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Will Smart Glasses Work This Time?

Will Smart Glasses Work This Time?

Will Smart Glasses Work This Time?

So we all remember the Google Glass flop from the early 2010s. They didn’t look good. They were too expensive. Also, there was huge issues about privacy invasion. However, one company is giving this smart glass thing another go. Well smart glasses work this time?

In Canada, about 65 miles west of Toronto, there is a IT service company they call North. Their main product is Focals. They look just like regular eyeglasses. Let’s say you walk down the street and see somebody in glasses. You won’t be able to tell if it’s regular glasses or smart glasses. Also, the only physical difference is the smart glasses will weigh more. But don’t let them fool you. These eyeglasses do everything any smart device can do.

If you do wear them, then you can expect notifications on your right lens all day every day, literally. We’re talking everything from texts, emails, notifications, phone calls, appointments, even sports scores of your favorite teams. It comes with a ring to help you scroll through this information. It even has Alexa software you can talk to. But you can’t just get these anywhere, and it’s a process to get these North glasses. They’re only two of them: one in Brooklyn, one in Toronto. Then, through 3D and AI cameras, they examine your head so your glasses have a perfect fit. Your glasses are custom made and takes 3 weeks to get.

If you choose to go through this process, North’s smart glasses will cost you at least $600. At least they look like human glasses, and not some monstrosity out of a horror movie like Google Glass. But I do see problems. How would you like it is you’re wearing glasses, then distractions come on the right lens every second? Not only could this be an annoyance, but it could lead to all kinds of accidents. Think of how crazy you look when talking to Alexa in these glasses. But it looks like you’re talking to yourself. Then look at the process and expenses you’ll go through even wearing these glasses. Will smart glasses work this time?

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