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Tech Leaders Build Supersonic Plane

Tech Leaders Build Suersonic Plane

Tech Leaders Build Supersonic Plane

So we all know there’s a race in the IT service community. That race is to build, sell, and profit off the first driveless car. However, you may not know there’s another tech travel revolution brewing. Tech leaders build supersonic plane.

If they get their way, then we’ll soon by on passenger jets traveling over 800 mph. One of these companies is Hermeus. In fact, their goal is to build a plane that goes from New York to London in 2 hours. That sounds very strange now. But they might eventually accomplish this. Because they have generous funding from some tech venture companies. They’re also getting coaching from a former Blue Origin president. But look out, Hermeus. You’ve got company.

Because you have Aerion Supersonic and Strike Aerospace. They’re working on 12 passenger luxury jets that can fly over 1,000 mph. That will get you from New York to Los Angeles in around 3 hours. Then there is Boom, that wants to live up to it’s name. So far, they raised over $140 million. They want to build 55 seated jets that fly at supersonic speeds. Also, Boom wants to be more inclusive. If all goes well, their seats will sale at about the level bushiness class seats sell today.

So is this possible? Well, take yourself back 20 years? Did you think social media sites like You Tube, Facebook and Instagram were possible? Also, look at flying today. There was a time when people looked forward to getting on a plane. In fact, there was a time people actually dressed up to get on a plane. Not any more. Maybe these supersonic jets, and the companies that build them, can change that. I think this will make people get excited about flying again, especially if they can get there in literally half the time. Tech leaders build supersonic plane. But just like in the driverless car race, who will be first to get this off the ground?

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