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You Tube Harassment And Confusion

You Tube Harassment And Confusion

So everybody, even those of us in computer repair, like You Tube. But there is a social/political beef between two major You Tube stars. Those stars are conservative activists Steven Crowder and progressive Vox reporter Carlos Maza. There are also accusations of harassment. But not even You Tube is clear of what harassment is. This is You Tube harassment and confusion.

So it started when You Tube stopped Crowder’s many flow and ads over some racist and homophobic comments he made about Maza. Then, they said Crowder can make money again after he fixed things. One of those things Croweder musts fix is stop linking an certain online shop. This online shop sells a t-shirt so vulgar I can’t even repeat it.

But before disciplining Crowder, You Tube talked to Maza. They told Maza that Crowder’s comments were clearly hurtful. However, You Tube says they don’t violate their policies. That’s because they say it’s an open platform, so anybody can express their opinions, so long as it’s within their policies. But the things Crowder said did go after Maza’s race and sexual orientation. That does violate You Tube policy. Maza even discusses this in Twitter. Maza lists the names and insults he claims Crowder throws at him. Also, Maza hints that Crowder influences others. Because according to Maza, he wakes up to a whole bunch of insults online that follows Crowder’s.

So this is the murky situation. Think about all the comedians we enjoy, who often take swipes at public figures. Then think about the political shows that take swipes at their opponents, or people they see as ‘enemies’. You Tube communication leader Chris Dale tried to explain the difference between opinion and harassment. So there is You Tube harassment and confusion. What do you think? Should You Tube take a harder stance against harassment? Or could this lead to censorship and political correctness overload?

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