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Neofect Releases IT Support Glove

Neofect Releases IT Support Glove

Neofect Releases IT Support Glove

So Neofect is a company that helps people going through physical rehab. They come out with products, many of them tech based, that helps people dealing with crippling injuries and illnesses. But one product could be a huge game changer for many. Neofect releases IT support glove.

So they call the name of this glove NeoMano. It’s a smart device that people can wear on their hand just like a glove. It helps give people dealing with paralysis in their hands and arms feeling in their arms again. This includes people fighting brain and muscular diseases like ALS and MS. It also helps people recovering from strokes and car accidents, among other health crises. Some of the things it helps patients do include feeding themselves and turning on lights and appliances.

So how does it work? Imagine a pulley that depends on AAA batteries. Then imagine that pulley controlling the glove. Yes, the glove runs on this pulley that is run on a AAA battery. I’m guessing they’re not going to include the battery, but you can get one at any store. However, it does come with a Bluetooth controller. This patient holds the controller with the other hand just for that purpose. They say the NeoMano will be out this June. They also say it will cost patients around $2,000.

But it’s already getting great support. They showed it off at the CES last year and it got rave reviews. It also raised more venture capital than Neofect planned for. Neofect releases IT support glove, and it sounds like it’s in the right direction, except for the price. Yes, I know Neofect has to cover their costs and make a profit. However, I feel most people who really needs NeoMano will probably not be able to afford it out of pocket. So I’m hoping Neofect can negotiate with doctors and insurance companies. Together, they can come up with a way to get this in the hands of the patients that really need it. If they can do this, then everyone can come out winners: Neofect, the health care providers, and the patients. Is that too much to ask?

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