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Author - Damien Moye

The App That Cleans Your Photos

The App That Cleans Your Photos

So have you ever taken a photo with your smartphone? It's 2019, the height of the IT service age, so of course. But then you got all these people in your photos you don't want there. Apparently, there's an app for that now. Here's the app that cleans your photos. They call this app the Bye Bye Camera. This app removes human beings, including yourself, from photos you take with your smartphone. The organization behind this is Do Something [...]

Trump Administration Cyber Attacks Iran

Trump Administration Cyber Attacks Iran

So by now, you all know last week was a tense week between the US and Iran. But suddenly, President Trump cancelled any potential Iran strike. Does that mean we're all going to live happily ever after? I doubt it. Because first of all, Trump Administration cyber attacks Iran. According to many sources, US President Trump approved a cyber attack on Iran's missile systems. This particularly means an attack on Iran's computers that control the missiles. This happened on June [...]

Terry Gou

Taiwan Billionaire Calls For Apple Move From China

So by now, most of us know about the trade war between the US and China. In fact, I reported on it some. This does affect the global IT service industry, especially Apple. But one Taiwanese billionaire smells blood. Taiwan billionaire calls for Apple move from China. That' billionaire's name is Terry Gou. He's the founder of Foxconn, a Taiwanese mega electronics firm. Well...I should say he was. Because as of now, he's resigning from that position. He's resigning [...]

What Do We Do About Cyberbullying?

What Do We Do About Cyberbullying?

So yesterday, I got a response from a Geek Choice blog follower. She included an article in which she wrote about one of the biggest ills facing this young generation (Gen-Z). That ill is cyberbullying. The article asks: What do we do about cyberbullying? First, she talks the differences between older people and young people today. Because back in our day, bullying was more in your face: playgrounds, classrooms, buses, playing in the neighborhood. I myself experienced this in my [...]

Will Smart Glasses Work This Time?

Will Smart Glasses Work This Time?

So we all remember the Google Glass flop from the early 2010s. They didn't look good. They were too expensive. Also, there was huge issues about privacy invasion. However, one company is giving this smart glass thing another go. Well smart glasses work this time? In Canada, about 65 miles west of Toronto, there is a IT service company they call North. Their main product is Focals. They look just like regular eyeglasses. Let's say you walk down the street [...]

AI Helpful or Annoying?

Is AI Helpful, Annoying or Both?

So while grocery shopping last week, I saw an AI robot cleaning floors, and serving as...ahem...'security'. Basically, that means it watched everything I do and bought. It was a strange experience, but not a shocking one. Then I read this article on Tech Crunch. So it made me thing. Is AI helpful, annoying, or both? The article gave a few examples. For instance, AI can now make your appointments, from dinner reservations to beauty salon to business meetings. The author [...]

What's Going On With Power Outages

What’s Going On With Power Outages?

So you know I try to keep this blog all about tech. But this one may be or not be. In a way it is. Because if power goes off, then how will you use your tech devices? What's going on with power outages? So first, let's talk about Target. It's one of America's largest retailers. . Saturday, at approximately 2pm Eastern Time, an power outage caused most target cash registers to stop working. That meant all shopping came to [...]

China's Facial Recognition Problem

China’s Facial Recognition Problem

So by now, we all know about the Hong Kong crisis. We also know communist China wants to further impose their will on free Hong Kong. But this shouldn't surprise anyone. China is neck deep in things like surveillance technology. Let's look at China's facial recognition problem. Yet a new report exposed China's government using more facial recognition on minority groups. It came out last week on Tech Crunch. They found a web browser without a password. Then, [...]

Is Huawei Dead?

So I know what some of you are going to say. Why are you talking about Huawei again? Because it's what so many in business and IT support talk about. In fact, someone posted a looming question. Is Huawei dead? So I just say a Yahoo podcast. They interviewed Chinese best selling author and economist Gordon Chang. Already, Huawei had to cancel their laptop debut, thanks to US restrictions and this US vs. China trade war. Huawei also wants Verizon [...]

US States vs. T-Mobile

US States vs. T-Mobile: What This Means

So Monday, I talked about a merger between two software data companies. But nobody's really raising Cain about that. However, this potential merger could effect everybody. And lots of people, from IT service to US senators are ticked off. It's US States vs. T-Mobile. So T-Mobile is the third largest phone company in the US. But they plan to purchase Sprint, the fourth largest phone company in the US. This merger will cost $26 billion, and many are not happy. [...]

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