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Breaking News: Amazon Chooses New Headquarters

Bring Amazon to Massachusetts

Breaking News: Amazon Chooses New Headquarters

So for months, Americans asked one question, even us computer repair folks. Where will Amazon place it’s new headquarters? Over 20 cities competed for the role, including Boston. But now, it seems we have our answer. This is breaking news: Amazon chooses new headquarters.

However, it’s not just one city. First, Amazon leaders said they will build a new facility in NYC’s Queens. This will hold around 25,000 new employees. Then there is greater Washington, DC; they shouldn’t feel left out. Because they’re going to build a second facility in Northern Virginia. That N. Virginia town is Arlington, literally right next door to DC across the Potomac River. But we do know these are the two winners of the Amazon new headquarters race. Maybe 2 1/2. Because Nashville, Tennessee gets an Amazon hub as well. That hub will create around 5,000 for that city.

According to IT support king Jeff Bezos himself, they chose these places because he believes these cities will provide world class talent. He also believes these places will be best to attract customers for years and decades to come. These places beat out 17 other places, including Chicago, Los Angeles, the Silicon Valley area, and their home town of Seattle. All 3 places already have low unemployment rates. For example, Nashville’s unemployment rate is only 3%.

So what about the losers? Personally, I’m glad Silicon Valley didn’t get it. Jobs there are so competitive and rents and cost of living is so high. Coffee can costs $20 a cup. Maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t choose their hometown of Seattle as well. Also, I’m happy they chose 2 1/2 places (Nashville being the half) instead of just one. However, I wish they would have chosen a place where there was a little less known. That way, Amazon could build up that pool. But congratulations to Queens, Arlington and Nashville. This is how Amazon chooses new headquarters. Which city would you choose?

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