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Does Laying Off Facebook Make Us Happier?

Does Laying Off Facebook Make Us Happier?

Does Laying Off Facebook Make Us Happier?

So in January, some people took the Dry January challenge. People agreed to quit alcohol for one month for various reasons. But what does this have to do with IT support and tech? Because maybe we should do a Facebook-free February challenge. Does laying off Facebook make us happier?

So they did researches at Stamford and New York Universities. They took nearly 2,500 Facebook users who used the social media site at least four hours a day. Then these users agreed to not use Facebook at all for a month. The researchers checked on their non-Facebook pledge by checking on their Facebook profiles to see if they’re making good on it.

However, the researchers measured emotions, one of them being happiness. Many took that time doing real world things, like spending more time with friends and family. Some spent that time in front of the TV. But most said when they laid off Facebook, they also laid off other social media sites and Internet altogether. In fact, quitting Facebook limited their news intake. Overall, they participants enjoyed life without Facebook more than they thought they would. It revealed and made people take stock of their own lifestyle choices. Also, in some cases, this study changed them. So does laying off Facebook make us happier?

These 2,500 people seem to think so. I can agree to that. Because last year, I gave up Facebook for the Lenten season (the period between Mardi Gras and Easter Sunday). I only looked at it on Sunday. It made quite a bit of difference. For one, I was more tolerant of other people’s ideas that didn’t agree with mine. It reminded me how divisive Facebook can be, with every other post hyping up his/her own side and condemning the other side. Some of my computer repair colleagues and clients were so inspired that they took a little time off Facebook. They talked about the difference it made in their lives. Does laying off Facebook make us happier?

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