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UK Government Supports Driverless Cars

UK Government Supports Driverless Cars

UK Government Supports Driverless Cars

So we all know one of the next big thins in IT service is the driverless car. In America, IT support corporations and tech billionaires are working on it. But what about world government? Well, the UK government supports driverless cars.

So they will back up trials of these cars…cars that won’t have human drivers. They will also use these driverless car tests to study tech’s evolution. However, their goal is to have such cars on the road in public by 2021, only two years from now. In the United Kingdom, their government has an ‘auto minister’, a man who oversees all things vehicles. His name is Richard Harrington. He states he wants his nation to lead the next generation of these cars. He also wants these cars on his roads in 2021.

UK government supports driverless cars has been in the works for years. Because in 2015, the United Kingdom signed off to allow the tests of driverless cars. However, these tests require human beings to be behind the wheel and to supervise these tests. Well, they do for now. In fact, they’re going to drop that rule in the near future. Instead, they’ll just release info about the trials, and the risks before the next trial.

So why am I talking about what the UK will do with the driverless car? Because this is the way much of the world is going. I’m sure many of you know the US, China, and other tech savvy nations have been trying these cars for years. The United Kingdom is one of the most tech savvy nations in Europe. Some may say as the UK goes, so goes Europe. So when they come up with their own driverless cars, it’s going to be competition for the US, and others around the world. So out of all the nation, who do you think will win the driverless car competition?

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