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The Bezos’ Divorce Settlement

The Bezos Divorce Settlement

The Bezos’ Divorce Settlement

So a few months ago, most of media, including us at this computer repair firm, announced Jeff Bezos’ divorce. Now, the results are in. Here is the Bezos’ divorce settlement.

So they filed the petition Thursday. According to a SEC document, the divorce grants MacKenzie Bezos 4% of Amazon. This also includes 25% of Amazon stocks. In cash terms, MacKenzie will get $36 billion. MacKenzie Bezos herself tweeted her satisfaction in the deal. Also in the tweet, she said she’s giving up her interest in the Washington Post and Blue Origin. She also thanks family and friends for their support and looks forward to the next chapter in her life.

According to the filings, the Bezos’ divorce settlement will be official in about 90 days. Furthermore, it says Jeff will have authority of all shares. But of course, MacKenzie will have equal authority of her 25%. How are Amazon stocks taking this news? Apparently, it’s going pretty good. Yes, they lost some ground after the divorce announcement. The other shareholders didn’t know where this was headed. But since this turned out to be more civil than many thought, stocks are going up. In fact, as of 11:30am Friday, April 5, 2019, stocks gained 12 points in just this day alone.

I am proud of Jeff and MacKenzie of how they handled their divorce. I know I made comments like, “Wait until his soon to be ex-wife gets through with him”. But now, I take that back. They settled this thing with peace and dignity. And yes, Jeff Bezos is still in the centi-billionaire club with Bill Gates. And of course, MacKenzie came out of this doing very well. I was cynical at first because we all know of stories, from IT support billionaires to Hollywood celebrities, where it got very dirty and messy. But thank goodness, the Amazon story didn’t end up like that. How will this further affect the Amazon empire?

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