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Fake Anti-virus

Is this a real anti-virus program?

Over in the Geek Choice office,  one of the more common problems clients ask us to assist them with are phony solicitations for anti-malware programs. When browsing the internet, users encounter bogus virus and spyware alerts that prompt them to input personal information: Credit card # Checking Account # Social security # Address and telephone # These are more commonly referred to as "Phishing" viruses. Understandably, many of them are concerned about surrendering such sensitive information, worried that it’ll be used for purposes other [...]

An excellent Gmail extension for Chrome

If you’re a user of Google’s internet browser Chrome, their arguable answer to Mozilla’s Firefox (offering much of the same functionality and performance that places these two competing browser’s well ahead of Microsoft’s stagnant Internet Explorer), there’s a good chance you also use Gmail. With Chrome now supporting extensions, a long overdue addition to its impressive features, we have a new extension that augments your Gmail experience. Called Better Gmail for Chrome, this is an unofficial extension that renders your [...]

Tired of catalogs clogging up your mailbox??

Junk mail is the bane of any household, particularly catalogs from companies hawking products for which you have zero interest. Many of us, when arriving home from work, hate the daily ritual of filtering unwanted junk from the mail that we’re actually interested in reading. Initially unveiled as just a beta, Catalog Choice is now an official registry that allows you to cut down on the clutter filling up your mailbox. It’s completely free and easy to use, supported by more [...]

Always receive free shipping with Amazon

If you’re a frequent patron of Amazon’s awesome online market, you’re probably aware that free basic shipping is available after spending $25 or more.  With the plentiful bounty to be gained from using Amazon, it’s likely that you’re someone who frequently makes small purchases that see your total just missing that $25 threshold, resulting in you incurring an additional $5 to $10 for shipping (depending on size and weight of what you’ve purchased). FillerItemFinder is helpful tool that takes the [...]

Catch the Winter Olympics Online

It’s 2010 and the Winter Olympics have arrived, giving spectators an opportunity to watch countries compete in a wide range of winter-based events, from cross country skiing to bobsledding. Not all of us are able to catch the events from the comfort of our couches, leaving some of us to make do with the streaming services available on the internet. For those of you looking to catch specific events on the internet, there are a number of options giving you [...]

Youtube Disco is now open..

That quintessential streaming service, Youtube, has just launched a music delivery system called Youtube Disco. Something of an addendum to their already impressive catalog of music videos, this service is still in its infancy, which becomes obvious when you notice its lack of more advanced options available elsewhere. Still, it serves its fundamental purpose -- which is to stream music. Easy to use, you’re given two options for your music search: You can search for an artist and all of the [...]

Facebook Chat is now available with all your IM clients!

Users of Facebook know that it has a chat client which allows them to instantly message their Facebook friends when logged in. Until recently, that service was limited to just Facebook, preventing users from communicating with their Facebook friends when using other instant messaging clients (AIM, etc.) -- unless those friends were already included in the user's buddy list. Some time ago, Facebook announced plans to link Facebook chat’s compatibility with XMPP-Jabber, the chat protocol implemented for Google Talk. Doing [...]

Quix is a great tool for you internet fiends

With the internet occupying much of our time when using the computer, a number of services have become integral parts of our online routine, from twitter to flickr. Juggling the use of these services can become involving to some, requiring multiple keywords and applets to manage their use. Quix is an astoundingly cool helper that consolidates commands for each service in one utility, significantly cutting down the time it takes to use these services. It works for both desktop and [...]

This is for the writers amongst you..

Being a writer, distractions have always been problematic, their intrusion on the process of writing an annoyance that can often render a presumably easy writing task into one that occupies more time than you'd like. CreaWriter is a very helpful tool that frees you of the many distractions that exist when using a word processor. Whether it’s that flashing icon in your task bar or the minimized Firefox tab that’s calling your attention, the modern experience of writing has become [...]

Another cool tool for your Windows right-click menu

Last week, I told you about a neat tool that adds certain features to your right-click Windows context menu. Well, here’s another helper of sorts, with an even more impressive array of features that render the right-click context menu an immediately available – and quite powerful – tool you can use to manage files and folders on your computer. Lammer Context Menu updates your right-click context menu with several useful additions that many of you might find handy. With this tool, [...]

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