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China Criticizes Big Tech Over Taiwan

China Criticizes Big Tech Over Taiwan

China Criticizes Big Tech Over Taiwan

So many of you know of increasing tensions between China and Taiwan. If not, then here is a link to explain it all. But it’s not just Taiwan who is on China’s hate list. China criticizes big tech over Taiwan.

So China is angry at IT support’s biggest names (Apple, Amazon, etc.) simply for ‘incorrectly’ referring to Taiwan and Hong Kong. The beef comes from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences or CASS. You see, China claims both Taiwan and Hong Kong as their territories. But I guess Amazon and Apple see it differently. There are about 50 other major companies that CASS accuses this ‘incorrect’ labeling of.

What these companies do is list Taiwan and Hong Kong separately, as in their own municipality. They totally leave China out of it this listing. That’s what has the Chinese government so upset. China insists everybody, from businesses to governments, recognize Taiwan and Hong Kong as a part of China. However, most do not. This is certainly true for most in IT service. Neither Apple nor Amazon is talking about CASS’s complaints. But China refuses to back down.

So if China is expecting an apology from Amazon and Apple, then they shouldn’t hold their breath. But why am I even reporting this? Because China is one of the biggest markets for Apple and Amazon. In fact, it has the second biggest economy in the world, second only to the USA. Then add the literal threats of war between and about Taiwan. In addition to that, you have the tariff battles between China and the USA. On top of this, China criticizes big tech over Taiwan. Okay, the fourth one seems just more of an annoyance. But where will this lead? And if big tech keeps ignoring this ‘incorrect labeling’ (which I am so glad they are!), then will China take economic revenge?

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