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Amazon’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Amazon's Twelve Days of Christmas

Amazon’s Twelve Days of Christmas

So we all know the Christmas carol ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. Well, Amazon is getting in the spirit…well, whatever that means to them. The #1 IT service and #1 retail site in the world has Amazon’s twelve days of Christmas.

So today is Amazon’s twelve days of Christmas. But I must tell you…it started yesterday. However, it will go on until December 13. Each day will feature gift themes and items. Each day, they will give deep discounts on certain items for the daily category. For example, yesterday was home improvement day. So if you needed a deep discount on home improvement items, then that day is gone.

So today is gaming day. That’s going to excite a lot of us in the computer repair industry. Today, there will be deep discounts on all things gaming. Another exciting day for us computer servicing folks will be Thursday the 6th. That’s PC day. That’s when you can get all things PC: desktops, monitors, Windows gear, and everything else. So to all our Geek Choice customers, mark Thursday, December 6 to get your supplies. And obviously, give us a call to help you set it up. Other themed days include toys (that’s tomorrow, parents), electronics, sports, kitchen, and fashion.

This is a way to keep the magic of Black Friday alive. This is also a way to keep the competition at bay. If Amazon sets a certain day for certain items, then people are more likely to target that day for this group of items. But did you miss home improvement day? You’re still in luck. Because you can go to your local home improvement store and still get that tool set for that loved one. Okay, that’s a little nudge about supporting local businesses. But yes, I can see how these 12 days of Christmas can be successful. Will you be celebrating Amazon’s twelve days of Christmas?

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