The New Microsoft Office

Since the early 1990s, Microsoft Office has revolutionized, changed, and dominated office spaces and workplaces around the world. Today, with the new Microsoft Office 2016, they're changing the game...again. Microsoft Office 2016 will offer Office's 1.2 billion users an offer they can't refuse: cloud-based service. But despite the new Office cloud, this new updated version will run and look just like it always had. New features include a 'share' button, new file sharing field, an email window to share that [...]

100GB of free cloud storage, sign me up

100GB of free cloud storage, sign me up!

Cloud storage companies trying to get into the game of free storage to get people in the door are growing and growing. We also have plenty of pay cloud storage as well. Here at Geek Choice, we have done some digging, and found something great for you! Well one of the big players is making a big stake. Microsoft is ready to strike hard with an offer that may be too hard to refuse. Microsoft is offering 100GB of [...]


Why am I infected with this virus?

Whether it's Conflickr or a new fake anti-spyware program, it seems like spyware and viruses are inescapable for any computer connected to the Internet. It's estimated that the amount spent annually on security software in the United States has risen to over $800 million in recent years, but computers are still getting infected daily. Why aren't we virus free yet? The answer lies in the nature of malicious programming. Computer viruses don't spring up out of nowhere, they're designed by [...]

Autism Apps


It’s no secret there are many more cases of diagnosed autism in children today. These children need much more attention in order to overcome the challenges that they face with this disorder, and now the old saying “There’s an app for that,” will allow parents to use apps in order to assist their children in a whole new way. Brain Power, a Cambridge, MA, start up, has developed Google Glass apps to help assist autistic children with developing their social [...]

New Years Resolutions

7 New Years Resolutions to make for your PC

New Years Resolutions are everywhere this time of year. Everyone else makes them, but when it comes down to actually doing it, people rarely follow through. Those of us that frequent our local gym, will have it inundated with people for the first month, maybe two,  and then like magic, everyone is gone. So why don't people just make New Years Resolutions that they can stick to? Things that are easy, and that don't take a ton of your [...]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas To All from Geek Choice!

Geek Choice would like to take this time to wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas! We hope all is well and everyone stays safe this holiday. Lets hope that Santa was nice and got you a fancy new tech gadget, or a new computer! If you are having any issues with your new technology device feel free to call us. Our call center is open all day today and we are available for service calls [...]


Amazon’s Lambda

It's time to go Lambda. I'm not talking about your fraternity pledging days. I'm talking about Amazon's Lambda,  Amazon Web Service's new contribution to the computer programming world. According to Amazon Web Service's CTO Werner Vogels, Lambda will allow programmers to reduce effort on their part. All they'll have to do is write the code, define event triggers, and the program will automatically run after that. This is expected to save the programmer time, money and work. Lambda is also [...]


Hewlett-Packard Splits

Hewlett-Packard, one of the biggest computer makers ever, is splitting up. The newer company will aim at building computer storage, data service equipment, software services and other business technical services. The other company will continue to build computers and printers. Both companies will still be traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The new business technology oriented company is called Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. This split up will be official around October 2015, when their 2015 fiscal year ends. The split will [...]

Geek Choice Computer Repair

Geek Choice’s 1st ever Computer Repair Commercial

    Geek Choice in commercials? Yes my friends it is true. Meet Joe, our technical manager here at Geek Choice. Joe is the friendly face you will normally see if you pop into our Beacon Hill office in Boston, MA. And more than likely he will be the one saving your bacon when you computer goes down.  We often sit here on our blog and give you the latest and greatest in technology day after day, but every now and [...]


The Ultimate Hard Drive

Gone are the days of floppy disk; thank goodness! Today, the hard drive is what's holding and transporting our precious and often critical information. But the hard drive I'm about to talk about is unlike any other. Submitted for your approval is the first ever 10TB hard drive. It's official name is the Western Digital Ultrastar He10. It's still in the sampling phase, but this is only a part of Western Digital's production push. Not only is there this 10TB [...]

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