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Is Windows 10 Sending and Keeping Our Data?

Is Windows 10 Sending and Keeping Our Data?

So in the computer repair industry, many of our customers don't really want Windows 10. They give several reasons for this. But could they be onto something? Is Windows 10 sending and keeping our data? So according to a new report from a Reddit user, Windows 10 could be collecting and sending and keeping our data. This is really concerning because Microsoft gave Windows 10 a Privacy Dashboard. This includes secure data security and privacy settings. The Reddit user himself [...]

Amazon Robot Goes Wild

Amazon Robot Goes Wild: Should This Shock Us?

So we all know AI/robotic technology is the wave of the IT service and tech future. We may not like it, but we can't deny it either. We also know it has severe setbacks; an Amazon warehouse is finding that out the hard way. Amazon robot goes wild: Should this shock us? This all happened at an Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville, New Jersey, about 40 miles northeast of Philadelphia, PA. A robot accidentally opened a can of bear repellent. This [...]

Go Pro vs China

Go Pro vs China: Tariff War Impact or Casualty?

So Go Pro is an IT service firm that makes action cameras. They also make mobile apps and video software. Their targets are people who film extreme sports and other high-risk activities. But they can't escape the volatile economic world we're in today. Go Pro vs China: Tariff war warrior or casualty? So as most of us know, China and the US are in this tariff war. As a result, Go Pro promises to move their manufacturing services out of [...]

Tech Companies Warn of Road Potholes

Tech Companies Warn of Road Potholes

So, Domino's Pizza is filling up potholes. Yes, they're helping fight a crisis on our roadways. But the IT service industry is doing it's part. They're not just warning, but they're doing something about it. Tech companies warn of road potholes. So they call the company RoadBotics. They use computer technology to determine which roads has the most cracks, potholes, and other hazards. Furthermore, they're already testing this in Savannah, Georgia. The first thing RoadBotics did is surveyed every road in [...]

Microsoft and Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft and Facial Recognition: What Does This Mean?

So let's face it. Facial recognition is a controversial subject in the IT service  and IT support community. Some say it helps keep us safe and protects us from terrorists and hackers. But others say it's another step towards privacy invasion. Microsoft addresses it all. Microsoft and facial recognition: What does it mean? So in July 2018, Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote a blog. This blog talked about all things facial recognition, the good and the bad. He also said [...]

2018's Highest Paid You Tube Stars

2018’s Highest Paid You Tube Stars

So Forbes Magazine came out with 2018's highest paid You Tube stars. It is an interesting list. Some of these guys cause controversy, some launched music careers. But one is only seven years old! So let's start with the more controversial ones. For example, there's Logan Paul. His video features pranks and dare-devil like stunts. But back in January, he filmed a video, with a man hanging from a tree in the background as a result from a suicide. You [...]

Microsoft vs Apple: Battle For The Commercial

Microsoft vs Apple: Battle for The Commercial

So people my age remember those Pepsi vs Coke challenge commercials. Furthermore, what's this I hear about Burger King offering one cent whoppers to one up rival McDonald's? I bring this up because there's nothing new in throwing shade at your rival. But now, IT service is doing it. Microsoft vs Apple: Battle for the commercial. So let's look at Microsoft's Surface Go commercial. It's set to the tune of Christmas classic, "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer".  A [...]

Amazon's Twelve Days of Christmas

Amazon’s Twelve Days of Christmas

So we all know the Christmas carol 'Twelve Days of Christmas'. Well, Amazon is getting in the spirit...well, whatever that means to them. The #1 IT service and #1 retail site in the world has Amazon's twelve days of Christmas. So today is Amazon's twelve days of Christmas. But I must tell started yesterday. However, it will go on until December 13. Each day will feature gift themes and items. Each day, they will give deep discounts on certain [...]

AI Technology and Proteins

AI Technology and Proteins

So AI technology now determines, or at least studies, human health. It even studies our proteins. Now then, let's look at AI technology and proteins. So we can thank DeepMind, Google's AI creation, for this. They're using DeepMind's 3D structures to study human protein molecules, even down to the genetics. They even look at the protein designs and how amino acids work with each other. But why invest so much into these studies? Because they say understanding proteins will help [...]

Someone Breached Starwood Hotels

Someone Breached Starwood Hotels

So did you stay at a Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton, or W hotel recently? When I recently, I mean the last several years. Then you better be on guard. Because someone breached Starwood hotels (this includes Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton, W, LeMeridian, etc...). Back on November 19, Starwood Hotel leaders say an 'unauthorized party' got, then compromised data. But wait...there's more. Because some of this data goes back to 2014. There are over 320 million pieces of info on the line. This [...]

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