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Is Huawei Dead?

Is Huawei Dead?

So I know what some of you are going to say. Why are you talking about Huawei again? Because it’s what so many in business and IT support talk about. In fact, someone posted a looming question. Is Huawei dead?

So I just say a Yahoo podcast. They interviewed Chinese best selling author and economist Gordon Chang. Already, Huawei had to cancel their laptop debut, thanks to US restrictions and this US vs. China trade war. Huawei also wants Verizon to pay fees on over 200 patents. That’s probably not going to happen anytime soon, if ever. Then you also have Google moving business out of China. But Chang believes this is only the beginning.

Chang reminded us Oracle is closing down their research facilities in China. That alone is going to cost China 1,600 jobs. But what does this have to do with Huawei? Chang said if President Trump doesn’t give more exemptions from his executive order, then Huawei is a dead company. Those are his words, not mine. Because if they don’t resolve this trade issue, then laptop debuts and patents might be the least of their worries. Chang says this will affect their server business. Oh, I almost forgot. Huawei is putting their PC on hold as well.

Also keep in mind, Huawei will have little, if any support, from American tech companies if this keeps on. This mean Huawei won’t get software, chips, anything from Silicon Valley. But wait…there’s more. Chang doesn’t see this trade war stopping any time soon. Neither does anybody else. Then look at the Hong Kong protests this week. We can expect more American businesses to leave China before too long. Plus, most insiders believe this trade war is more than about money. It’s about pride and nationalism. And how much conflict starts over that? Can Huawei come back? Or is Huawei dead?

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