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Sony’s Chip. Could It Change Everything?

Sony's Chip.

Sony’s Chip. Could It Change Everything?

So there is a chip out there that can take on many of IT service’s issues. We’re talking everything from e-cars to the debate about surveillance. In fact, Sony’s new thing could even affect speeds. Sony’s chip. Could it change everything?

So this chip could change how your devices exchange information. This isn’t science fiction, but real life. When you put this chip on, then it will send data to any of Sony’s LPWA. The acronym LPWA means low-power wide area. Yes, you can use the Internet to transfer data to a cloud. But it takes quite some doing. However, with Sony’s new LPWA chip, you can use low power tech and low-bit data to reach a wide area. This could change everything.

Sony’s chip official name is the CXM1501GR. So I hope you appreciate why I’m calling it Sony’s chip. It transmits signals to Sony’s network. It also has a GPS to sensors to get time and position data. Sony says this will stabilize wireless communication over wide distances. This will also move at high speeds. In fact, this new chip can transmit 60 miles from it’s original spot. They can also move in any environment at break neck speed. Sony expects to launch the LPWA chip sometime in fall 2019.

They already have this type of IT service in Japan. Then again, look at all this big brother technology they want to reign over the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Yes, they say this will help track packages and monitor your children better. They also say this will help you catch that train without waiting, or navigate long distances. But please, keep in mind some people want to be left alone. Also, don’t we have enough cyber security out there already? It’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world. So here’s what I’m asking about Sony’s chip. Could it change everything?

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