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The Jeff Bezos Divorce: What Does This Mean For Us?

The Jeff Bezos Divorce

The Jeff Bezos Divorce: What Does This Mean For Us?

So yes, the super rich do have problems. Just ask Amazon CEO, multi-billionaire, and IT support mogul Jeff Bezos. Yesterday, media announced Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie will divorce after 25 years of marriage. Furthermore, this announcement came from the Bezos’ themselves. The Jeff Bezos divorce: What does this mean for us?

So the two met in the early 1990s, at a New York City hedge fund firm. In 1993, they married and moved to Seattle, where they went on to build the Amazon empire from scratch. Eventually, they had four children. However, they had a period of, “…loving exploration and trial separation…”. This is quoting their tweet. Also, according to some media reports, Bezos is seeing  TV icon Lauren Sanchez (who is also married).

MacKenzie played a big role in building Amazon in the early days. Jeff himself said that over and over. But after they got super rich, her role got smaller. Friends say this was her choice because she wanted privacy for herself and the kids. Keep in mind Bezos is worth $137 billion. In addition to owning all things Amazon, he also owns the Washington Post and Blue Origin, a private aerospace company. The Jeff Bezos divorce: What does this mean for us?

So far, Amazon stocks are being pretty chill with this news. Furthermore, Washington state law requires 30 days of ‘cooling off’ before divorce proceedings. After that, it could mean MacKenzie could get almost $70 billion. It could also means she could get some control of Amazon and Bezos’ other companies. It’s way too early to speculate anything. However, we can look at other divorces in IT support’s billionaire’s row. For example, Google and Oracle was left pretty much unchanged after their co-founders went through a divorce. I just hope Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos can keep the divorce civil, friendly, fair,and  clean. They should keep in mind they have over 566,000 employees to think about, That’s 566,000 jobs, careers, livelihoods and families in America and around the world. Obviously, they have their kids to think about as well. How will this turn out? Should this even be tech news?

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