Technology and Health

Technology and Health: Can They Exist?

Many blame technology for their health problems. Some say watching too much technology is bad for you. Then some others say too much smartphone use is too bad for you socially. I agree with that one. Also, some even say smartphones cause cancer. Technology and health: Can they exist? So you think all technology is bad for you? Ever hear of Fitbit, Garmin, NIke+Fuel Brand and other products. They track your steps. They also monitor your heart rates and count [...]

Nest Security System

Introducing Nest Security System and Accessories

One aspect of computer technology today is the security system. All the major tech companies compete in this race. But Google/Alphabet's Nest might get the edge. This is introducing nest security system. So actually, it's three systems in one. They are the Nest Secure alarm system, video doorbell, and outdoor security cameras. It also includes, through the security base, an alarm, keypad, motion sensor, and voice. They say the voice is friendly. But the voice won' t be so friendly [...]

Is Silicon Valley Dying?

Is Silicon Valley Dying? Some Numbers Say Yes

So Apple built a $5 billion facility in Silicon Valley. Does that mean Silicon Valley is heading for a second golden age? However, this is not the case. In fact, I have to ask: Is Silicon Valley dying? I know that sounds strange, and even disrespectful. Everyone who is in IT service owes a huge debt to Silicon Valley, right? That's true, but those days could be numbering? I ask this because San Jose's economy had it's worst August since [...]

Verizon Rural Customers

Will Verizon Cut Off Rural Customers?

Will Verizon cut off rural customers? Some reports say so. Some reports also say Verizon will cut off rural services as early as October 17, 2017. They say it's because rural customers use lots of data while roaming away from the Verizon wireless network. Furthermore, their 'primary place of use' is outside Verizon's area. So far, they told over 8,000 customers in 13 states they were losing service. Apparently, Verizon cuts off rural customers because it's cheaper. They're not the [...]

Introducing Vocalytics

Introducing Vocalytics: Speech Improvement

Can computer technology help you with body language and public speaking? Two men think so. Because at a Disrupt SF hackathon event, these men took part by introducing Vocalytics. Vocalytics critiques your body language while studying videos of your performance. This system also looks at hands, eyes, facial movements, and posture. It even studies movements you're not even aware of. The two men to thank for introducing Vocalytics are Danish Dhamani and Paritosh Gupta. They used AI to build it. Also, [...]

Equifax Leaders

Equifax Leaders Resign in Disgrace

The Equifax breach will go down as one of the worst security breaches in US history. I say that because they leaked everything, from credit/debit card numbers, to SSN's (social security numbers), even where your kids attend school. But it's not just customers that suffer. Equifax leaders resign in disgrace. First you have CIO (chief information officer) David Webb. He left, but his replacement is Mark Rohrwasser, at Equifax for a little over a year. Then there is CSO (chief [...]

Does Facebook Enable Hate?

Does Facebook Enable Hate? How Do They Fight It?

Do you know people are recruiting for hate groups, street gangs, even terrorist organizations through Facebook? People are also selling Nazi stuff through Facebook. So this begs two questions. Does Facebook enable hate? How do they fight it? Then I read an article that leads me to believe they are fighting it. Because Facebook shuts down 'self-targeting fields'. These self-targeting fields will shut down indefinitely. We can thank Pro Publica for their exposure of this flaw. They also exposed categories [...]

Robot Report

Robot Report: It’s Hardly Anything Nice

I talk about robots quite a bit because it's a huge technological trend. Some love it, but I'm weary of it at best. Two stories confirm it. So here's a robot report: It's hardly anything nice. A robot conducted a classical music concert in Pisa, Italy. But it wasn't just any concert; it was the Lucca Philharmonic orchestra. This is one of the most prestigious orchestras of all time. We can thank Swiss tech firm ABB. In fact, they called the [...]

Apple's Curveballs

Apple’s Curveballs and Upcoming Products

Yesterday was Apple's big conference. They did talk about things as planned. But some things threw me in a loop. So let's look at Apple's curveballs and upcoming products. Obviously, we expected a new iPhone to come out. But few expected the iPhone X, (just call it iPhone 10). We expected the screen would take up most of the front, leaving little room for anything else. Many iPhone owners like it that way. However, I wonder how many expected a [...]

Equifax Lawsuits

Equifax Lawsuits Intensify and Pile On

This probably didn't get much coverage thanks to Hurricane Irma. But days ago, I reported on the Equifax breach, perhaps the worst in US history. Because they breached 143 million Americans. Also, they breached everything from credit/debit cards to drivers licences numbers. Equifax lawsuits intensify and pile on. Already, Americans filed 30 lawsuits against Equifax. So far, nobody in our Boston computer service shop complained about an Equifax breach. I expect that number to rise in the days to come. [...]

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