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2018’s Highest Paid You Tube Stars

2018's Highest Paid You Tube Stars

2018’s Highest Paid You Tube Stars

So Forbes Magazine came out with 2018’s highest paid You Tube stars. It is an interesting list. Some of these guys cause controversy, some launched music careers. But one is only seven years old!

So let’s start with the more controversial ones. For example, there’s Logan Paul. His video features pranks and dare-devil like stunts. But back in January, he filmed a video, with a man hanging from a tree in the background as a result from a suicide. You Tube offed him from their Preferred program, which gives You Tubers great status with advertisers. He lost a few subscribers as well. But he bounced back nicely. Because his 2018 You Tube pay is 14.5 million dollars.

Then there is PewDiePie, a Swedish gamer. Last year, he got in trouble because of some anti-Semetic remarks. He quickly made thing up. Now, advertisers are back and his channel is going strong. In 2018, his channel made him $15.5 million. There is Jacksepticeye. He critiques video games, but his strong language can raise eyebrows sometimes. However, not only did his strong language earn him $16 million in 2018, but it got him a series, with, of all companies, Disney.

Second on the list is Jake Paul, Logan Paul’s younger brother. His rap songs got over 3.5 billion views.  These songs helped him get over 21.5 million dollars in 2018. I see everybody on this list is under 30. Also, many people on this list are gamers. Many people in the IT service and computer repair industry are passionate gamers, so maybe they’re onto something. But the top of 2018’s highest paid You Tube stars is only 7! His name is Ryan and his channel is Ryan ToysReview. He plays with and reviews toys. He has over 17 million subscribers and counting. In fact, his line of collectibles are selling like hotcakes at Walmart. In 2018, You Tube made him over $22 million! I skipped a lot of people on the list, but who is your favorite You Tube star?

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