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Author - Damien Moye

New York City Teenager

New York City Teenager Files Lawsuit Against Apple

So a New York City teenager files lawsuit against Apple. At the heart of this fight is Apple's facial recognition. The young man is sewing for $1 billion. So the young man's name is Ousmane Bah, and he is 18. His lawsuit says Apple's facial recognition made him a target of false accusations. The suit also says that last year, a Boston court summoned him on theft charges. The summons claimed he stole over $1,200 worth of Apple products. [...]

AI Conducts Job Interviews

AI Conducts Job Interviews: This Includes Reading Faces

So more people are working remotely and/or at home than ever before. We can thank IT support for that. But this means many companies change the way they conduct jobs interviews. Then, in some cases, they let artificial intelligence do the job for them. AI conducts job interviews: This includes reading faces. So there are startup IT service companies like HireVue and AllyO and VCV.AI. are changing that. If you ask these companies, they say the more traditional ways [...]

Sri Lanka Censors Social Media

Sri Lanka Censors Social Media: Blocking Communication

So I'm sure most of you know of the violence and tragedy that took place yesterday in Sri Lanka. A series of bombs went off in churches and hotels, killing 207 and injuring hundreds more. But what is the Sri Lankan government doing about it? Sri Lanka censors social media: Blocking online communication. So right after these terrorist attacks, Sri Lanka President Udaya Seneviratne announced a block on all social media sites. This includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. [...]

Microsoft Conflict With Police Over Facial Recognition

So we all know some of the controversies involving facial recognition. There are privacy concerns. There are also racial and gender concerns. The latter is the root of the Microsoft conflict with police over facial recognition. So recently, Microsoft president Brad Smith said they spoke with a California police department (I don't know which one). They wanted to buy equipment and body cameras with facial recognition technology. However, Microsoft turned them down. One reason is because the police wants [...]

Is The Samsung Galaxy Fold Worth $2,000?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold Worth $2,000?

So several times now, I talked about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold phone. This could be a revolutionary event in the smartphone and IT service game. Or it could be the biggest flop since 2013's Google Glass. But let me ask you. Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold worth $2,000? So yes, it's here and it's available now. Off the bat, this mammoth has 12 gigs of RAM and 512 and six cameras. That's enough to literally, hold data on a [...]

French Techie Rebuilds Notre Dame

French Techie Helps Rebuild Notre-Dame

So I'm sure yesterday, many of you saw the footage. The Notre-Dame, an 856-year-old cathedral in downtown Paris, went up in flames. The fire did significant damage to one of Paris' gems. One French tech billionaire is doing something about it. A French techie helps rebuild Notre-Dame. So the IT support leader's name is Francois-Henri Pinault. He's pledging over 100 million Euros if his own money to rebuild the Notre-Dame. Pinault will use his investments, like Artemis, to [...]

Alibaba Work Culture

Alibaba’s Work Culture: Inspiring or Detrimental?

If Alibaba is the Amazon of China, then Jack Ma is the Jeff Bezos of China. He's the IT support mogul over there. Ma's story is an inspiration (which I'll get into later). However, some of his workers are protesting what they call brutal work conditions. Alibaba's work culture: Inspiring or Detrimental? So for anyone who wants to work for Alibaba, they must abide by the '996 rule'. That means employees work from 9am to 9pm for 6 days a [...]

The Daily Routine of Twitter's CEO

The Daily Routine of Twitter’s CEO

So do you ever wonder what it takes to run a major IT support company? Ever wonder what their day is like, what they eat, what family life is like for them? Well, here is the daily routine of Twitter's CEO. So Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently went on a podcast called Ben Greenfield's Diet, Fat Loss, and Performance. He talks about his lifestyle for physical and mental health, and it is NOT traditional or conventional. Dorsey revels he's big [...]

Walmart Employees: Robots Are Doing Your Job?

Walmart Employees: Robots Are Doing Your Job

So back in February 2019, Walmart announced it's getting rid of all it's greeters. That's a shocking move for America's biggest retail chain. But wait...there's more. Walmart employees: Robots are doing your job. So let me be specific. First', they're letting IT support things like robots serve as janitors. For example, a fleet of 1,500 Auto-C machines will be cleaning and mopping floors. Because according to Wal-Mart spokespeople, they can clean floors better than humans. They can polish floors [...]

Facebook's AI Maps Africa's Population

Facebook AI Maps Africa’s Population

So, we all know by now that AI can do many things. Some of them good, but some of them scary and even detrimental. However, Facebook came up with an AI use that could help an entire continent. Facebook AI maps Africa's population. They have a map that shows where the African continent's 1.3 billion people live. Not only does it go country by country, but it can pinpoint right down to neighborhood by neighborhood. One reason they're doing [...]

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