Welcome to the Microchip

Welcome to the Microchip: Is This Our Future?

How did you pay for your coffee this morning? Did you use a debit/credit card? Or maybe you used Apple or Google Pay? But how about a microchip? Welcome to the microchip: Is this our future? So in Wisconsin, they have a tech company Three Square Market. They specialize in break rooms, also in micro technology. So now they're offering an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip to their employees. They can use the chips to scan their way into the [...]

China's Spyware Demands

China’s Spyware Demands: But Not On Everyone

In China, there is the Xinjiang Provence. This province is the home to majority of China's Muslim population. So why do I bring this up? Because here is where China throws their surveillance weight around. China's spyware demands: But not on everyone. Chinese authorities order Xinjiang citizens to install a certain app on their phone. This app spies all talk on their phone 24/7, and follows them around too. They also have sporadic tests to make sure the people have this [...]

Delta Airlines Fingerprint Passengers

Delta Airlines Fingerprint Passengers

Several years back, I read a story about airports scanning eyes and faces. They did this because they used laser technology to identify you. But now, Delta follows suit...sort of. Delta Airlines fingerprint passengers. So are you a member of Delta's Sky Miles program? Do you fly out of DC's Reagan airport a lot? Then you can take part in their CLEAR security program. But I almost forgot, after all that, this program still costs $179 a year. However, you [...]

Goodbye to You Tube Video Editor

Goodbye to You Tube Video Editor, and Photo Slideshow

You Tube is a social media and video sharing powerhouse. We all know that. In fact, much of my entertainment comes from You Tube. But it's not a perfect system. It's clean up time. So Goodbye to You Tube Video Editor, and Photo Slideshow. Because hardly anybody uses them, You Tube will shut down their Video Editor and photo slideshows. The shut down will begin September 20, 2017. But you don't have to take my word for it. Just go [...]

The Fifty Dollar Smartwatch

The Fifty Dollar Smartwatch: Thank Pebbles and Amazon T

How much do smartwatches cost these days? Some cost around $75. Others cost several hundreds, even thousands. But would you pay as little as $50? I ask this because Amazon and Pebbles think you would. The fifty dollar smartwatch: Thank Pebbles and Amazon. So let me explain. Pebbles offers it's popular Pebbles Time Smartwatch. It generally sales for $150, but Amazon is now peddling it for $50. That's 67% off! However, what are you getting? First of all, you're getting [...]

Winnie the Pooh vs China

Winnie the Pooh vs China: Censorship Issues

When you think of censored things, what you do think of in computer service? Most would think of porn, trolling, extreme violence. But would you think of something as innocent as Winnie the Pooh? China does. It's Winnie the Pooh vs China: Censorship issues. So let me explain. A photo surfaced of Chinese President Xi Jinping walking with former US President Barack Obama. But some in the Chinese government thinks Jinping looked too much like Winnie the Pooh. So they [...]

Google Glass Is Back

Google Glass Is Back…Will This Time Be Different?

In the early 2010s, they hyped up Google Glass to be the next big thing in technology. That's because for $1,500, you can put on these things. Then, with the wink of your eye, you take pictures of things without others' knowledge or approval. Now, Google Glass Is Back...Will this time be different? So here comes Glass Enterprise Edition. First of all, Glass Enterprise Edition isn't for the general public. However, this time, they aim these glasses at business firms. [...]

Is the Smartphone Era Dying?

Is The Smartphone Era Dying? Is Other Tech Taking Over?

We're heading towards the busy smartphone season. Because this September, Apple, Google/Android, and Samsung expect to release new this fall. However, a Yahoo article caught me attention. Is the smartphone era dying? So before you throw eggs and tomatoes at me, just hear me out. This article suggests companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook plot to end the smartphone era. I can see why. They didn't do well in the smartphone area. Also, look at computer tech and repair history. [...]

Texting and Driving: So Not Worth It

Texting and Driving: So Not Worth It

I believe texting and driving is the drinking and driving of the 2010s. It has the same devastating effects. It's one of the biggest threats in IT service today. One Ohio woman is finding that out the hard way. The following story is tragic on all levels. Texting and Driving: So not worth it. According to Akron, Ohio police, a woman was texting away when she caused an accident. I regret to tell you this accident took the lives of [...]

Mike George

Mike George Retires From Amazon After 20 Years

Do you know who Mike George is? Many people don't, but they should. Because Judge served as Amazon's right-hand man for around 20 years. Now, Mike George retires from Amazon after 20 years. In fact, George helped Amazon come up with voice assistant Alexa and smart device Echo. In computer repair/computer tech form, he announced his retirement on social media by using binary code. That code is over ten lines long. So under George's leadership, Echo and Alexa aren't only [...]

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