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A Bad Week For Amazon and Jeff Bezos

A Bad Week For Amazon and Jeff Bezos

A Bad Week For Amazon and Jeff Bezos

So everybody knows Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is heading for divorce. He’s one of the greatest IT support legends of all-time. But public divorce alone is bad enough. Then add these next two events. It adds up to a bad week for Amazon and Jeff Bezos the IT service billionaire.

So Bezos accused AMI, a media company that owns the National Enquirer, of blackmail. I had no idea National Enquirer still existed. But on to the story…Bezos said this medium is holding nude pictures over him. The Amazon CEO even claimed the blackmail is politically motivated.  You see, Bezos hired a private investigator to see how they got private texts and photos. They especially look at Saudi Arabian connection. Because of this, according to Bezos, AMI claimed they would publish his texts and photos if they didn’t stop this investigation. However, AMI says they could publish these as ‘newsworthy’.

Then Amazon has to deal with legendary Hollywood director Woody Allen. He’s suing Amazon for $68 million. That’s a lot of money for anybody. It is even if you’re Amazon. Allen is suing them over a movie deal that ended in disaster. Allen planned to direct the film, “Rainy Day in New York”. But suddenly, Amazon Studios cancelled the deal. Allen claims they ended it after a sex scandal from the early 1990s re-surfaced (his alleged affair with his stepdaughter). In December 2017, as the Me Too movement gained momentum, Dylan Farrow wrote a scathing article, asking why Allen gets away scott free, while guys like Weinsten, Spacey and Cosby get exposed. Of course, since the 1990s, Allen denied any wrongdoing.

Amazon gave a vague statement with legalize. Even in that statement, it seems these old accusations does have something to do with this project ending. So yes, this is a bad week for Amazon and Jeff Bezos. And in this politically and socially turbulent era, the climate seems too good not for this to happen. Do politics have to deal with this? Or do jealousy and envy?

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