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US Screens Social Media For Visa Applicants

US Screens Social Media

US Screens Social Media For Visa Applicants

So over the last several years, we hear stories of people getting fired over a bad social media post. We also hear of China’s social credit score. But now, it seems Big Brother is digging his shovel a little deeper. US screens social media for visa applicants.

So from now on, US visa applicants must submit their social media pages, all emails, and smartphone on their applications. This new law will affect over 15 million upcoming visa applications. The US State Dept. insists this is a move to fight terrorism. A statement said they’re doing this for ‘extensive security screening’ and “…to protect US citizens”. I hear that one a lot.

But this new law isn’t for everybody. It’s mostly for people who traveled to high terrorist countries. Or at least that’s how the State Dept. explains it. For them, they must provide every social media username they had over the past five years. They also must provide emails and phone numbers over the past five years. Then, they must give their status of the nation as well as whether their families are with terrorists organizations. Many insists we must do this to keep America safe. But many others beg to differ.

The Economist magazine says this is the wrong thing at the wrong time. Because we’re in the midst of this trade war with China, we need all the good international labor we can get. Also, other publications remind us the USA isn’t the only candy store in town. Immigrants are already turning to other countries like Canada, Germany and Australia. Because in these nations, visa issues are less of a factor. Also, keep in mind how many of these immigrants in the IT service field. But the US screens social media for visa applicants anyway. Is this a means of safety or protection? Or is this another evasive big brother move?

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