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Now, Facebook Cares About Your Privacy

Now, Facebook Cares About Your Privacy

So, a miracle is taking place in the IT support world. After years of scandal and scrutiny, from Russia hacking allegations to Cambridge Analytica, Facebook vows to do something about it. Now, Facebook cares about your privacy. So on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his plan to make Facebook more secure for all. This includes encrypting messages. This also could include combining Facebook services. I'm talking about things like WhatsApp and Instagram. Also, soon you can send messages using [...]

Huawei vs USA Part Two

Huawei vs USA Part Two. The Lawsuit

So round one of Chinese smartphone giant Huawei vs the US government actually took place in Barcelona, Spain. This showed up at the last Mobile World Congress. It's not over yet. In fact, it's moving to this country. This is Huawei vs USA part two. The lawsuit. So now, Huawei sues the US government, claiming the USA is limiting them on doing business. The Chinese smartphone firm claims what they're doing is unconstitutional. Their lawsuit complains about import tariffs the Feds [...]

Is Elon Musk Losing Confidence?

Is Elon Musk Losing Confidence? I Doubt It.

So Tesla CEO Elon Musk and IT support are pretty much synonymous. But even tech billionaires on his level, and with his genius and innovation, has struggles. Is Elon Musk losing confidence? So let's start with his Model 3 production line, promising 5,000 cars a week. He was going to use AI/robots to do this. Some quarters made this quota, but some didn't. However, here is the problem. These robots didn't really understand some of the parts, like nuts and [...]

Alexa and Roku Are Compatible

Alexa and Roku Are Compatible: Should We Rejoice?

So I have another merger to talk about. But this isn't what you think. Because this is less about big money and more about IT support functions. Alexa and Roku are compatible: Should we rejoice? So now, through Alexa, consumers can now control their Roku account. This means Alexa will do things like play their favorite shows and search their account for shows. Furthermore, Alexa will do practical things for Roku, like turn on/off the TV. Alexa's services apply only [...]

Tell All Book About Silicon Valley: Is This Progress?

Tell All Book About Silicon Valley: Is This Progress?

So recently, Silicon Valley resident Anand Giridharadas wrote a book. It's about the IT service in Silicon Valley. However, it's hardly flattering. Let's look at this tell all book about Silicon Valley. So he titles the book Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World. The title alone sounds honest, but harsh. However, he's just warming up. His biggest beef with Silicon is the inequality. He praises the innovation that comes out of this area. He argues that [...]

Samsung Galaxy S10

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S10

So let's start by wishing the Samsung Galaxy franchise a happy 10th anniversary. However, look at how they celebrate. They do so by introducing the Samsung Galaxy S10. The size doesn't change much. This one is 6.4 inches, not that different from old Samsung Galaxys. But here is a huge difference: under display fingerprint technology. They say this is even more secure that facial recognition. Because this uses Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor to check your unique pores of your fingertip. [...]

Consumer Alert: The Momo Suicide Challenge

Consumer Alert: The Momo Suicide Challenge

So I guess most of you know about the Momo challenge. A strange creepy like figure comes on your child's social media, without warning. Then that figure challenges them to either harm or kill themselves. Consumer alert: The Momo suicide challenge. So Momo targets children. Then, if that isn't sick enough, Momo interrupts the most innocent of You Tube Kids shows. I'm talking about kids shows like Peppa Pig  and Doc McStuffins. The sociopaths behind Momo do this on purpose [...]

Man Shows Off Their RFID Chip

Man Shows Off Their RFID Chip: Stunt or New Reality?

So far, things are not boring at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC). First, there is the controversy surrounding China smartphone company Huawai. Then, we have the public display of a technology you wear...inside your skin. Man shows off their RFID Chip: stunt or new reality? So actually, several people took the stage here. The first man shows off their RFID chip. One was Edger Pons, who publicly got the chip inserted under his skin. He testified how he had [...]

Huawei Makes News For Right and Wrong Reasons

Huawei Makes News For Right and Wrong Reasons

So remember when the iPhone X came out at around $1,000? That was pretty outrageous. Then came the iPhone XS and XS Max, which ran as high as almost $1,500. But Huawei, the Chinese smartphone giant, is about to top them all. Huawei makes news for right and wrong reasons. So Huawei is coming out with their latest phone, the Mate X. It's their new folding phone, and you can expect to pay $2,600 for it. The folding phone seems [...]

China's AI News Anchors

China’s AI News Anchors. Is This A Media Trend?

So Back in November 2018, China's state media made news history and computer technology history. Because they put an AI robot in charge of broadcasting the news. Then, last week, they made news again. They hired a female robot to broadcast the news. These are China's AI news anchors. Is this a media trend? So let's go back to November 2018. The robot's name is Qui Hao. It will deliver the news tirelessly, and it can do so all day [...]

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