Secret Conversations. You can scramble and self-destruct your messages. The social media conglomerate didn't give an exact date. But a press statement said Secret Conversations will be available later this summer. You need the latest Facebook Messenger for your smart device. That [...]


Another Celebrity Quits Twitter

Remember when hip-hop sensation Iggy Azalea quit Twitter because of constant trolling and abuse? Another celebrity quits Twitter. It's for the very same reason. Leslie Jones, star of the new Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live, signed off Twitter due to many abusive tweets that came her way. Some are so racist and sexually offensive I won't dare quote them. Jones fought back. She reported some of her abusers. But the more she did that, the more vicious the tweets got. [...]

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