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Should the USA Prepare For A Cyberattack?

Should The USA Prepare For A Cyberattack?

So let me give this disclaimer now. This article is not to scare anyone. But in these global volatile times, we, even us in the IT support and computer repair world should prepare for anything. I heard Putin's address to Russia, and it was terrifying. Then I ask myself: Should the USA prepare for a cyberattack? So many tech and intelligent experts say Russia and China can now launch huge cyberattacks. They can attack our electric grid and oil pipelines, [...]

Smartphone Growth Ends 2018 In A Drag

Smartphone Growth Ends 2018 In A Drag

So Q4 is a quarter that companies from grocers to computer repair to smartphone companies look forward to. It's the holiday shopping season, of course. However, smartphone companies might want to forget this one. Because smartphone growth ends 2018 in a drag. So when I say drag, I mean sales grew just 0.1% from Q4 2017. Ouch. Apparently, high end smartphone lovers (think iPhone X, Google Pixel 3, Samsung Galaxy 9) saw no reason to upgrade. Apple got the worst [...]

Traditional or Digital Advertising

Traditional or Digital Advertising: Ad Game Is Changing

So I started in the computer repair business  in the early 2000s. Back then, our biggest source of advertising was the phone book. But today, phone books rarely exist. I don't need to tell you that. Then I read an article that made me think. Traditional or digital advertising: the ad game is changing. So the article says the inevitable is happening. They predict that 2019 will be the first year companies will spend more on digital ads than tradition [...]

Amazon, China and NetEase

Amazon, China and NetEase: Is This Merger Necessary?

So just when you think you know it all about IT support giant Amazon. Here is something else. Amazon operated deeply in China since the mid 2000s. This is an article about Amazon, China and NetEase. So according to tech media reports, Amazon is talking with merging it's Chinese import business. The company they plan to merge with is a massive Chinese online company they call Kaola. Also consider that an online Chinese mega store they call NetEase owns Kaola. [...]

Is 5G Technology Dangerous, or Even Deadly?

Is 5G Technology Dangerous, or Even Deadly?

So what is 5G technology? It's hard for even IT service and IT support experts to explain. But they expect 5G technology to move so fast that even machines will connect with other machines, with no effort. We're talking speeds of 20 G/bps. However, these guys can explain it better than me.  That sounds great, right? But some say not really. Because they worry about the physical and medical consequence this may have. Is 5G technology dangerous, or even [...]

Amazon Pulls Out of New York City

Amazon Pulls Out Of New York City

So a few months ago, Amazon announced three cities to put their second Amazon headquarters. Those cities were New York City, Arlington, VA and Nasheville, TN. However, yesterday, Amazon cancelled such plans. Amazon pulls out of New York City. As you can expect, reaction about the IT support giant's move came swift. Amazon asked for around $3 billion in government assistance. But this led to outrage among many New York leaders, especially progressives and union leaders. The cries against Amazon [...]

Dating Site Hacked on Valentine's Day

Dating Site Hacked on Valentine’s Day

So today is the day for love, or so they say. Yes, it's Valentine's Day. Around this time, some people take to dating sites to look for that last minute date. But how dating site hacked on Valentine's Day. So the dating site's name is Coffee Meets Bagel. They told millions of their users that hackers stole their account information. Well, they gave users an email saying that a third-party 'might' have acquired their information. Also in this letter, [...]

T-Mobile Spoofs Valentine's Day

T-Mobile Spoofs Valentine’s Day

So Valentine's Day is tomorrow (bah humbug!). But even us in technology, whether computer repair or IT support leadership, have a sense of humor about it. Maybe this is why T-Mobile spoofs Valentine's Day. So starting today, T-Mobile starts a Valentine's Day promotion. But maybe I should call it an-anti Valentine's Day promotion. Because here, they want you to break up with your carrier and choose T-Mobile. In fact, they even give it a name. That name is, "National Break [...]

Google Warns of AI

Google Warns of AI

So yesterday, I talked about President Donald Trump signing an AI initiative. This will promote AI in the workplace, and other areas of life. You would think IT service companies would be happy. But not so much. Google warns of AI. So in an annual report, Google/Alphabet says AI could have negative impacts on their business. They really worry about ethics. Yes, obviously there is still a very high demand for their services and goods. That's why Alphabet is still [...]

President Trump Takes on Artificial Intelligence

President Trump Takes on Artificial Intelligence

So IT support leaders and Silicon Valley billionaires aren't the only ones that have their eye on artificial intelligence. Global political leaders do as well. In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin said whoever controls AI controls the world. Well, US President Trump takes on artificial intelligence. So today, they expect President Trump to sign an executive order that promotes AI. This is years in the making. Because many in IT service put pressure on him to do this. Trump calls [...]

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