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Microsoft Tackles It’s Own Facial Recognition

Microsoft Tackles Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft Tackles It’s Own Facial Recognition

So in the IT support world, few things are more controversial than facial recognition technology. Some say we need it for security. But many say it’s a blatant privacy invasion. However, Microsoft tackles it’s own facial recognition.

They do so by wiping out it’s MS Celeb database. So their database used to contain 10 million facial images of around 100,000 people. But not anymore. Because they’re deleting these images even as I speak. Maybe Microsoft did this on their own power. Or maybe others are pressuring them to take these images down. Because ran a scathing article recently.

They ran an investigation not just on Microsoft, but on all facial recognition technology. They argued MS Caleb had the faces and other info on people like security journalists and authors. In fact, they’re even cynical about this deleting of MS Caleb. Because argues these photos will never go away. Because they will always be floating somewhere on the Internet, especially during this social media era. However, Microsoft responded to They say deleting their data is a matter of protocol. They also say MS Caleb was for academic purposes. But here’s the question I have. If it’s for academic purposes, then why were 100,000 people on your database? Well, at least they’re coming off now.

But this isn’t the first time Microsoft stood up to facial recognition technology. Because last year, Microsoft President Brad Smith asked US Congress to better regulate this kind of IT tech. Smith testified of the abuse it could lead to if it’s not regulated. That’s what so many Americans are worried about. I include myself in that. In this age, crooks and sociopaths can abuse any kind of technology. Look at some of these events of this past decade. I’m glad Microsoft tackles it’s own facial recognition. What if it gets into the wrong hands?

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