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IT Service Verses California Wildfire

IT Service Verses California Wildfire

IT Service Verses California Wildfire

So over the last few days, the worst wildfires of all-time hit both sides of California. Not only that, but dozens are dead, thousands are running for their lives, and there seems to be little end in sight. But what is IT support doing about it? It’s IT service verses California wildfire.

Friday, on the first full day of the fire, Apple’s Tim Cook tweeted his prayers. He also said the company is donating. But he didn’t say how much or what Apple is donating. Facebook is helping out as well. They have their Safety Check people, in which people could can mark themselves safe in this disasters. In fact, some of my FB friends used this to let us know their families are safe. Furthermore, the social media giant pledged to donate $250,000 to the American Red Cross. Google’s sending support to the direct fire zones their SOS alerts. Here’s an ironic thing: A couple of weeks ago, Google donated $1 million to help firefighters cope with stress and trauma. They’re surely going to need it now.

Then there’s Cisco. They will match donations up to $25,000 and give it to the American Red Cross. Twitter pledges it’s help through communication means. They will use efforts to coordinate with local leaders, first respondents, and local media to let people know which neighborhoods are safe. Also, they’ll let people know which ones to avoid. If you’d like to pitch in, Go Fund Me can help. Here is a link that will update you on this disaster and tell you where and how you can donate. There are just a few ways it’s IT service verses California wildfire. Other tech companies are doing more. After all, it is their home state, for the most part. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by these wildfires. Stay safe out there.

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