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Apple Announces New iPhones: Class of 2018

Apple Announces New iPhones

Apple Announces New iPhones: Class of 2018

So guess what? It’s Apple’s favorite time a year, and once again, it sounds like they delivered. Apple announces new iPhones: Class of 2018.

So the three iPhones they announced are the XS, XR, and XS Max. We’ll startp with the XS, what they call the normal one. This normal one will cost you at least $999. Your storage options are 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. In fact, all three of those models come with these three storage options. Obviously, only the 64GB will cost you the lowest one. But the XS comes with a thin 5.5 inch screen, and a 12 megapixel camera. The XS is waterproof  for up to two meters deep and come in silver, gold and space grey. You can start pre-ordering on September 14. They will be available in stores starting September 21.

Then there are the XR and XS Max. The XS Max is the high end. It has most of the same IT support XS does. But this one is a little bigger…and more expensive. The price will start at $1,099. It too will start pre-orders on Sept. 14 and will begin on Sept. 21. Then there is the iPhone XR. This is the low end of the three new iPhones. This cost will start at $749. This one is much cheaper because it comes with fewer pixels and no HDR (high dynamic range) display. It has one 12 MP camera. It can only go one meter under water. The iPhone XR won’t take pre-orders until October 19. Gee, I wonder why they would do that.

If I were an Apple guy, which I am not, I would wait for the iPhone XR. I know many who come in our computer service shop, they swear by Apple. That’s part of the reason I’m writing this. Plus, Apple is losing ground on that stock market, just after making it to a trillion dollars. So Apple announces new iPhones. Will it bring up stocks?

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