Google's Project Owl

Google’s Project Owl: Good Idea Or Censorship Tool?

Since the 2016 US Presidential Election, there is a war on fake news. But what is 'fake news'? That's the debate that goes on everywhere, form computer service shops to bars to barbers/hair salons. So Google announces this project to stop fake news, hate speech, and inappropriate language. They call it Google's Project Owl: Good idea or censorship tool? Google's Project Owl is in the form of a customer feedback system. Some say it will also weed out problem searches. [...]

Samsung Flaws

Samsung Flaws: Hey, They’re Fixing It

The Samsung Galaxy 8 is coming out soon. This can be their redemption moment. But already, some complain about their flaws. However, at least they're addressing it. Samsung flaws: Hey, they're fixing it. Let me make one thing clear. This is NOT a battery issue or a burning/fire issue. So don't worry about these Samsung flaws burning you, not literally. In fact, the flaw here has to do with a screen color. There are complaints of a red hue. Hue [...]

Fitbit Burn

Fitbit Burn: Woman Says Fitbit Burned Her

It's the worst kind of press anybody in any IT support industry can have. Whether it's computer repair, or smart fitness wear, no company wants to hear their product or service hurt them. But that's what happened to smart fitness tracking company Fitbit. It is a Fitbit burn: Woman says Fitbit burned her. Dina Mitchell, from greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, claimed her Fitbit Flex 2 tracker gave her a second degree burn. She also says the device caught fire while she [...]

New Windows Features

New Windows Features,Especially For GMail Users

Last week, in our Boston computer service shop, we had a debate. It was about how good, or not so good, Windows 10 is. So my argument was, "They're doing better than other Windows services did". Hence, it looks like they're trying to do even better. Here are new Windows features, especially for GMail users. But don't expect this to happen overnight. The new Windows features will happen first to insiders, then to the general public. Furthermore, you'll see them [...]

The Guardian

The Guardian Cuts Ties With Facebook and Apple News

Since election night, there's been a lot of infighting between news organizations. And breaking up isn't so hard to do. But there is another breakup to report. The Guardian cuts ties with Facebook and Apple news apps. However, this one cuts deeper. That's because The Guardian was the first UK medium to embrace Facebook. They were also the first British medium to join the Apple News App. But two years later, all of that is over. A Guardian representative talked [...]

Anti-Hacking Deadline

Anti-Hacking Deadline: President Trump Misses It

Russia is a hacking powerhouse. We should all know that by now. Look at the controversy that followed the 2016 US election. Furthermore, Russian agents hacked Yahoo. But what does the current administration do? Anti-hacking deadline: Trump misses it. So let's go back to January 2017. President Trump promised to fight Russian hacking, and other forms of hacking as well. He also promised to put a team together to fight this hacking threat. That was 90 days ago. And we [...]

Facebook Passwords

Facebook Passwords: Facebook Helps Recover Password

You have password issues, don't you? Most of us do. In fact, if you're in computer repair, they're almost a guarantee. Facebook wants to change that. Facebook passwords: Facebook helps recover passwords. So yes, Facebook wants to help you recover passwords. But not just for your site. They also want to help you recover passwords for every site you need them. And in this day and age,  you need passwords for many, many websites. This came up at the F8 [...]

BankBot Bug

BankBot Bug: Consumer Malware Alert

When 2017, cyber security experts warned of a spike in malware attacks. Consequently, they were right. Because this month, they found malware 'BankBot. They found it in two Google Play Store apps: Happy Times Video and Funny Videos 2017. This is the BankBot Bug: consumer malware alert. So here is what is scary about the BankBot bug. It looks very legit. It could even look like something from your bank or credit card company. That's how they lure you in. [...]

The Three iPhones

The Three iPhones: Celebrating 10 Years

Around 10 years ago, the tech world changed forever. That's because in 2007, then Apple CEO Steve Jobs debuted the iPhone. Hence, since the iPhone and smartphone, our lives were never the same. But come fall 2017, Apple could give us the three iPhones to mark the anniversary. That's right. Usually, Apple gives us one new iPhone version every fall. But this year, they could give us three. That's according to tech journalists and insiders. So two will be upgraded [...]

Murder on Facebook Live

Murder on Facebook Live: When People Stream Evil

Before I begin today's story, I want to make one thing clear. I love Facebook. It allowed me to connect with people I haven't in years. Also, a lot of people use Facebook for good. But some use it to glorify their evil acts. There was a murder on Facebook Live: When people stream evil. So in Cleveland yesterday, one guy recorded his own murder on Facebook Live. His name is Steve Stephens, age 37. On Easter Sunday 2017, he [...]

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