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Can Wireless Headphones Cause Cancer?

Can Wireless Headphones Cause Cancer?

Can Wireless Headphones Cause Cancer?

So wireless headphones are convenient  as well as popular. In fact, Apple sold over 28 million Apple Airpods so far. This shows no signs of slowing down. But health experts and researchers worry. Can wireless headphones cause cancer?

So these concerns mainly come from the UN (United Nations) and WHO (World Health Organization). About 250 health leaders signed pacts with these global institutions. Because they have serious concerns about Apple Airpods and other wireless headphones causing cancer. Already, there are legal limits to avoid this threat. For example, they can only allow so many EMF’s (electromagnetic radio waves). But is that enough? Some of these health leaders say no, it’s not.

Because some of these experts say EMF’s isn’t the only problem. The big problem is how we wear these wireless headphones. We wear them in the ear canal. One health professor argues headphones this close to the ear canal exposes the canals to radiation. He also goes on to say EMF exposure this close can affect them, even though the EMF is at or below the legal limit. They say more needs to be done. This is why they signed these petitions. They also lists other potential effects of wireless headphones: memory loss, brain disorders, even the increase of stress.

So what do we in IT service and IT support make of this? Obviously, a lot more research needs to be done. I’m not going to change my listening habits over the report of 250 scientists. I don’t care how intelligent and hard working they are. But it is something to consider, and not to totally ignore. This is why I’m glad they signed the petition, but I want more proof. At least this starts the conversation. They also say cell phones cause cancer. Some people dismiss that. But some other still believe that. So can wireless headphones cause cancer?

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