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Teenager Finds Apple Bug: Will Apple Treat Him Right?

Teenager Finds Apple Bug

Teenager Finds Apple Bug: Will Apple Treat Him Right?

So someone found a privacy flaw in Apple’s system. Because on Apple’s Face Time app, this flaw lets others here other people’s iPhone. Furthermore, these ‘others’ could be people who never called you, total strangers. But the young man who found the flaw isn’t an Apple executive, or employee. It’s a 14-year-old boy. Teenager finds Apple bug: Will Apple treat him right?

The teenager’s name is Grant Thompson. Not only did he find the privacy flaw, but he found it by accident. He told CNBC about his surprise the Apple didn’t find it. Quite frankly, so am I. But now, he might get a bounty reward for his discovery. There’s a big emphasis on the word might. Thompson’s mother, Michelle, tried everything she could to contact Apple about the flaw. At first, she got nowhere. However, certain media made the news for them. That is what got Apple’s attention, to the point a high ranking Apple exec visited them in their Tucson, Arizona home. At this meeting, the executive told Grant Thompson he’s available for a huge bounty reward. They also scheduled a meeting with Apple’s security team.

We don’t know how much, if anything, this possible bounty will be. I just hope Apple got the message. Several days ago, they apologized for this flaw. They also publicly thanked Grant Thompson for finding this out. But you mean to tell me a teenager finds Apple bug and all he gets is a public thank you? Apple is perhaps the richest IT service and IT support company in the world. They can do better. Give this kid the bounty and money he deserves. After all, this isn’t the first time they scrutinized Apple with privacy issues. Sales are down 15%. So far in 2019, they barely broke expectations. So this isn’t the time to be ignoring this 14-year-old kid for doing work Apple security should be doing. Will Apple treat him right?

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