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Are Smart Devices Too Smart? Some Say Yes.

Are Smart Devices Too Smart?

Are Smart Devices Too Smart? Some Say Yes.

So I’m still thinking about that SimpliSafe Super Bowl 53 commercial. You know, the one that scares us to death, then says our only hope is more surveillance IT service. Then I read an article that asks a good question. Are smart devices too smart?

So did you know there is a smart garden? We can thank NASA’s technology for this. It pretty much grows your vegetables, fruits and flowers for you, and you have to do very little work. The smart garden gives you the perfect amount of water, and nutrients for the perfect garden. This garden also includes LED lights that makes sure your plants get the perfect amount of light to grow. So basically, it gives you the tools and does much of the work for you.

Or how would you like a smart frame TV? It looks just like a piece of modern artwork…because it is a large piece of modern artwork. Then you turn on the Sumsung Smart Frame TV. It offers 4K Utlra HD, and great WiFi connection. That’s perfect because less people are watching conventional TV these days. Instead, more watch TV through their apps, like Netflix and Hulu. Also, more people watch through their smart devices. I must admit…it’s a great joke to play on people, when you turn that artwork into a big screen TV. It’s an expensive practical joke, but a great one nonetheless.

Those are just two devices this article talks about. However, there is a part of me that kind of admire the smart garden. Look at the crisis of food and how much food has been recalled just over the last several months. Many want to grow their own food, and rightfully so. So I do kinda support this one. But I do have some reservations about this Samsung Smart Frame TV. But what do you think? Are smart devices too smart?

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