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AI Technology and Proteins

AI Technology and Proteins

AI Technology and Proteins

So AI technology now determines, or at least studies, human health. It even studies our proteins. Now then, let’s look at AI technology and proteins.

So we can thank DeepMind, Google’s AI creation, for this. They’re using DeepMind’s 3D structures to study human protein molecules, even down to the genetics. They even look at the protein designs and how amino acids work with each other. But why invest so much into these studies? Because they say understanding proteins will help with bioengineering.  They also say it will help improve diagnosing and fighting diseases in the future. However, it’s easier to write about than actually do.

They’re using this IT service and IT support through two methods. I’m by no means a scientists, but I’ll try to explain the methods. One is studying the distance between pairs of amino acids (click this link to learn more about amino acids). The other is looking at their angles. It used these methods to look at protein structures. DeepMind isn’t claiming success yet. But they do claim, “early success in protein folding”. They also admit this is very early in these studies and there is a lot of work left to do. However, they credit AI and machine learning for helping them get this far.

Like I said, I am no scientist. You don’t want to know what was on my report card in that subject (sigh…Mom was right again!). But I see pictures of AI technology and proteins and they are pretty cool. And they really are using this for good, like studying diseases. I can only hope that this could be used for treatment and cures. We often read about AI technology and what evil it could produce. And yes, there is a lot of evil AI technology can produce. But it can produce a lot of good as well. What do you think of AI technology and proteins?

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