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Salesforce Buys Out Tableau

Salesforce Buys Out Tableau

Salesforce Buys Out Tableau

So we have another major merger to talk about in the IT service world. It’s been a while since the last big one. But in the 2019 world, you know one is coming, and it’s now here. Salesforce buys out Tableau.

Salesforce is a huge, major customer-manager software making firm based in San Francisco. Tableau is an interactive visual data software firm, located in Seattle. So the deal is this: Salesforce Buys out Tableau for 15.7 billion dollars. All of it will be in stocks. However, Tableau will keep it’s name. Also, their headquarters will remain in Seattle.

So what is so special about Tableau, a company not many people ever hear of? One is, they help people on any skill level work with analytics and data. Therefore, it’s a great teaching tool in this ever changing industry. They also have great clientele, like Netflix and Verizon. Both companies approved this deal. And as it appears, one side of stocks is taking it better than the other side. I say this because Tableau stocks are jumping over 30% so far today. Meanwhile, Salesfore stocks are slipping slightly. However, both CEO’s are glowing about this plan.

Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky says this merger will help people everywhere help people see and understand data. Also, Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff said this move will help both companies engage and serve customers. I hope they are right. But I will give them credit. This doesn’t sound like a merge of domination like some of the others do. When you read mergers like Disney buying up Star Wars and Marvel Comics. To me, that reads like Disney is trying to own the world. I don’t see that happening with Salesforce and Tableau. Instead, I see both companies really trying to do what’s best for it’s employees and customers alike. Or am I being naive? Is this merger more about domination and less about the greater good?

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