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Author - Damien Moye

Lunch With Warren Buffet

Lunch With Warren Buffet. What’s Your Price?

So what if you had an opportunity to share a meal with multi-billionaire Warren Buffet. How much would you pay for that? Would it be $1,000, $10,000, $100,000? Lunch with Warrren Buffet. What's your price? So one man, crypto currency enthusiast Justin Sun, paid a whopping 4.57 million to lunch with Warren Buffet. But you don't hear me though. That's $4,570,000 (approximately)! But how did this happen? Justin Sun won an auction on Ebay. There were five bidders fighting [...]


The 2019 WWDC Highlights…So Far

So Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference is now underway. It's taking place between June 3-7 in San Jose, California. But it started with a keynote speech that lasted well over 2 hours. I can't cover everything, but here are some things that struck me. The 2019 WWDC far. So this is a developer's conference right? If you're a developer, then you may be happy with the ARKit 3 and SwiftUI. The ARKit 3 uses better argumented reality to [...]

US Screens Social Media

US Screens Social Media For Visa Applicants

So over the last several years, we hear stories of people getting fired over a bad social media post. We also hear of China's social credit score. But now, it seems Big Brother is digging his shovel a little deeper. US screens social media for visa applicants. So from now on, US visa applicants must submit their social media pages, all emails, and smartphone on their applications. This new law will affect over 15 million upcoming visa applications. The [...]

China Threatens Blacklist

China Threatens Blacklist Over Huawei

So I predicted the US vs. China trade war and the Huawei controversy had no end in sight. I appear to be right. Because China threatens blacklist over Huawei. So most of you know, the US pretty much banned Huawei from doing any business in this country. But now, China seems ready to retaliate. According to Gao Feng, a China's commerce spokesperson, they're putting a list together. This list includes any company, or nation, that hinders business with Chinese [...]

Big Tech vs.

Big Tech vs. British Surveillance

So you think major IT service companies don't get along, huh? That is true sometimes. However, there are times they put their competitive nature aside to fight for a greater cause. It's big tech vs. British surveillance. So what they're fighting against is the the United Kingdom's GCHQ bill/law. Well, let me go back to 2016. That year, they passed a law letting all governments and law agencies snoop and hack all computers. This means whether they're suspected of doing [...]

So A Vaccum and Mop Talk To Each Other

So A Mop And Vacuum Talk to Each Other

So this is not the plot for a cartoon show. This is about iRobot's latest product. Also, iRobot's headquarters are in Bedford, MA, just 15 miles from our computer servicing headquarters. So a mop and vacuum talk to each other. The names of these cleaning bots are Rooma S9+ and Braava Jet m6. These robot cleaners use technology to tag team with each other and clean floors. They also use map technology and Imprint Link to talk to [...]

Sony's Chip.

Sony’s Chip. Could It Change Everything?

So there is a chip out there that can take on many of IT service's issues. We're talking everything from e-cars to the debate about surveillance. In fact, Sony's new thing could even affect speeds. Sony's chip. Could it change everything? So this chip could change how your devices exchange information. This isn't science fiction, but real life. When you put this chip on, then it will send data to any of Sony's LPWA. The acronym LPWA means low-power [...]

Mona Lisa and Artificial Intelligence

Mona Lisa and Artificial Intelligence

So we all know about the swift rise of AI technology. Some say it will be the ruin of us. But others say it will take us to the next level. However, they're combining AI with some of history's most precious artwork. It's Mona Lisa and artificial intelligence. Is this awesome or creepy? So we can thank the AI Samsung Center for this piece of IT service. What they do is make a facial model with their AI tech. They [...]

Tech Leaders Build Suersonic Plane

Tech Leaders Build Supersonic Plane

So we all know there's a race in the IT service community. That race is to build, sell, and profit off the first driveless car. However, you may not know there's another tech travel revolution brewing. Tech leaders build supersonic plane. If they get their way, then we'll soon by on passenger jets traveling over 800 mph. One of these companies is Hermeus. In fact, their goal is to build a plane that goes from New York to London [...]

Celebrity Almost Shoots Amazon Employee.

Celebrity Almost Shoots Amazon Employee.

So being in delivery can be dangerous in any situation, from food to IT service. But try being a deliverer at night with no uniform. It could have cost somebody his life. A celebrity almost shoots Amazon employee. That rapper is hip-hop legend and actor Ice-T. On Twitter, he stated an Amazon delivery driver pulled up to his house at night. He had no uniform. In colorful terms, Ice T said he almost shot him. Then he took [...]

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