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Author - Caitlin Sasser

PayPal Phishing Scheme: BEWARE!

Last month we wrote about the Gmail phishing scheme, and it looks like that's not the only one to watch out for! News has been popping up all over the internet to watch out for the newest PayPal phishing scheme. Most phishing scams simply want to steal your login information to make changes to your account or steal your payment information but this one is proving more sinister. It seems the scammers behind the current PayPal phishing scheme are [...]

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard hits 5 million shipped

As of yesterday Google has shipped out 5 million Google Cardboard VR viewers. I can only imagine how many DIY or ‘knock off’ versions have been sold also. If you’re not familiar with Google Cardboard let me explain the mechanics of it. Google Cardboard VR viewer is simply a couple pieces of cardboard cut and pre-bent into three or so specific shapes. You bend it into the box shape it specifies and put it together with Velcro, magnets, a [...]

Technology brings art to life

Technology brings art to life

Have you ever been browsing a museum or art gallery, when all of a sudden the painting seems to be alive – looking back at you? You may think that this was brought on only by a passionate connection to art, or to the particular piece you were looking at, but now one can say that technology brings art to life. How? you may ask. Well, now that life-like art can be what NTT Communication Science Laboratories calls, Projection [...]

Shocking truth about Apps and OS X vulnerabilities

Shocking truth about Apps and OS X vulnerabilities

Computer users have been on the hunt for the most secure and stable apps and operating systems out there, and the shocking truth about which Apps and Operating Systems are actually the most stable may surprise you. As far as operating systems go, sorry all you MAC lovers, the award for the most vulnerabilities no longer goes to Microsoft, but to Apple Mac OS X, followed by Apple iOS and then Linux kernel. The numbers to date show Mac OS [...]

Stress Free Travel

Want Stress Free Travel?

‘Tis the seasons to be traveling – We all know that traveling, whether or not it is for business or pleasure, can be stressful. The packing, the preparations at home to be sure all the loose ends are sorted out before going away, and keeping organized, are challenging when we are on the go. NOT ANYMORE! Your smart phone or tablet has found a way for us to have the stress free travel with Apps that will make our lives [...]

Holiday Bargains

Where have all the holiday bargains gone?

With Christmas only a few days away, HOPEFULLY, you have gotten all of the Holiday shopping done for the tech-lover in your life. Popular tech items are typically high ticket items, such as HDTV s, cameras, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and we all are looking for bargains in today’s economy. So, what are we to do? Below are some tips that can help you find the bargains when purchasing these items, as well as help you get a head [...]

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