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So A Mop And Vacuum Talk to Each Other

So A Vaccum and Mop Talk To Each Other

So A Mop And Vacuum Talk to Each Other

So this is not the plot for a cartoon show. This is about iRobot’s latest product. Also, iRobot’s headquarters are in Bedford, MA, just 15 miles from our computer servicing headquarters. So a mop and vacuum talk to each other.

The names of these cleaning bots are Rooma S9+ and Braava Jet m6. These robot cleaners use technology to tag team with each other and clean floors. They also use map technology and Imprint Link to talk to each other. So basically, they would tell each other who would do what task better. For example, the Rooma S9+ gets to walls and corners better. The new 30mm arm can clean places not even it’s predecessors can get to. But critics complain this will cost more battery life and more turning.

Now let’s look at the new Braava Jet m6. It’s technology studies the floor’s plan and uses that to avoid crashing into furniture. It also uses it’s own spraying and drying techniques. In fact, they say this version is larger than those gone before. This mean it can spray larger and clean quicker and more spaces. Both use 3D sensors that will help them find dirt and grime at a rate of 25 times a second. Therefore, they can virtually take turns cleaning the floor.

Now here comes the not so nice part of this: the price. You didn’t think you could just go to a hardware stuff and get this for cheap, did you? Because the Rooma S9+ will run you anywhere between $1,000-$1,300. Then the Braava Jet costs around $500. So a mop and vacuum talk to each other. But in order to make them talk, you’ll have to shell almost $2,000. They say it will get your floor cleaner than a typical mop and vacuum. But what if it doesn’t? How foolish would you feel if a $10 mop and $100 vacuum clean better than these expensive IT service tools?

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