New York City Limits Ride Sharing Apps

New York City Limits Ride Sharing Apps

New York City Limits Ride Sharing Apps

So many New York City citizens complain IT service ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft clog up NYC streets. Furthermore, The New York City Council listened. Because now, New York City limits ride sharing apps.

They passed the local law that will slow down licences for ride sharing apps. In fact, the only new ride sharing cars allowed will be for handicapped riders. This law also sets a minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers. However, here is a twist. From the looks of things, the majority of NYC ride share drivers approve the bill. But from what I’m reading, Uber and Lyft executives do not.

Yesterday, a group they call Independent Drivers Guild demonstrated outside Citiy Hall. They praised the bill. One person said he hopes this starts a fairer ride sharing industry everywhere. He also stated this prevents ‘gig economies’ from stripping workers of their rights. Meanwhile, Uber and Lyft tried to get drivers to fight this new bill. They say it will lead to fewer drivers. And when you have fewer drivers, then service takes longer because more people are in line. They even proposed a $100 million fund to help drivers who may need assistance.

You can bet this is far from over. Already, they’re trying to find ways to keep up with ride sharing demand and obey these new laws. Sometimes they say, “as New York City goes, so goes the nation”. But I understand the complaints. Outside our Boston computer service shop, I see traffic backed up and frustrated drivers stalled. All because one ride sharing driver is waiting for one Uber/Lyft customer. Also on other busy streets, they can back traffic up because ride sharing drivers pick up customers, causing back-ups. So yes I understand the complaining. Here is what you can do. Customers, please wait outside promptly for your driver. When he/she comes, get in the car quickly so you guys can go on and traffic can go on. New York City limits ride sharing apps. Should other US cities?

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