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Apple iOS 13 Face Time: Is This Feature Worth It?

Apple iOS 13 Face Time: Is This Feature Worth It?

So they say the eyes are the window to the soul. It looks like Apple’s latest developer Beta wants to take that to hear. Apple iOS 13 Face Time: Is this feature worth it?

So they call this new feature Face Time Attention Correction. With this feature, they’re hoping to make face time deeper and more realistic. For instance, there’s a big emphasis on looking the person in the face, particularly the eyes. I’m sure our parents taught us to look somebody in the eyes when talking to someone, especially in business. However, more people are doing business through tablets, laptops, and other forms of IT service. This Apple iOS 13 face time features wants to capitalize on that.

For the most part, people complain that with face time, you’re looking more into a camera than at the person. With Face Time Attention Correction, you’re looking more at the person. One happy customer says this app makes him look the person dead in his eye, and not looking at the camera. Then he compared it to something from the next century. Okay, I find that odd because look at how much next century stuff we already have. And we still have another 81 years in this century left. I digress.

If you want Face Time Attention Correction, then you better come correct with those premium Apple products. Because you can only get this on iPhone XS and iPhone SX Max. Now tech experts explain why this is. But what if this is just Apple trying to manipulate you to by the latest $1,000+ phone? Also, yes, you may have to look at the camera in the old way. But as long as it works, and as long as you can communicate, then I’m good with that. I won’t be upgrading to the latest gadget just to look someone in the eyes. For the most part, they probably don’t want to look me in the eyes anyway. Is this feature worth it?

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